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Jun 2020 · 302
Skeleton Pope With Wolf
Eric Martin Jun 2020
No need to fear
Death is here
Bringing nature to an end
So we can begin again
Apr 2020 · 125
Answer Me God
Eric Martin Apr 2020
Dear God who brought me to me knees
I know you've never answered me yet
But please answer my pleas
I have paid so many debts
Without racking up any fees
And before I succumb to this disease
Knowing why before I die
Is the only thing can put me at ease

Why was a child defiled
Ravaged brutally when I was innocent
Molested till I was in my own imprisonment
Making me punish my self in equal equivalent
Living a life where death was always imminent
Now Before I go I have to know
Where you just ambivalent?
Mar 2020 · 196
Different Worlds
Eric Martin Mar 2020
It may be love
But you will find
It's better to rise above
While you leave me behind
Mar 2020 · 105
Lost In Lust
Eric Martin Mar 2020
For ever I desire fire hire
Though this conspire requires providers to meat a fate most dire
I would be a liar to say I tire of their screams like a choir
Though inspired after what transpired
I'd still admire a survivor as a conscience purifier
For I wish for a pyre that doesn't acquire souls to sire
But I am not a crier, nor its designer and will comtinue to be the supplier of flesh until I retire and pay for all my sins with all my being and every fiber
For my sin to be burned entire for eternity by the fire I will always love and desire
And when a pay my price I will demand the flames higher
Rhyming practice. I got asked to do a 6 word poem challenge on Instagram and I forgot how that challenges are fun to me and helped me.make a poem and a picture to perfectly went with it, so I decided to challenge my self amd maybe use this for my next piece of art
Mar 2020 · 103
Trust Issues
Eric Martin Mar 2020
Betrayed and Beaten
But still
6 word. Picture that goes with it@
Mar 2020 · 141
A Beast Of Burden
Eric Martin Mar 2020
No where or one is home
Forced to roam
With other's sins I try to atone

I feel like it is useless trying
No point in crying
I don't want to be lying
But no one would take me in with all the pain I am confiding

It is worse then dying
And with every day the future becomes more terrifying
For now I must face every thing on my own
Feb 2020 · 165
I Wish I Could Still Cry
Eric Martin Feb 2020
I wish I could cry
I wish I could escape my fears
But sadly i am ready to die
After all of the abuse over the years
I wish I could end it with tears
Eric Martin Jan 2020
When I was a boy
I was punished for joy
If I saw it coming I ran
But he always had a plan

Tears were a curse
Because I got it worse
I forced to "be a man"
And to take it where I stand

Now because of being someone's psychological toy
To be abuse and destroy
I can no longer cry
No matter how hard I try

It's just who I am
I'll be like this till I die
I wish something could help me get by
But I know nothing can
I know the syllables don't go together. It was originally one big stanza with no coherent rhyme scheme but I split it up because it made it read mildly better but this is back to bow I wrote poetry just to leave stuff behind and I will l probably either edit this or his it from everyone
Jan 2020 · 316
Failure Is Fuel
Eric Martin Jan 2020
Just surrender
You can no longer defend
Your wounds are sore and tender
It is time to mend

You are not a preteder
This is a mountain you can ascend
Just remember
You will make it in the end
Let me know if you like any of these titles or can thing of a better one? Fighting Failure, Failure Is Not Forever, One Step At A Time, True Tenacity, Growing To Your Goals, Give in not up, Pace For The Chase, Destiny
Jan 2020 · 111
Eric Martin Jan 2020
I feel like I'm dying
My blood is aflame
I can't stop crying
Wondering if I'm to blame?
It's terrifying
Will anything ever be the same?
What ever is wrong I have to keep on trying
Because there is so much to reclaim
Eric Martin Jan 2020
I can't explain how I pick them
I don't want to trick'em
But when I do it's your night
I want to be treated you right
Before your my victim

I want you you at ease
I want you on your knees
Because when I feast
I don't say please

I don't expect you to understand
To expect you to know
But to get my fill
I must go in for the ****

