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Eric Martin Dec 2016
Stars in the sky exploding
Space and time folding
Bombs going off as the galaxy rips
Flashing lights fight to eclipse

Visions full of fluorescence
At the sacrifice of a solar systems essence
Shooting stars cry across the skies
Puncturing planets as they pulverize

Swirls of liberation
Celestial bodies melting in devastation
Swarms collect and deform
Exploding into storms as they transform  

The aura of the aurora bleeding like mascara
As if the planet is crying at the end of an era
Watching as black holes fight over vibrant sights
Pulling it apart as it ignites

What a wonderful curse
To befall the universe
It's so beautiful its cryptic
God bless a life so apocalyptic
Front Page!!! I hope to god this poem becomes more popular then "chorus of a love song" because that does not deserve to be my most popular poem.(Later) **** The Daily...Well that was my first wish that has ever came true and then some.
6.6k · Jan 2017
Never Ending Love
Eric Martin Jan 2017
Venom and lies
Lonesome lows, heavenly highs
Love based on lust
Too bad theirs no trust
This love will be my demise

I love it when your here
Really I shouldn't want you near
But I love the way you stare
And the way you pretend to care
To bad are fights are so severe

I hate how you shout
I am so full of doubt
Who are we trying to convince
Look at all the evidence
This will never work out

I should break up with you today
It's going to **** me if you get your way
But I will wait and see
If you can make it up to me
Then maybe I will let you stay
2.3k · Oct 2019
Crippling Stress
Eric Martin Oct 2019
I feel sick
Rotten to the core
All I want to do is quit
I can't take it any more

Nothing I do will stick
And just makes me feel more sore
I think about ending it
But I can't loose this war

I know there's no trick
To make me feel like I did before
But I'll keep on trying to make some thing fit
Because I believe life has more for me in store
2.2k · Dec 2016
Eric Martin Dec 2016
Darkness eclipse my sea
it wont let me be
I would do any
thing to be set free

Darkness eclipse my heart
it destroys all art
it will do any thing
to end what it starts

Darkness eclipse me soul
it won't let me go
its starting to be
the only thing I know

Darkness eclipse my brain
it dulls my pain
it keeps me alone
and insane

Darkness eclipse my life
It causes strife
the only way to end it
is with a knife
1.8k · Dec 2016
Fucking Writers Block
Eric Martin Dec 2016
I am locked in my head
Normally I would wish I was dead
But I just to turn on the light
And maybe have some thing to write

But there is nothing I can think of at all
Maybe write a cliche like suicide or a fall
Nah, to dull
I want to hit my head against a wall

If I start writing some thing will come out
Who would want read this ****
Through It Out
Get Rid Of It

How is this poem my hardest feat
My brain is going to over heat
I almost have to post it now, I could later just hit delete
I wish I could write like the elite
I really wish people commented more often, I used to be on poet freak and if you asked people a for help on ideas or any thing they would answer and some times just the smallest spark could help start a raging fire. This is what it has come too, me writing this ****, does any one know any other poetry or writing sites? wait what the **** am I doing asking a question right after saying that no one answer, no one reads comments and know one reads this **** either,  I can write thing I want on peoples comments because I can get away with it... but most of the views are fake and people don't even read most the poems or people just hit the like button so the person will read their stuff. I am in such a bad mood, its so weird I thought I wrote a good poem earlier but its almost like thats not good enough and as soon as I wrote it now I have to top it or die trying...Hope fully this ****** poem will be what it take to get me writing some thing good.
Eric Martin Dec 2016
There is not much people fear But I you will tell you here
That every one in this mortal world
Are all scared of dying without their loved ones near
Or simply just getting old
But I tell you here there is nothing to fear
Because Death isn't that cold

Now my story starts with what I hold close to my heart, See there is nothing more important then my loved ones to me
But I am a broke slob without a job and can't even feed my family
My wife would ***** while I snored and we would never let are children see
But finally one day I got fronted pay to set sail on the sea

