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dg May 2015
Find what deserves
The entire devotion
Of your being
There you will find
Your true
dg Apr 2015
I'm sorry for the nights you spend asking yourself why
I'm sorry for the time you spent waiting for me to reply

I'm sorry for toppling your reality too soon for you to prepare
I'm sorry if you thought that I never really did care

I'm sorry for the anger and the pain and the tears
I'm sorry It ended up like this after all this years

I'm sorry you asked if I'd be here and I always said I would
But most of all I'm sorry I didn't love you like I should
dg Jan 2015
Tell her she's beautiful
Make sure you tell her every day
Even if she's in her sloppiest sweats and her baggiest sweater
Tell her she's beautiful
And mean it
She won't believe you
But never stop reminding her

Do your best to make her laugh
God she's beautiful when she's laughing
The way her nose wrinkles and her eyes squint
And when she shows that smile
You'll wish she'd never stop

Hold her tight when she cries
She hates showing it
When she has no one else be the one to hold her together
Make sure she never breaks
Squeeze her tight
Let her mascara ruin your shirt
Kiss her on the head let her know
It's going to be okay

She'll wake you up from naps
Just because she wants to spend time with you awake
She'll call you when she's drunk
Because she doesn't know whats going on and needs to hear your voice
She's going to love bothering you
All because she thinks it's cute when you're mad

She makes funny noises at the most inappropriate times
And she dances around the house and pretends to know what she's doing
She's a child sometimes I swear
But you'll learn to love it

Pick her up and kiss her
Kiss her
Like it's the last time
Every time
Look into her eyes
God she has gorgeous eyes
When you try she'll look away because she's shy
But should you get the chance
You'll fall deeper every time

Remind her you love her
And show her with every way possible
Sometimes she'll doubt it
But that's never an excuse to stop
Do whatever you can to put the doubts to rest

She can be a handful
Sometimes a bit too much
But never let her go

A painful memory
dg Jan 2015
So he stood before her
Gazing into her starry eyes
And at that moment
At that exact moment
He understood

He understood why the waves
Endlessly crash upon the shore
He understood why the Moon
Chased the Sun every day
Although he would never catch her

He understood
And she understood too
But it was their special secret
So they kept it to themselves
And they sealed it away
With a kiss
dg Jan 2015
I see her in white
Pure like the god who made her
Never to love me

— The End —