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Apr 2016 · 2.5k
Spyglass Hill At Dawn
David Leger Apr 2016
Real life has no filter;
It's sweet and bitter,
     but mostly sweet.

Savour. every. moment.

See life as it is —
a stream of passion
that runs fast and
then dry. So go paint
the sky. no excuses.
paint the sky. do it.

I don't want to leave;
it was just getting good.
Thoughts from my notebook written while sitting on top of Spyglass Hill, looking out at the river and town below.
Apr 2016 · 691
Dry Ink
David Leger Apr 2016
I acquired an old typewriter today,
Someone was just giving it away;
All the letters it must have written—
what love stories it's told...

I can now write the stories I see,
All the letters sit perfect in front of me,
But the ink dries more with each second gone by;
Write, ******! Write!
      I can't (sigh).
For those times when the words won't flow onto the page.
Apr 2016 · 800
Some Happy Words
David Leger Apr 2016
I wish you’d write some happy words,
cause God know’s I need some now;

It’s been awhile since we’ve talked,
but I still know you somehow;

I wish you’d write some happy words,
do you still remember how?
Jan 2016 · 366
We've Lost Today
David Leger Jan 2016
I never really lost my innocence —
There’s more to the story
than you’d like to admit.

Every day stretches my mind —
More, and more, and more,
and I fall further behind.

There is nothing perfect anymore —
I’ve shattered all my crystal roses,
all my dreams are dead, and what for?

I never really lost my innocence —
Maybe just a little bit.
Jan 2016 · 618
Comfort For The Soul
David Leger Jan 2016
My soul, my soul,
You have taken a toll;
Weathered through the years,
And the heartbreak tears.

The marks have to all turned to scars,
You can forget all the fun times riding in cars;
It's alright, you can open your eyes,
And watch the morning sun rise.

Forget where you were yesterday,
And try it all again today;
Love will meet you,
Eventually, love will meet you.
Jan 2016 · 1.7k
Just A Passerby
David Leger Jan 2016
Everyone slips into the sea,
Everyone does eventually,
And then they never return.

Memories grow faint, I feel,
And now seem so unreal
As time, like fires, burn.

But as people come and go away
With the tides of every waking day,
I embrace the constant churn.

I laugh and cry with them,
Love and die with them;
I become part of them with every turn.
Jan 2016 · 399
Complexity Necessity
David Leger Jan 2016
There went the day,
Wasted away so happily —
How I struggled to love her,
As she loved me even more.

We'd talk about meaningless things,
It made me happy, but only for a moment —
Maybe I needed that escape,
But I always think too much and make a mess of things.

I can't let simple things be simple,
That's just how I am.
Sep 2015 · 721
Decay Of My Reality
David Leger Sep 2015
I've asked questions that should not have answers,
And have dreamt they were never real.
I've fallen in love with ideas
Too perfect to ever feel.
My impossible expectations
Of moments I cannot steal;
Chilling, life, what day is it?
Will I ever make a sound?
Aug 2015 · 454
David Leger Aug 2015
Here they fall,
    As words they lay;
Like rain on leaves,
    Then drift away—

New ones come
     Lonesome and weak;
Shrugged off by the old,
     Obese and bleak—

Stillness, then shock
     Illuminate my mind;
Scape of rusted reveries,
     Desolate and unkind—

Hallucinations by and by,
      And I chase their light;
Dreams and adorations,
     Faint whispers in the night—
Jul 2015 · 388
In Your's
David Leger Jul 2015
In my mind we're already there,
You just have to see that I care.
In my mind it's just a matter of space and time,
In your's we're miles away,
And you think I'll never stay.
In your's it's just a thought behind a closing door.
Jul 2015 · 463
David Leger Jul 2015
Also at dawn do I long for the night,
You are naive but still you are right.

It's the glow of moons and stars,
The comets that streak the sky,
Our place, center between Venus and Mars,
And all the galaxies which pass us by;

They are all shining bright for you to see,
So let's gaze the night indefinitely.
Jul 2015 · 921
50 Ways To Escape
David Leger Jul 2015
I thought for a month the moon would never return,
But as young as I am, I still have much to learn
White light piercing black veiled skies,
What a sight, for a widower in paradise!
Vision, gentle now with this glory bright,
Death may shake the earth but I'm steady in flight.
Jul 2015 · 328
DL -v20.2.3
David Leger Jul 2015
I am right and wrong,
I fill my glass with poison,
And fall asleep with my clothes on.