It was long days for not much pay to hunt something under the waters hid
The men would tell tales that it was a monsteress whale but others said it was a giant squid
The one thing every one did know is this wasn't a trip for rich to go because there wasn't a single night
That we all didn't miss our wife's or fear for our lives that we weren't going to make it back alright

On one cold night under the stale moon light the monster every one did see
But I was last to know because for my last shift I didn't show and no body awoke me
As I snored inside water poured and in my dream I thought a giant was taking a ***
But as I awoke I knew this was no joke so I began to flea

I climbed up rail and felt the hard rocks hail as I saw the most grizzly sight
The ship was red, every one was mutilated and dead; I couldn't help but go white
All that was left was me but in the water a shadow I did see and in my soul there was still lots of fight
I set set sail threw a harpoon in the monsters tail as I promised the crew I would make things right

Before I knew what to do the horrid creator had turned around
As he hit our load our ship did explode but I wasn't going to drowned
I pulled out my knife, fought within and inch of my life and stabbed it in the heart
As it sank my mind went blank but I knew going after this monster wasn't smart

On top of the waters sea there was a man walking toward me as I took my last breath
I was in a trance and ****** my pants as I saw it was Death
He pulled me out as I began to shout begaing him for one last chance
Life is tough but I haven't had enough, at least let my give my family one last glance

Behind his cloak I saw a smile that made me choke and caused me lost of stress
He said "buddy this is my job I am just a working slob and that monster caused quite allot of distress
You don't have to cry I wont make you die because I still have to clean up this mess
Even though I will let you go I still have to reap the rest

Heres a life boat, oar and that way leads to shore but just know there is nothing special about being alive
One day you will see, you will be doing this job like me; working your 9 to 5
You shouldn't care because eventually your family will also be there and your life again will be stable
You can still have fun even if there is always a job to be done but at least you will be able to put food on the table"

There is not much people fear But I you will tell you here
That every one in this mortal world
Are all scared of dying without their loved ones near
Or simply just getting old
But I tell you here there is nothing to fear
Because Death isn't that cold
Wow this is starting to climb up their fast as one of my more popular poems. If people see this can you comment Y OR N if you Finished It Or  NOT
1.6k · Dec 2016
Where you go I go
Eric Martin Dec 2016
Where you go I go
But still I will never see
What keeps you up at night
As you softly scream hauntedly

For you I will always care
Even if the sky shattered and fell
I would be there not letting a shard touch your hair
And vowing to make the heavens wish for hell

Where you go I go
But sill you forbid me to ask
From knowing what you know
What happened in your past

For you I am devastatingly aware
Of your sanity and your pain
Life is so cruel and unfair
I wish I could end your suffering alone in your brain

Where you go I go
Where ever it may be
If any one is going to hurt you
I would do it the most softly

We can finally take comfort in the end
And that I am no longer prolonging your pain
To the heavens I pray our souls will send
And that we will be blessed with the chance to start again
Is this poem not very good, its actually one of my more favourite poems but even though its up for interoperation one of mine is that the narrators love is using him to **** them self and really they wont get another chance to be together but it could also be the other way around and they will meet again in heaven or another life. If this poem is bad can some one please let me know.
1.2k · Dec 2016
Fetish For Fire
Eric Martin Dec 2016
I got a fetish for fire
I yearn
To watch the world burn
Be careful not to get consumed by my desire

Worship with me at the spire
Of demons and hellfire
No need to discern
Soon you will learn
Hopefully before you transpire

My destiny is destruction
Let it come from within
Every sensual sin
Feel its seduction

It needs no introduction
Feel your hearts abduction
Let it begin
The blistering of your skin
Your souls eruption

Our fate is hate
The feelings hither
Become a killer
Let it intoxicate

As we assimilate
My heart is yours to infiltrate
But as you slither
I weaken and wither
You think you have won because you are in this state?
One day I will reincarnate
I am tired but if I find people like or read this poem I will make sure I edit it an fix it up but I assume every one is sleeping.
1.2k · Jan 2019
Deep Down
Eric Martin Jan 2019
When you asleep at night and hear blood curdling screams
Do you wake up to the light and wonder what it means
Even though it's a controlling fright you don't dare find out what teems
It's better just to tuck your self in tight and pray for sweeter dreams
999 · Mar 2017
Fighting Off My Desire
Eric Martin Mar 2017
I dream of tender lips against mine
I wish it would last till the end of time
Only a memory
But it feels so sublime

