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Elly Apr 12
you deserve someone who knew your worth ever since the beginning than someone who barely knew it until you were gone
Elly Apr 12
Do you ever had that feeling where in you're both feeling lonely and contented at the same time?

I do.

I actually neved regret leaving the old me and actually starting to a new self. But then I realize, I just left the people who are responsible of the pain that I’m feeling and not the ‘old me’. The old me who’s always happy in the morning and messed up at night.

Everything just keeps on coming back and everytime it comes back, I’d remind myself that I want to make everything worth it and hopefully someday I could finally face eveything with a real, genuine smile on my face.
Elly Apr 12
I just hope that someday, someone will wipe all your tears away. Someone who will make you feel okay again, make you feel like you’ve never been lost at all. Someone who will hug you and all your broken pieces. Someone who will accept you, your past, and who you are right now. Someone who will understand where you’re coming from. Someone who will love you wholeheartedly and your flaws will never be a burden. Someone who understands, someone who will never leave you especially when you’re at your battlefield every midnight. Someone who listens, someone who you can share your thoughts with. Someone who will look at you like you’re his/her world. Someone who will appreciate you, who is proud of you. And lastly someone who you can be with at the end of the aisle exchanging your vows.
Elly Apr 12
here's the truth
i'm scared.
that i might not be what he really wanted
that he'd realize that he doesn't love nor like me
that i'm actially just a plain canvas
an empty hallway
messed up
and not enough

because i want him to see that i'm more than just what he sees 'cause he knows how much i don't like what i'm already seeing.
Elly Apr 12
may your smile turned into laughter
in this world of confusion
the clarity of your heart
that is filled with love
will lead you to a brighter place

in the midst of sorrow
may the light that came from darkness
surrounds at your flower of hope
and the tears you would shed
will bloom its way through your pain
Elly Apr 12
when I first met you
you were nothing but another face
not until it became my favorite

i can still remember the day
i've seen you in the hallway
thinking what i would want to say

it's you that i really adore
and still wanting for more
how I wish I was the one you're looking for
Elly Apr 12
we're like a broken glass, we get broken and don't get fixed. that's why they would replace us instead
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