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Trust yourself
if there was a fight
trust in life
if others want you
to fall
don t listen to what
is bad
have faith in life
trust, to what
is life do what
you like

And peace is a word
that everyone loves
to hear
though sounding double
now soar . Why
infants laugh

the human angel
locked it self now
missbelieved life and people
quite few times,
but what is better
than being in trust to
without it.
the devil
wants to hold your
hand. Be walking beside.
An claiming, besides?
I saw a movie
our relation and motivation
we are all one, (devil)
this is utterly what you
prefer and like
Having trust to life.
How hard could life be
alike too many seeds
all darkened
and were shall you say you start,

Then holding your light
while having it only
under the bibles time to
and then we call ourselves
the open book
the closed need
The dog that screams
and plays with a ball
like trying to realize
it wants to bite.

So you said
you want to find the light
while millions in a night
oh, how dark it became
you just have to take your
care, don t mind of rests.
And you still want
something right?
you want to find that light?
like a panda sais my eye
one is dark
the other is light
you chose
either you can still keep the light
right now it s darkness

Because of you believed
and you still do.
We all pass thru.
And we cannot realize
how nice it is with light!
though we got crise
though we got crise
and you want to live
though we don t need you
since it is time
for our grey time,
a bit darker than yours
we got to block you
we cannot adore you.
we got to disgrace you,
we need to be rudes
our lifes is only the fools.
  Mar 2017 Elizabeth Kaisser
Alone isn't prison
Not when everyone needs you
You can be used for something
Nothing maybe you might need
But always for good use
Like a tool
Tools are lonely but useful
A lonely tool is a good thing
It can be put to good use
Until it is worn out and
Thrown away
And there was time
were time dissapeared
and there was none
but holy disgrace

how much can it be
to become a beauty bee
we try to retrieve
we seek our need

So they yelled.
and what was there?
Let it be,
scream a renaissance
retrieve baroque
or simply Byzantine
along with
an illusion
we find something
then Zeus started to *****
and left was dear Promt

Rather a darkness of trust
to have the world
rapt in dust
were we seek for the light
once in a year,
while the revolutionair
is not the visionair
since our promises of
big men, ruling
we became slaves
of our domesticity
and rabbits, said
were is our hole ,
we survive.
So they Yelled, is just a poem of a notion and sense of darker kind.
Who told the spirits are dead
they live while you re awake
they feed the souls of the hungry
One day of you shall become
the air, the breath
but first live your life
The body told
the mind
one day
I think
we both
are truly fine
but wait
I do not
always agree
since I got
you know what I mean
needs, as you , would like to move
and I would like to talk
Shall we dance?
it exclaimed.

Now, we can work it out
and reach our hearts
simply and in all weathers
It happened the heart
felt empty , and exclaimed
I need today a great embrase !
body and mind
listened to thier heart
and one big cudle
all felt fine

with love
plenty colours
warmt sense.. lasting in hours.
They called themselves
but qualitys of
then one day reading
how to become that more
that jungle shouldn t
open our doors.

The movies, were
all of greatest wars
and happy and lucky
those we adore.

as skys were still
like stars were so few
and happy the babys
one day into humans grow.
No notes, courage.
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