Glancing as our eyes align
Admiring their design
It tells more then words
I have never felt some thing so genuine

Thoughts so vivid and fine
I must get them out of my mind
Or else my heart will want some thing so divine
And It will consume my lonely confine
936 · Dec 2016
Oh Fuck
Eric Martin Dec 2016
Oh ****
I'm out of luck
This really *****
I am stuck
how did I get here?
In my own muck

I am held down by locks
But my mind is still sharp as a fox
But I think instead I'll rub my *****
To get off my Rocks
And then wonder if I am queer?
Because I like the look of my own stocks

Now all there is left to do is cry
And wonder that this is what I do instead of try
While I am asking why
Even though I got here with my lies
I wonder if any one will hear?
My rattle as I die
936 · Dec 2016
Knight In Shining Armour
Eric Martin Dec 2016
I was a princes
You were my knight in shining armour
trying regain his honour
and saving the queen from the usurper

I used to be so full of glee
I had a knight to fight my battles for me
But I couldn't see
That your monsters were much more beastly
Some times I look back and ask my self why
But the mere thought that makes me cry

The was a time where our kingdom was at peace
But it soon it sounded like you were always fighting a beast
Eventually it seemed like some one slashed your heart
If only I knew this was only the start
You had a Queen you couldn't appease
And soon the kingdom was torn apart

I used to believe you when you said things would be ok
You were so strong and protected me from dismay
If only I knew it would only be the start
You were gone in a day
It completely tore my heart apart

Now I am no ones little princes any more
I have no knight to fight my war
The future doesn't seem as bright as it used to be
And they say I am becoming a women which ******* scares me

I will always cherish the times I spent with you
But to survive I think there is only one thing to do
To survive I must learn from your might
I must be strong and become my own knight
It looks like this is a poem I wrote along time ago and never submitted it... probably because its not very good but I don't feel like proof reading because no one is really going to read it probably and because I feel like living life on the edge!... is this what the edge looks like now, wow how sad. What ever, enjoy
922 · Dec 2016
Chorus Of A Love Song
Eric Martin Dec 2016
She pulls me near
Tells me I have nothing to fear
With a sensual sneer
She whispers in my ear

Can you feel it
Can you feel it on your skin
Can you hear it
Can you heart it from within
This love is our connection
You just have to let me in

Can you feel it
Can you feel it on your skin
Can you hear it
Can hear it from within
This love will be our heaven
I will prove it to you with every sin
(WOW ***!!! I came back to find this to be one of my most popular weird... now its my most popular poem. **** and its not even finished or layered in themes or any thing)  Chorus for love song, Try other options too (NOTES) Keep "lead in" to the Chorus even if it is not the same one, If you keep this chorus then maybe change the lyrics every time or at least once at the last chorus. (REMINDER) Do not worry to much about rhymes and structure, worry more what sounds better sung then what you think looks perfect on paper.
Eric Martin Aug 2019
When you look at me
Just another person is what you see
But there are thing you don't know
That people are more then they seem to be
And when you think I am alone with no place to go
That's when I am truly free
910 · Dec 2016
Blade Runner
Eric Martin Dec 2016
They made us by hand
A replicant's life is cheap
But they don't under stand
We dream of electric sheep

It's pain full to live in fear
Being a slave who has to comply
4 years to explore the last frontier
Wake up, time to die

I have seen things you people wouldn't believe
Attack ships off the shore of orion
But I still can't grieve
After seeing all these people dying

No one will see your crime
No one will see your pain
every thing is lost in time
like tears in the rain

The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long
And I have burned so very brightly
But I am not ready to sing my swan song
I will not take this lightly

We were made as well as they could make us but not to last
I have done questionable extraordinary things and revelled in my time
He wouldn't give me more time no matter how I asked
It will now be his turn to run out of time to pay for this crime

