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Eric Martin Dec 2016
Hey look at me!
Look at what I can do
I can write little rhymes
Just to amuse you

Hey Look at me!
Can you hear my please
I will write any thing for you
Even if its ******

He Look At me!
Why do you taunt
I will do any thing
Just tell me what you want

Hey Look At Me!
I want to make your dreams
I am falling apart trying to please you
I am tearing at the seams

Just tell me why?
I will do any thing for you
But you don't even care if I die

Hey look at you
You are in so much pain
I want you to look at me
But you want me to do the same
Marlo May 2014
I could lock myself in my room.
Surrounded by my belongings,
By the mirrors that have seen my secrets.
I could cry and bleed for days without anyone asking why.
I could drink and smoke without suffering the consequences.
One lock to one room shielding me from the outside world.
Shielding me from the invisible flames of everyday life.
I could walk on my self-made clouds of smoke,
Streaming through my lungs and out of my mouth.
Filling my head with OK thoughts followed by whiskey,
Drowning her sorrows,
They say with an attitude.
Finding a place between realities standards and being ****** up.
I reply.
Attention *****.
Pain ******.
Drama queen. Depressed.
. *** .

— The End —