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 Mar 2015 Derekis
Maria Rodriguez
When the mask falls
What will await?

Would we all pretend to be blind
And some how unite?

Or will we become rejects of each other
And unfriend our own brothers?
 Mar 2015 Derekis
Maria Rodriguez
At that time
With a selfish command
You were there
Feeding me your warmth

You never left
Even when I slept
You were there
Waiting for my wake

I was weak
Nobody wanted me
You were there
Always with me

When all was said and done
And those times were gone
You were there
And never left

Of all of those there
None really stayed
You were there
And never left

Even when I ran
To explore other land
You were there
Waiting for me to land

Even when you are gone
Six feet under ground
You are still here
Waiting for me patiently
 Feb 2015 Derekis
Janielle Mainly
Creo que me volvio a dar miedo la oscuridad,
Algo ha pasado, algo a cambiado,
Siento un fogonazo en el pecho,
Pero ya
Siento un refugio en mi melodía ,
Me escapo de todo, es mi musa,
Mi musa que eres tu.
 Feb 2015 Derekis
Janielle Mainly
Entre vivos y fantasmas,
Ahi es donde vivo yo..
Donde nuestras emociones ya no son enteras,
Pero nuestra capacidad de revivirlas si,
Como estar atrapado atras de un cristal,
Aunque estemos en el medio de todo,
De tanto sentir ya no sentimos..
 Feb 2015 Derekis
Virgil Salas
O lord, thy slaughtered guardians
Were brutally killed,
Killed with hundreds of bullets
Fallen to their valiant faces.
They were viciously injured;
Their bodies were struck with bullion slugs.
They sacrificed their life
To protect thy people and thy nation
For a peace that remains a dream
Can never be achieved with a piece of paper and a piece of pen.
The firmament cries with grief,
Their mournful wives, broods, father, mother, siblings and comrades will no longer hear them talk,
And see their precious smiles.
They can never listen to them again saying “Yes sir” and witness the glimpse of their valuable salute.
O lord, defend thy guardians and give them shelter
For they fought and have fallen.
Raise them with your caring hands and heal their wounds from war.
Give them rest in thy kingdom where they can find everlasting peace and love.
Bestow upon their dear ones the acceptance and forgiveness
For them to eliminate the excruciating pain of losing,
And find the importance of life and the thousand reasons to live,
And discover hope in spite of anguish and heartaches.
O lord, let them know that peace is found within you
And wars and chaos will never end if someone hides in the shades of darkness.
There's no soul
I can walk home too
There's no door
Like before
To go through
There's no other side
Not this time
Nothing left to find
Love's gone
No heart to replace
Innocence displaced
Where's there to go?
No where,
From here
To there
To outer space
This maze of life
This absence of love
No more time
No more Rhymes
About hearts
Or finding the one
Death can try
But the love already died
And this reality?
It's done
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