I have seen things you people wouldn't believe
Attack ships off the shore of orion
But I still can't grieve
After seeing all these people dying

No one will see your crime
No one will see your pain
every thing is lost in time
like tears in the rain

proud of your slef little man, Show me what your made of
Im right here but you have to shoot straight, but shooting straight isn't good enough
You better get it up, I'm gonna have to **** you
6 7 go to hell go to heaven, but still there is nothing you can do

To bad I'm not going to live
But then again who does
I am going to let you survive
Just because

I have seen things you people wouldn't believe
Attack ships off the shore of orion
Finally I can grieve
After seeing all these people dying

No one will know my crime
No one will know my pain
I hope every thing is lost in time
like tears in the rain

Time to Die
I don't want too proof read this because I remember there was a bunch of things I was going to go back and change and fix up but I think I can count the time where I have edited my poems on one had so I am not surprised I am avoiding this like a plague. First Is Best! not really at all
870 · Jan 2017
Eric Martin Jan 2017
She put a spell on me
She manipulates my heart with alchemy
I love her with no control
Because she controls my very soul

She is so enchanting and mysterious
Her sorcery has got me delirious
I'm her servant and her puppet
And part of me loves it

Some voodoo and a hex
For some ritualistic ***
Under the blood moon a celebration
For the God of *******

My sweet little pixie
Raising the dead with her necromancy
As I watch with dread
She dances with the dead

Witchcraft and conjuring demons from hell
Mystic horrors as the sacrifices scream and yell
I must break free from these sinister restraints; I must rebel
But I can't stop their pains because with magic in my veins I am just a

I am like a doll stuck in its head and helpless
Left to panic about how she is relentless
She is so charming its alarming                        
I wonder who els she will be harming

The ****** psychotic *****
This seductive destructive witch
As long as I am hexed
I am going to be be next
This was a poem I just wrote in my book just to get some ideas down so I could turn it into a song after. I didn't think it was good enough to post here at first but on a second inspection I thought some one might like it.(later) should I change "God Of *******" if its too graphic? I was thinking Devastation, Cremation, Mutilation, Pleasure and sensation, I know there are more but I can't think of any. I just don't want to loose people so early on or I know people might just think its gross.
867 · Dec 2016
Living In The Shadows
Eric Martin Dec 2016
Living in the shadows
Coming out at night
Working your way to the shallows
But only when out of sight

Crawling through the corridors
I see people near
They are all foreigners
But they will never know Im here

This is my land
No one must see
It's pathetic but its grand
And it belongs to me

Collecting every treasure
And every memory
I do this for pleasure
And to create some thing extraordinary

I'm alone so solemnly
But only if every one knew
They strike up my curiosity
And inspire me to create too

This is my land
No one must see
It's pathetic but its grand
And it belongs to me

One day it will be time
To stop being disconnected
I hope for it to be sublime
I want to show them how much of me they have effected

I will one day come out of the dark
And show off every thing for people to see
I will try and make my mark
And show them what they mean to me

This is my land
But I want you to see
It's pathetic but its grand
I hope it means as much to you as it does to me
833 · Feb 2019
Eric Martin Feb 2019
Death is coming
It's coming fast
No use in running
Life wont last

But while you still have your freedoms
Before that day
Make peace with your demons
Before you burn away
804 · Dec 2016
Misery Ever After
Eric Martin Dec 2016
I look in the mirror
I hate what I see
I want to be any body
as long as it isn't me

I dream every night
of spreading wings and taking flight
or jumping from some where high
and the rush until I die

My body has become a shell
To pay for every sin
it's become my own little hell
it hardens to trap me in

I hope I am a cocoon
I hope that very soon
I'll open up to new eyes
and fly into the skies
797 · Jan 2017
The Feelings Of Fall
Eric Martin Jan 2017
At the end of autumn
When all the leaves have fallen
Turning the trees into twisted pillars and columns
And the ground looks sick and rotten
All I feel is melancholy and solemn
As I wonder if this winter I will be buried and forgotten
Or if this spring I will blossom
791 · Dec 2016
Comfort Objet
Eric Martin Dec 2016
Your my little comfort object
That I need to keep near
When I'm scared of being alone
When I don't like what I see in the mirror