Blood against the walls
Screams down the halls
And after it all
I'm alone with just skulls

I don't know how to explain it
I don't know what to say
But when there is blood on your hands
It'll never wash away
Jan 2020 · 95
Fuck It
Eric Martin Jan 2020
**** it
I will no longer be controlled like a puppet
The world is insane
And you, me and all the Gods are to blame
But I am going to stop it
And no longer live my life the same
Jan 2020 · 118
Revel With The Devil
Eric Martin Jan 2020
I have bin taken
By the seductive sounds of Satan
My mind has bin awaken
At the cost of forever being forsaken

But don't pray for me
For I am finally free
And when I pay my fee
All of hell will see
I will meet my doom unshaken
Eric Martin Jan 2020
I would give my blood for love
Happiness for the stars above
But there is only so much mud I can take
And so my scars before I break
Eric Martin Jan 2020
Sweet sensual singing
The melody sways while I am slowly sinking
Put to ease my erratic thinking
If only time had no end
Swiftly I descend
From caressing to stinging
I can't defend
Pulled away from the pillowy breast I was clinging
To the sea I am condemned
Needs work but I deleted some line while trying to cut and paste them around but i can't remember them so I'll leave at is unless I come back to make it better
Jan 2020 · 157
Blood Magick
Eric Martin Jan 2020
My mind is yearning
Fires churning
Gears pull and turning
But with every pass my soul is burning
Eric Martin Dec 2019
I have bin lost for years
Thinking it was a brave new world
And all I needed to be happy was soma
But I have lived a life that has brought many to tears
And to me it just felt like a coma

Sounds reverberating in my ears
My eyes have bin forcefully unfurled
A rotting putrid smell replacing the sweet aroma
I must awaken to face the horrors and my fears
Because if I don't make things right no one els is gonna
I think I need to rewrite this because I can't think of any more rhymes for "world" or "soma"
Dec 2019 · 610
Better Then Nothing
Eric Martin Dec 2019
The past has become scars and pains
Trapped in its bars and chains
Let's look towards the stars and move forward with what remains
Eric Martin Dec 2019
The poisonous deadly floral rose
Just a flower on a stick in a sensual pose
There's a joyfulness power that only a true admirer (knows / will expose)
But soon they all see the pointlessness while its aroma hits their nose
Because with a swift ***** they die painfully contemplating as their final hour goes
Can you rhyme knows with nose?
Eric Martin Dec 2019
Lost in devastation
Fighting of inebriation
Hopelessly lost
Clawing out at all cost
To divert Death's sweet sedation
Eric Martin Dec 2019
12:00 am, The 13th of Friday
Under the full moons light
I will end things my way
This time it'll be done right
No need to search
In front of the church
In plain sight
Under the crane's sway
My body will lay

I timed this to message your number
So try don't and call
As you slumber
I will fall
And with a  swan dive
I'll end it all

I don't want a grave
No one to save my ash
No a funeral or mass
And if my soul refuses to pass
I want to be drugged to end any pains
Plugged into my veins
And then to be unplugged
With my young brother to own my art and property that remains

I wish this wasn't the end
But it was a fate I couldn't defend
Since I had a father
Who did more then viciously beat me since I was a toddler
And a Mother
Who saw saving me as an inconvenient bother

But I hope you don't cry
Even though I will die
I will always be your baby bird
But at least now I can fly
Tighten up and give a batter structure
Nov 2019 · 82
Eric Martin Nov 2019
I want to die
But I can't say bye
It's hard to justify
I would be a disgrace
For those I chose to mortify

I got to try
But my feelings intensify
Try not to cry
Put on a brave face
Or a filthy lie

I can't untie
But I feel like a spy
Any one can identify
With just the trace
Of a look in my eye

I want to fly
But I can't even get by
I can no longer deny
I can't keep this pace
My end is nigh
Eric Martin Oct 2019
My soul has already bin shed
A statuette of the forgotten; forsaken
But wires fill my veins
A spirit in my head
A marionette of the dead
rotten, for the taken
Don't mind it's pains
It is made for breaking
I know it's hard to be read but it makes sense in my head.

