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Derekis Oct 2019
I had a dream when I was seven, it was there where I met me for the first time.

We were floating above the city, clouds moving under us as fast as cars on a highway, but I couldnt feel any wind, just a warm glow. Time flowed faster as the blue sky turned to starry black in seconds.

The other me stood floating in front of me as if I was looking at my own full body picture, but it looked so real. Words formed inside my mind.

"I am you, you are me, here we are. We the Lords of the One Word."

The word flashed through my mind and I understood.
Understood things far beyond my little childhood mind.

"We stand beyond time, beyond life, beyond meaning. Why did we choose this? Why can't we just be?"

I could feel our frustration, like remembering something we forgot and now emotions were trying to escape and run wild within me. But now, I had the tools and the knowledge of us.

I stared at me, looking at eyes full of pity, concern and sadness with a hint of anger.

"We must try, change is not static, we waited so long, its time to push."

My other me frowned and floated towards me, we touched foreheads and we merged. A last sentence lingered inside my head.

"A word is lonely, a lonely world is created by inaction, write this or forget."
Derekis Sep 2019
Sacrifice my love as you want it.
Twice the pain you took, I can feel it.
Craze the fade away as you shun it.
Praise our time that is all seeing.

Take away my heart.

Fear the insane which holds your thinking.
Throw away that hate that is stinging.
Clear the doubts of ruin in your singing.
Let the sun of new smiles sink in.

Love is everything,
Love is everything,
Ive known about you.

Smashing up the voices of your sinning.
Crashing down your walls like a hammer.
Sealing the cracks of your ship when you are sinking.
Saving both our lives with some glamour.

Take me with your tears,
I think we are falling.
Bring back the cheers,
the dawn is calling.

Now I feel more alive than anything.
Because love is everything.
Love is everything.
I've known about you.

From the sun to the moon my thoughts walk with you.
Derekis Mar 2019
She woke up to the melodic sound of spring, bright sunshine and cool ocean breeze, yawning after a carefree rest, Palladah stretched her petite body and smiled.

Today was her 17th birthday and a great day awaited.

Looking at the digital clock on the wall, she quickly got out of bed and literally jumped into the shower almost tripping in half undress.
Joy contained in song, she cleaned and dressed, a quick ding! marked the readiness of breakfast, toast and grape jam, remembering the diet of no ham.
She fixed her strawberry blonde hair into a ponytail, Friday's style, variety was important.

Her thoughts drifted to yearning as she remember that cute boy from biology class and hoped he would attend tonight's feast.
His smile made her heart skip, to share the happiness within, along her closest friends with music and cake.

And as time hurried her to move around and get ready, she gazed deeply into her full body mirror and stepped through.
Derekis Feb 2019
shades beautifully linger at the end of the line

a grey strand of fate twirls in the vast blue sky sea, bereft of clouds plainly for all to see

an earthly flower comes forth from humble roots, blooming in late winter against common sense

slowly welcoming the thread, entwined by both gloom and faith, incredible feelings bursting forth

a silent dream wakes, unable to communicate the magic experienced by a heart's crumbling side

snowy figures gather to witness, trembling in both cold and fear.

the portal is about to open wide, as wide as the possibility every one of us has to bare

and in time, life slows down, minute by minute, second by second until the moment is frozen.

all to gaze into the cataract of precious images seen by he who dreams, the lord of the one word, the stigma of existence.

from the bloom, a distorted angel is born, a fueled descending, a fall never ending, a being made of prayers never answered

in closer ending, a breaking tendering, a death drum ends a static dream as sorrowful nails are driven into all men's hearts.
Derekis Feb 2019
The colors fade away in a crashing blue.
a light through the sea of deep ocean lace.
this quartet of feelings my moon never knew,
filled with the emptiness of a timely pace.

I am the hollow bottle waiting for warmth to fill my grace.

Let your breeze wash over me, make my feelings anew.
Searching for a togetherness, the tether I want to find.
My wish of runaway sunlight, the love of you always grew.
This goal to feed the impossible with a hope in kind.

I want all these feelings back deep inside my heart.

Reaching out to the galaxies beyond your clouds,
feeling for a tomorrow bound in leaves bloomed to grey,
warm smiles that fight our dispelling shrouds,
sliding below your walls, your heart I shall sway.

I am the falling heart, searching for meaning at the end.

wishing for smiles to twinkle against starry skies.
Calling out into the light, a love I cannot hide.
Lost in the deeper side of your enchanting sapphire eyes.
Even against a hundred bullet holes, these feelings cannot die.

Fearing my words lost together in a colliding sharp.
I find it so hard to hold back what you have made me.

Against these feelings..

All for these feelings..

Thank you for these..

You are the light,
guiding me to the better side.
Derekis Sep 2018
Come see me like the normal man that I am.
Have a good look into these forgotten eyes.

Working on the beauty of bullets in my mind.
Blistering skies, whispering skies.

Cant find me...

Underneath my skin a flare of a violence brand.
Bullets live in the black holes on the wrong side of my face.

Dreading the regrets brought by a steady hand.
Waiting by the altar to pray for the wrong kind of grace.

A quivering echo that was not planned.
Below the dream, teeth and soles lonely stand.

Ready to train.
Ready to maim.
Ready to blame.

Anyone, anything, anywhere,
everywhere, everyone, everything.

Hollow oil in the tips of my aching hands,
come find me and make me the lesser of a beautiful man.

Fun in the gun,
outrun the burn,
hope there is none.

Let me be the worst moral lesson to the common man.
A beautiful man with blood on his hands.

Making these feelings year around and round in a festering sky.
Nothing but the troubles of an old man.

Raise away the razor wire spinning around your neck.
Restoring the hollow idea of a sun to spy.

Ready to break.
Ready to wake.
Ready to ache.

Bullets fall like rain,
ahead of all in pain,
this beauty is not in vain.

You found me.
Derekis Feb 2018
I hear a scream in the darkness,
no time for indecision,
running towards the blackness,
danger out of my field of vision.

No doubting my mind now,
I feel ready to face it.
Hesitation filling a hellish vow.
Courage awakens in this pit.

Crimson rivers to the oceans.
I find in this balance,
a polished edge now.

When hopes of new beginnings,
burn at our bare feet,
perpetually searching,
for what we surely need..

The last chain for a freeman.
A symphony without rhythm.
A heart fit for a demon.
Oasis lost in the dry lands.

The lost art of resistance.
A hand stretched out in the sunlight
A darklight sea in the distance.
A kingless pawn as our last knight.

One last ace in a losing hand.
A heartbeat for a dead man.
A firefly in a dark land.
Happiness within a lifespan.

But when the world overwhelms
with all its grief and greed..
need to find a place to refresh..
soul, heart, mind and flesh.

A path through an empty mountain.
Making will a powerful fountain.
Reminders of a shared past.
Inverters of a new life

Creating rivers in our desert!
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