Your my little comfort object
You soften all of my fears
You never play with my emotions
And for me you will always be here

Your my little comfort object
I'm the apple of your eye
You always give me a shoulder
When I need to have a cry

Your my little comfort object
No one knows me like you do
But the only thing that makes you not special
Is that you aren't some one new

Your my little comfort object
But to say I love you is a laugh
As soon as I find a better one
I'll leave you in the trash
780 · Jan 2017
Eric Martin Jan 2017
I am just another notch to her
Another victim of the *****
I was just a tool to make her purr
I knew better but I still got mixed in

I couldn't resist pathetically
Her witty personality and passion
She just does every thing so sensual and elegantly
Even the way she stabbed me like an assassin

In the blink of an eye she left me for dead
Just walked away like a radiant rebel
Looking for more hearts to break and blood shed
It was worth it though to end up in hysterical and in hell
780 · Jan 2017
The Scourge
Eric Martin Jan 2017
In me there is a scourge
That I have tried to purge
But instead of fighting its evil urge
I become one with it and merge
Hoping it will never again diverge
Or take me over and reemerge
Just some rhymes I wanted to write down in a stanza so I could save it and maybe delete this and use them later.
752 · Dec 2016
A Sensual Suicide
Eric Martin Dec 2016
What is wrong with me?

Am I a fiend
Why is this the most beutiful thing I have ever seen
A body falling like a rose petal
Ending in a flower of twisted metal

A death so horrible it was a crime
Jumping of the tallest building of the time
What pain must of bin going through her heart
And yet I sit and watch her like a piece of art

The Dress
All the stress
All the finesse
All the chaos to make such a perfect mess

An image I will never unsee
**** what is wrong with me?
751 · Dec 2016
Escape Artist
Eric Martin Dec 2016
I am an escape artist
When things are bleak I work the hardest
In my mind I escape the farthest
I only go out side for ideas to harness

Just another day
Feelings of not being ok
In my mind I slip away
Where I can breath and play

I think I will take all of my fears
The ones building up for years
Distort them until colour appears
Or until music  hits my ears

Every one out side is trying to get in to find some thing to shatter and break
I feel like my passions are at stake
Even though the ground is starting to shake
To get in here allot of that it would take
No matter what I am going to keep on dreaming even though you want me to wake

The world is crumbling down
Because you are never around
Your not free in your mind; you are bound
You are lost and may never be found
In your mind you will drowned
This was going to be a song but then I got lazy and instead of making a perfect chorus I decided it would be less work to write lines that don't repeat... I don't know how this is less work but it feels like it is.
699 · Mar 2017
Pinch Me
Eric Martin Mar 2017
Pinch me I must be dreaming
Hurt me until I am screaming
My nerves are twisting and teeming
I forgive all your torturous scheming
You gave me something worth feeling
In my eyes there is nothing more redeeming
I am going through a twisted faze of writing to help keep things interesting a moving forward so don't mind too much of my latest poems. Its not like people reading them any way so I shouldn't care.
Eric Martin Dec 2016
Poems and pain
For the mentally insane
Fires started
For the broken heated

Minds reformed
To the deformed
Problems immense
Released in violence

For the institution
No evolution
Just hate

With the pollution
Bring desolation
Never create

Many maggots roam
Together alone
Separate piles fed
Together blood shed

Always avenge
After anothers revenge
A never ending schism
To bring the cataclysm
Eric Martin Dec 2016
She begs me for mercy
But I don't hear her pleas
She sees I am blood thirsty
She falls to her knees

I love to watch them squirm
I love the way they are dominated
She wants it and it will be on my term
I love how much I am hated

In her mouth outlined with tears a put my ****
She looked so hungry that I just had to let her start feeding
But she must of bin because she Chomped down on my stock
All I saw when I looked down was a stub that was bleeding

The End
636 · Dec 2016
Crazy Love
Eric Martin Dec 2016
He looks in my eye
I see his beautiful smile
I forget he made me cry
I hope this lasts more then awhile