Ideas: 145 bpm. 6bar of 4, maybe 4'4 ryhtem underneath. another verse or chorus. Maybe pre chorus or verse, Ideas: It doesn't matter if any one sees, It's not for you, it's not for me (or) it doesn't matter if it's askew, It does't matter if any one sees, it's not for you, it's not for me.-4bars
Oct 2019 · 587
Eric Martin Oct 2019
I prayed for peace
I prayed to mend
I prayed so long
I felt condemned
Oct 2019 · 2.3k
Crippling Stress
Eric Martin Oct 2019
I feel sick
Rotten to the core
All I want to do is quit
I can't take it any more

Nothing I do will stick
And just makes me feel more sore
I think about ending it
But I can't loose this war

I know there's no trick
To make me feel like I did before
But I'll keep on trying to make some thing fit
Because I believe life has more for me in store
Eric Martin Aug 2019
(Version 1)
No one can solve all their problems on their own
But I have bin left behind
With a broken heart
A disheveled mind
I wish this wasn't my ending but the start
And that there is strength left to find
So I can finally atone
And finally call my self a home
But I remain confined

(Version 2)
No one can solve all their problems on their own but I have bin left behind alone. With a broken heart, a disheveled mind, I wish this wasn't my ending but the start and that there is strength left to find. So I can finally atone and finally call my self a home but I remain confined alone.
Eric Martin Aug 2019
When you look at me
Just another person is what you see
But there are thing you don't know
That people are more then they seem to be
And when you think I am alone with no place to go
That's when I am truly free
Aug 2019 · 110
Lost Love
Eric Martin Aug 2019
Love maybe a flame
But to others it's smoke
And even though it's stoked
It still remains cloaked
Never to be attained
Aug 2019 · 251
Teen Love (Drawing Idea)
Eric Martin Aug 2019
I love you
and care
I love you too
We just have to rise from this despair?
I hope it can be true
Or els life isn't fair
                                      (Maybe one more line)
We will make it threw
Don't worry I'll always be there
And with a love so true
There is nothing we can't bare
Aug 2019 · 83
Hopes And Dreams
Eric Martin Aug 2019
When I'm at home I don't pray for Jesus
I pray we all die alone
and it ends in pieces
Aug 2019 · 153
No More Nightmares
Eric Martin Aug 2019
I open my eyes to the open skies
The wind blows away my tears as I cry
I am horrified of the highs and all the times I died
But my fears shed away as I arise
I break away from my mortal ties as I begin to fly
My nightmares are gone and my dreams again comprise
No longer will I meet my demise
For once again I am free to fly into my sunrise
I know the rhyme scheme might be a little shaky but I just woke up and wanted to get out the feelings I have a being able to fly in my dreams again because I no longer wake up before I die and to me this is the most real thing in the world and I have missed feeling the excitement, physics, panics from close calls and being able to live a false life that means so much to me
Aug 2019 · 295
Life Lessons Learned Late
Eric Martin Aug 2019
For along time my heart was at war
I was racing for the grave
But finally I see life for some thing more
Yet I am still fates slave
Because now I have cancer knocking at my door
But I still I won't cave
Because I finally have some one to adore
And it helps to make me brave
Now no matter what the future has in store
I know the life I have left will be saved
Aug 2019 · 237
So Close But So Far
Eric Martin Aug 2019
Oh sweet princess of the queens
You teem in my thoughts and in my dreams
I would kiss you by any means
But all we have are our distant screams
Aug 2019 · 70
Holding On To Hope
Eric Martin Aug 2019
I know I'm not a demon
And I sure ain't no saint
But I hope one day my soul can be happy
Even if it's faint
Jul 2019 · 107
I Wish I Knew
Eric Martin Jul 2019
I used to wonder why we are born
And why we die
Why we laugh
And why we cry
How I can be happy and still have a tears fill my eye
Or have a smile on my face as I am chocked expecting the end is nigh

