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amber Nov 2019
I wait for a text
I hope for a call

for when have you ever
been prone to

i am so young
so desperate
for someone to love me

is this why
i can't see
you're pretending
so blatantly?
amber Oct 2019
am I no longer a mystery
because you have been
inside of me
amber Oct 2019
i don't regret
what we have done
you opened me up again
but i can choose to close
myself back up
amber Oct 2019
all night long
we stay up
I miss out on sleep
to talk to you
you kiss me sweetly
while trying
to take my pants off
all night long
we stay up
for different reasons
amber Oct 2019
are you a person,
or a cloud?
you seem to be,
physically solid.
you are warm,
under my touch,
but sometimes,
I feel you fading...
like water vapor,
into a cloud,
above me.
amber Oct 2019
this is not supposed,
to fade this quickly.
I'm not meant,
to sink back,
into misery.
have initial butterflies,
already faded?
has my view of you,
already become jaded?
do you like me,
as you say you do...
or am I just ***,
and a dumb joke to you?
amber Oct 2019
it would be easier
to not care at all
to not seek you out
for desire to dissipate
and blow in the wind
that way
I could fall right asleep
with no thought
of you
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