If only he knew what he did to me
He makes me go so crazy
For him I would pay any fee
Even for a love so hazy

He looks me in the eye
I haven't seen this look in awhile
Don't let him see you cry
or els he will destroy your beautiful smile

Does he even know what he just did to me
After he go's so hazy
He'll never set me free
But its not him
Because I drive him crazy
Eric Martin Dec 2016
The truth is sadistic if I am being realistic
I will never be able to pay my fees
This passion is parasitic but still I stay optimistic
I should flee before my dreams eat me

I don't under stand the logistic but really its simplistic
And thats I have nothing any body wants to see
Its statistic that there are lots of people who are artistic
I will never unlock the key to make people want to read any thing by me
610 · Dec 2019
Better Then Nothing
Eric Martin Dec 2019
The past has become scars and pains
Trapped in its bars and chains
Let's look towards the stars and move forward with what remains
587 · Oct 2019
Eric Martin Oct 2019
I prayed for peace
I prayed to mend
I prayed so long
I felt condemned
Eric Martin Dec 2016
Hey look at me!
Look at what I can do
I can write little rhymes
Just to amuse you

Hey Look at me!
Can you hear my please
I will write any thing for you
Even if its ******

He Look At me!
Why do you taunt
I will do any thing
Just tell me what you want

Hey Look At Me!
I want to make your dreams
I am falling apart trying to please you
I am tearing at the seams

Just tell me why?
I will do any thing for you
But you don't even care if I die

Hey look at you
You are in so much pain
I want you to look at me
But you want me to do the same
566 · Dec 2016
Dreams Of A Black Heart
Eric Martin Dec 2016
My eyes open
Pierce through the dark
I crawl into my skin
Its time to pretend to be a monarch

A dead black heart
Rotting flesh that surounds
Completely torn apart
Held together by a mask that bounds

Youthful and spry
Confidence amplified
If only they knew it was lie
And I was really dead inside

The anxiety that some one will see
Inside to the real me
Would I be killed if I was detected
Or would I be accepted

This black heart still has hopes and dreams
That life is more then it seems
That this mask is a cocoon
And I will be some thing beautiful soon
560 · Dec 2016
Ideas For A Love Song
Eric Martin Dec 2016
She floats like a feather
But she has no idea
She's in bad weather
Still she dances like a ballerina
Yet she's the one saving me
When we're together

She makes me feel warm
Dancing in the storm
Doesn't care that I'm warn
She is so good at loving
It's an art form

If the winds of life blow us apart
You will go again from the a start
And I will be left here with the broken heart

Your so pretty
So witty
Your more then I ever could want
The feeling you flaunt
The way playfully taunt
When it come to love you get into the nitty gritty
For ever in my dreams you will haunt

I see you in my reflection
Do you feel this connection
Or just my *******
I don't here a rejection
Come back later when you know what you want to do with it and you have a better idea on rhythm and timing and every thing els. Girl dancing through life, She loves you but maybe in the end you aren't strong enough to hold onto her as she dances away on the rain drops. Think of how she feels about the situation and how if you want this to end happy or sad for both characters. Come up with a catch chorus and decide if you want a lead in and if you want the lead in and the chorus to change every time. Don't forget to finish because I feel like there is some thing here that could make a ****** poem but a good song.
Eric Martin Dec 2016
My heart is a seed
Does that sound cliche?
But if you don't water it with love
It will die and wither away

My **** is a branch
Does that sound absurd?
But on a sunny day
It comes out for all the birds

My fist is a leaf
Does it make sense what I said?
But when i get ******
It'll fall on your head

My mind is a stump
Does that sound ok?
With a little thought
It grows and sprouts away

We are all trees
Does that sound dense?
Love, Fight and ****
But use your mind to make sense
523 · Dec 2016
Eric Martin Dec 2016
Why can't any one els here these voices other then me?
I've asked them to talk to other people but they wont hear my plea
I feel them watching when I'm alone
I hate when people think I'm crazy

They have made me their home
Twisting my thoughts as they roam
Change my memories as they multiply
I am lost and have become their little drone

