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Apr 2016
♡° ⊙ • ⊙ °♡
This place in my heart
intimately aware
     Deep tenderness
Imbued with
opening in the fullness
of the Moon's light
wrapped tight
threads of fear
Mama Pain
too great to fight
     A ragged slice
with hurt by
unkind words
thrown my way
Self inflicted pain
when I doubt my inherent
Knowledge and Strength
     I know this part
of my heart
that holds
the wounded
collections of me
Keeping at bay
the ache that
lives within
     The Blessing is
that Love
Wraps around
with Healing light
Shining within
to Hold The Power
     Allowing me respite
from the Sacred Locket
held in this place of
My Heart
♡° ⊙ • ⊙ °♡

Copyright © 2016. Christi Michaels.
All Rights Reserved

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Heartbreak finds us all.
Mine is in response to my
daughter's ****** addiction.
Having overdosed unknown times in
2 1/2 years, no matter
the heartache, each day
she is with us is precious.
A unique beautiful creature
She is 20 years old.

Currently in her 8th recovery program. Today, she is alive and either succumbs or battles through each day.
Christi Michaels MoonFlower
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