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I remember Love
a melding complete and fine
intimacy both ******
a union fulfilling~Divine

defining my forever
understood magic shared
held each day with tenderness
knowing how much We cared

I remember being satisfied
feeling soft, deep down deep
believing You and Me
described the meaning complete

knew what defined forever
understood magic shared
held each day with tenderness
knowing how much We cared

yes I remember Love
feeling soft, deep down deep
A melding perfect and fine
defining my forever
a union, fulfilling ~Divine


Copyright © 2015 Christi Michaels.
All Rights Reserved.
Soft Deep Down Deep
♡° ⊙ • ⊙ °♡
This place in my heart
intimately aware
     Deep tenderness
Imbued with
opening in the fullness
of the Moon's light
wrapped tight
threads of fear
Mama Pain
too great to fight
     A ragged slice
with hurt by
unkind words
thrown my way
Self inflicted pain
when I doubt my inherent
Knowledge and Strength
     I know this part
of my heart
that holds
the wounded
collections of me
Keeping at bay
the ache that
lives within
     The Blessing is
that Love
Wraps around
with Healing light
Shining within
to Hold The Power
     Allowing me respite
from the Sacred Locket
held in this place of
My Heart
♡° ⊙ • ⊙ °♡

Copyright © 2016. Christi Michaels.
All Rights Reserved

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Heartbreak finds us all.
Mine is in response to my
daughter's ****** addiction.
Having overdosed unknown times in
2 1/2 years, no matter
the heartache, each day
she is with us is precious.
A unique beautiful creature
She is 20 years old.

Currently in her 8th recovery program. Today, she is alive and either succumbs or battles through each day.

A rare thing, my Mother's touch.
Though it was she I desired,
her babies I lovingly embraced.

Letting us make messes.
Be boisterous.
Expected independence.
“You do it, you learn it”
Helped us raise each other,
myself in the lead.

Our imaginary
world, rarely interrupted,
allowed us the freedom
to entertain ourselves.
Mom was not one to coddle,
but to patiently teach.
Cooking, gardening,
care giving.
To plant a tree,
and properly prune.
Create a thriving home
for salamanders.
Names of plants and trees.
Cloud formations.
how to patch up bloodied
knees and noses.

My Mother knew how to
transport a station wagon
filled to the brim with kids.
Provided us with masking
tape to square off our own
territory, creating safe
havens from point A to B.

She was fearless during
that overwhelming time.
Chaotic household of
youngins’ needs.
Teens tempers, mixed
with yearnings and desires
She taught us perseverance.
Eyes forward
No matter... calm or storm.

Her demeanor,
devoted and gentle.
Yet, fierce in determination.
An educated “No bones about it”
woman. A nurse.
Cute in a clean,
crisp natural way.
A woman of extraordinary
capabilities, rarely
comfortable with a compliment.

Not one to linger in a
moment of luxury.
To be soft and silly.
Or settle in for a deep cuddle.
The way she was raised
amongst her kin of many,
being the youngest.
from a different time.

Regardless of my perspective,
She loved enough to
make 5 children.
Provided food.
and kept us clean.
Encouraged the decoration of
our bedrooms to our
personal delight.
Allowed dogs and bunnies
to share our lives.
Insisted on the five food groups
at each evening's family meal.

These days, I cherish the hand
picked cards always mailed on
time for occasions and
holidays. ThankYou notes for
every kindness shown her way.
With her gardens beautifully
tended, herbs carefully harvested
and patiently dried, at Christmas
she labeled recycled spice bottles
collected from here and there.

Yesterday I gathered them,
Small glass vessels in hand.
My name and the date,
meticulously written by
her hand on white labels.
Over time, I have
saved them all.
Ingredients left intact.

My Mother's language of
love lined up in front of me,
these Little Bottles,
a culmination of the years.
Aromatic herbs
tenderly tucked inside.
I understood then,
I had been
Held in Mother's
arms all along...
I just never knew how to
fully accept her embrace.


Copyright © 2016.
Christi Michaels.
All Rights Reserved
My Mother and Father are both 83.
It is our honor
to care for them now,
as they did for us then
I've got marbles in my mouth
I keep choking myself to spit them out
So I can watch them spin onto the ground
And turn into stars
As the darkness around me decides to eat them

Things just haven't been the same
since I grew older
I've aged too quickly due to addictions
and poor circumstances

The pile of mistakes I've made has grown so tall,
it towers over me
And sways dangerously when the wind blows

I wish I could unglue the glue
and undo
every bad thing that I've ever done to you
But decisions are ours to **** up
and without the ability to choose I'd be even more miserable
I guess I should at least try to be grateful for that,
if nothing else
~  ♢  ~

this touch
of your hair
brings me
a glimpse a
the recipe
of you
this taste~
your dna
threads of

the essence
of you~
forever to
into my
of memory
and dreams...

  ~  ♢  ~

Copyright © 2016. Christi Michaels.
All Rights Reserved
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