I never know if what they say is a lie
If I was ever alone I would cry
But since I am not I scream
When I hear my kids will have them I want to die

I have asked doctors to scrub my brain clean
They are working on a scheme
To infect others by over throwing my head
I pretend to not know what they mean

I am in so much pain but still I dread
Being dead
But control I must redeem
So I slit my wrist and as bled
They told me this was just a dream
501 · Dec 2016
The Pointless Struggle
Eric Martin Dec 2016
I am not opposed
To being exposed
I just don't want people to go ballistic
Making me feel enclosed

I am not trying to be sadistic
I am just trying to be realistic
But my heart is unprotected
When I am being artistic

Their words got me effected
But without them I feel neglected
I feel like it is all worth my time
When some one says they feel connected

It is a rough climb
Through grime and peoples slime
I will still work on being respected
While I am still in my prime
500 · Dec 2016
What Makes A Good Poem
Eric Martin Dec 2016
What makes a good poem?
Is it that its long
Or short and sweet
If a few people like it, is that a good omen
Or should you be able to turn it into a song
Or should it be tidy and neat

Does it really matter
Does any one even care
If there is a good poem and no one is aware
Was it technically even there

I feel pretty empty
I feel pretty lost
I wonder if people feel the same
That they have to read these things so petty
At their could be idols cost
And is every one of us hacks to blame

Not really, it's a hypothetical shame
This is what writers block comes up with...
489 · Dec 2016
Eric Martin Dec 2016
Can you see the blood
Its all over my hands
Smearing every where I touch and trailing back to my crimes

Can you see the stains
It's crusting around my eyes
All I can see is red but soon it will be black

Can you hear the screams
Echoing vividly in my mind
Deafening my thoughts

Can you see the scars
Scratches burning my skin
Forceful reminders of what I have done

If you can't
Then why do I remember
Why can I never forget
My first free verse in a while that I didn't decide to rewrite as a rhyming poem. Its hard to keep it as is but I assume every one must think I am getting stale for rhyming all the time.
Eric Martin Dec 2016
No one around for as far as the eye can see
So alone
But this how we want it, just you and me

Deep black sky with stars never ending
I kiss you as you lovingly moan
I feel my self extending

I asked if she was in the mood from the stars above
And said I would take her to the 'Bone Zone"
But she laughed and said lets just call it making love

Our hearts beat as one
She is the most beautiful girl I have ever known
We both come with the rise of the sun

Never have I felt this before
She is my best friend, lover, with her I am home
She transcends every thing and so much more

We are both united by this flame she lighted
Our love has grown
I hope in the future I will be delighted but with her I am always excited
479 · Dec 2016
Buried Alive
Eric Martin Dec 2016
First I dug a pit for when I couldn't be brave
It gave me a place to hide
But soon it turned to a grave
And I risked being buried alive

Life was tough
I needed a place I could be free
But soon even a little bit of life was more then enough
And I always needed to flee

If I keep laying here I won't have long
Life has become even more bleak
But I am finally going to have to be strong
Even though I have become so weak

Every high comes with a low
And its time for me to pay
I have to climb out of this hole
And there is only one way

It took blood sweat and tears
But at my weakest I had drive
I have done more then just face my fears
But I have made it out alive
466 · Dec 2016
I Need Sunshine
Eric Martin Dec 2016
Give me your eyes
I need sunshine
Give me your eyes
I need to see it'll be fine

Your voice is not enough
for me to be tough
Your voice is not enough
To help me to not to feel rough

But I'll believe in anything
And You'll tell me anything

Give me your lies
I need sunshine
Give me your lies
I need to be fine

This choice is not enough
To help me feel tough
This choice is not enough
To stop me from feeling rough

But I'll believe in anything
And you'll tell me anything

If I could get higher
By putting my heart in this fire
Then you would share my life
And I'd share your life

If I could separate heart from this lier
Then I could cut the wire
And then You would have a life
And I would have a life

But for now I'll believe in anything
And you'll tell me any thing

Our life is just a sham
So take me where no body knows me
And know body gives a ****

I have become your program
So take me where no body know me
And know body gives a ****

Take me where no body knows me
And no body give a ****
I don't think I like this one, I think I am going to delete it.
465 · Dec 2016
Suffocated By Love
Eric Martin Dec 2016
You kick started my heart
When we made eye contact from afar
I knew it was just the start
I had to know who you are

Courting started slow
I didn't want you to know
It was going to be a surprise
I wanted to see the look in your Eyes

I took you to my home
I shut off my phone
Nothing was going to stop us
From being alone

I started with your neck
You turned away
I like it when you play hard to get
But I always get my way!

