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  May 2015 EmptySadness
Victoria Garcia
You cannot force someone to love you
Only the moon can make the waves kiss the shore but even then they crash together and drift apart
It could be written in the sands of time but the waves will wash it away
  May 2015 EmptySadness
I keep thinking about this beautiful girl from the mental hospital. Her name was Carion, and she didn't exist.
She had lived her entire life without a social security number, no blood type or birth certificate to define her
and the walls of Calhoun couldn't confine her because she would
Carry On - that's how I spelled it in my head.
I know her name was only one 'r' from being the word for dead animals, but it never registered for me.
She was no corpse for vultures or hounds, but they stalked her anyway,
her demons were hyenas lurking in shadows but her
round eyes were bright and she told me I was pretty and that, later, she'd flirt with me if it weren't against the rules.
I wanted to flirt with her, too. Make that brown bark flesh all flushed with a blush from the way we whispered sweet nothings with voices all hushed.
Oh, Carry-On.
Those blue hospital gowns wrapped around you, on that dark skin like the way a robins-egg hue clashed with the branches of a nest.
I remember how we sat with the same pain in our chests.  
I hope she's ok.
I hope she's still carrying on in the same way she did in that horrible place.
EmptySadness May 2015
Words cant explain how much I want you to come back
I miss you so much
  May 2015 EmptySadness
I guess I won that stupid fight of "I love you more."
  Apr 2015 EmptySadness
Christal Tan
I am deeply sad
because they don't see the stars
of your existence.
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