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Eric Martin Dec 2016
Where you go I go
But still I will never see
What keeps you up at night
As you softly scream hauntedly

For you I will always care
Even if the sky shattered and fell
I would be there not letting a shard touch your hair
And vowing to make the heavens wish for hell

Where you go I go
But sill you forbid me to ask
From knowing what you know
What happened in your past

For you I am devastatingly aware
Of your sanity and your pain
Life is so cruel and unfair
I wish I could end your suffering alone in your brain

Where you go I go
Where ever it may be
If any one is going to hurt you
I would do it the most softly

We can finally take comfort in the end
And that I am no longer prolonging your pain
To the heavens I pray our souls will send
And that we will be blessed with the chance to start again
Is this poem not very good, its actually one of my more favourite poems but even though its up for interoperation one of mine is that the narrators love is using him to **** them self and really they wont get another chance to be together but it could also be the other way around and they will meet again in heaven or another life. If this poem is bad can some one please let me know.

— The End —