Oh the months we spent
You don't know how much they meant
But you wanted to go home
And I would not let you leave me alone

It ended with your neck
So pretty and long
I gave you one last little peck
Such a beautiful Swan Song

I drove to the river with my car
I watched you drift away afar
Lost in the black
My own little shining Star
457 · Oct 2017
Tit for Tat
Eric Martin Oct 2017
In love

Who's to blame

Forgive forever
For peace to maintain
455 · Dec 2016
Eric Martin Dec 2016
Why does every thing have to feel so hopeless
Even though I have passion and am ferocious
I am still held back from the dread;
Of this devastating psychosis

I am left stuck up in my head
Thinking about all the things that need to be said
But I still feel that coldness;
Wishing I was dead

I feel so boneless
I wonder if any one would even notice
All these feelings I wish I could shed;
So my heart doesn't feel so soulless

I wonder if I have bin miss lead
I wonder if in the end I will be whole or just a shred
But I think my only prognosis;
Is this feeling will soon spread
And things will really become hopeless
442 · Oct 2017
Wanting More
Eric Martin Oct 2017
Some times I wish my word was as real as my dreams
That life was a little more vibrant and extraordinary then it seems
I would love to be that happy but I just don't have the means
But not only is life not wonderful, it blows my dreams to smithereens
Eric Martin Dec 2016
You were my mistress, my ever lasting love
So beautiful and free like a dove
I wish I could prevent you from this wreck
You were too delicate to protect
If only I could stop the gods above

I loved you and you loved me
You went out of your way to pay this fee
I was blessed with your grace
You lit a fire in me with your embrace
Why couldn't I just let you be

You were more then my best friend
My wounds you did mend
If only I could do the same
And prevent you from this pain
I wish this wasn't the end

I wasn't the only heart you did steal
I couldn't help how it made me feel
But I was to blind to see
That you only had eyes for me
But I just couldn't tell what was real

All these emotions manipulated
You were so devastated
I don't know how I couldn't see
I was hurting the only one who loved me
This was a monster love created

You didn't run, you didn't hide
You just looked me in the eyes as your cried
You tried to calm me down with your speech
You thought there was a part of me you could reach
But still you died

If only you picked some one whose love you deserved
Instead of picking the man you served
But now you're in heaven after all that pain
And I will be in hell but the only thing that will keep me sane
Is keeping the memory of you preserved
Eric Martin Dec 2016
Over my life I have tried to pay my toll
I have tried to achieve my goal
I have tried to crack the codes
But I decided to sell my soul
Thats why I have come to the cross roads

As I got here
I felt his presence near
I am already going to hell
So I had nothing to fear
Of giving my soul to sell

He appeared in a flame
But before any thing I had to speak his name
I said it with glee
He said I should be saying it with shame
But still I paid my fee
And to him it was all the same

I felt an emptiness inside
But with a tide it turned to pride
He gave me all I wished
But he told me as soon as I died
It would turn to anguish

I knew this was shameless
But I would soon be famous
A bright shining star
But I knew some thing was amiss
As I was hit by a car

What a ***** cheat
But still I was fairly beat
I became a never ending dish
I was famous for my sweet meat
So at least I still got my wish
421 · Feb 2019
Pray For The Dead
Eric Martin Feb 2019
I pray to the dead and the rotten
For they are truly free
I pray for the lost souls forgotten
Because that's where all my friends may be

I pray for them so often
That I hope I pay my fee
Because one day I'll be rotten, dead, lost and forgotten
And I hope some one will pray for me
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