But as I grow older it is plain to see
It was better to to beat to life's drum
Then to become numb
And have nothing effect me
Jul 2019 · 337
Eric Martin Jul 2019
Kiss me, I'm dreaming
And I can't stop screaming
I can't hide the scars in my soul and my heart bleeding
And Soon when I die I won't wake up and it won't be fleeting
And when I open my eyes from this vicious beating
Thats when the real nightmare and I will be meeting
Feb 2019 · 203
Loves a trap
Eric Martin Feb 2019
Love is a game
Causing sickness and pain
But even though most of us have lost
We play it again

But I can not lie
Don't ask me why
I'll pay the cost
And play till I die
Feb 2019 · 837
Eric Martin Feb 2019
Death is coming
It's coming fast
No use in running
Life wont last

But while you still have your freedoms
Before that day
Make peace with your demons
Before you burn away
Feb 2019 · 421
Pray For The Dead
Eric Martin Feb 2019
I pray to the dead and the rotten
For they are truly free
I pray for the lost souls forgotten
Because that's where all my friends may be

I pray for them so often
That I hope I pay my fee
Because one day I'll be rotten, dead, lost and forgotten
And I hope some one will pray for me
Feb 2019 · 144
Faithful To A Fault
Eric Martin Feb 2019
I must be a fool
For loving one so cruel
And being faithful
To a monster so hateful

But sill I stick to your side
Because I'm addicted to your rules I abide
And hopefully one day
I'll have the strength to walk away
Feb 2019 · 92
Eric Martin Feb 2019
In me there's a fire burning throughout
A passion waiting to be inflamed
I'm yearning to let it out in one big shout
But I'm afraid I'll get burned and maimed
For now ill just have it churning as I slowly let it out
Until I have it tamed
Jan 2019 · 1.2k
Deep Down
Eric Martin Jan 2019
When you asleep at night and hear blood curdling screams
Do you wake up to the light and wonder what it means
Even though it's a controlling fright you don't dare find out what teems
It's better just to tuck your self in tight and pray for sweeter dreams
Jan 2019 · 95
Do You Feel The Same?
Eric Martin Jan 2019
Do you also hide from terrors in the night
Praying for a light
Holding your breath to not make a sound
Hoping you won't be found

Do you also hide from your thoughts in the day
Praying to get away
Holding yourself together for a time
Hoping to leave it behind
Aug 2018 · 276
I'm a Dead Man
Eric Martin Aug 2018
I's a shame
Satan knew my name
I'm a dead man
Or worse
Save me from this cures

This feeling wont wain
Lucifer save me from this pain
My name is all I am
Satan speaks rhymes same as man and cures, go with indies song, punk guit, rain, destructions but only chorus
Aug 2018 · 157
Eric Martin Aug 2018
Water rising
Your freedom comes today
Because you can float away
Aug 2018 · 122
Eric Martin Aug 2018
E E EEE   E    B   A
This is it, im dying
This will be me legacy
It wont be much
But it's worth trying

I am sick of being being alone
I am sick of crying
Let peace be onto me
And Let this be undying
Mar 2018 · 253
Blind Eye
Eric Martin Mar 2018
My heart has paid a fee
I turn a blind eye to what I see
My philosophy has become hypocrisy
What has become of me?
Feb 2018 · 318
Eric Martin Feb 2018
I believe in a Demon who lives inside my head
He's scratching and screaming, he wants to be fed

Tears, fears and things better left unsaid
Horrors appears as my thoughts are led

He's like a toxin rotten my brain with a constant spread
I hope all is forgotten as I shoot myself dead
Nov 2017 · 189
Looking back
Eric Martin Nov 2017
I remember love
I remember it tasted like sugar
But as I look back it tastes bitter
And the more I think of
All the sensual dances are now satanic slithers
Oct 2017 · 457
Tit for Tat
Eric Martin Oct 2017
In love

Who's to blame

Forgive forever
For peace to maintain
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