So many things I tried to be,
Me: software version 20.2.23,
Trying to prefect what they see.

Tomorrow I'll try once more,
Step outside that bedroom door,
Stand amid the deafening roar.
Jul 2015 · 371
Remembering Her
David Leger Jul 2015
I remember the seashells on the beach,
     two shadows at my feet, and the sun on my back;
I remember laughing happiness as if it were my only feeling,
     and falling asleep with space-bound dreams of ecstasy;
I remember my heart fast-beating for no reason,
     smiling and not being able to stop.

I remember all these things in perfect detail,
     and yet it's been so long I've forgotten your face.
Jul 2015 · 1.3k
Passive Love
David Leger Jul 2015
Gumdrops in Candyland, teardrops in soup;
Tomato red, I spin my head;
And jump now through the hoop.

In the rain I walked, in the rain we kissed;
Paper hats, playful chats;
Forgetting what I missed.

Forethought for me, an afternoon with you;
Flick the light, to day from night,
More love, your love, I do.
The feeling of realizing you should probably be in love with someone. What are you waiting for? Go!
Jul 2015 · 304
Still In Thoughts
David Leger Jul 2015
Beautiful words won't save my dreams,
They're so far from what they mean;
They might be silent, or thoughts of another,
But not mine they way I imagined --

I leave the page ***** and used,
Unclear poetry of my past abused;
I am no brighter than ink,
No more pure than the empty page --

Silence is always on my tongue
While all I am inside is unsung;
I might be emptiness or not,
You'll never know, will you?
Jul 2015 · 582
Ghost Love
David Leger Jul 2015
In search of perfection;
In desperation, my heart is weak.

Hollow in my mind, visions;
She's in revision, being pieced together still.

I can't wait any longer;
My lust stronger than ever, so I settle.

Time slips her away from my mind,
I'll never find perfection again.

Lifelong ignorance and bliss;
I miss the days we never lived.
Imagine who you could have been with if you had only waited a little longer (or perhaps waited too long).
Jun 2015 · 315
Holocene Misery
David Leger Jun 2015
Silence deepens,
        The dream fades into nothing,
                The mind weakens.
Ghosts of daughters,
        Who never felt this existence
                but are in my heart.
Laughter, unheard,
        A lot, unfelt and forgotten,
                Perfection, forever unmatched.
The dream of life:
        Never was it ever real—
                Could I just leave now?
        Never was it ever real—
                Could I just leave now?
                Could I just leave now?
Jun 2015 · 599
We Are The Art
David Leger Jun 2015
I lost nights of sleep,
  Days, and weeks
    To these words I weep;
They've coiled around my soul,
  Wrapped me up tight,
    And swallowed me whole;
My blood runs black with ink of the art,
  Beneath the skin pale as paper,
    Words beat through and through my heart!
I am the poem come alive,
  I write and write
    Just to survive.
Jun 2015 · 807
David Leger Jun 2015
Here they fall,
    As words they lay;
Like rain on leaves,
    Then drift away—

New ones come
     Lonesome and weak;
Shrugged off by the old,
     Obese and bleak—

Stillness, then shock
     Illuminates my mind;
A scape of rusted reveries,
     Desolate and unkind—

Hallucinations by and by,
      And I chase their light;
Dreams and adorations,
     Faint whispers in the night—
Apr 2015 · 632
Cry For The Moon
David Leger Apr 2015
Every day people astound me and I don’t know why.
They’ll astound me util the day i die. Why?
Don’t get me wrong, but where are the important people,
I wouldn’t know one if I met one. I’ve never met one.
But they’d be all that much more special if one appears to me ever.
I thought I found one once, then twice, and a third time, but before long they fell to ruin under the weight of themselves, they were abnormal and reality was normal, always clashing, and crashing, and bashing heads with each other.
I cry, oh how I cry for them to come back to reality where I am trapped. I see their reality and they do not. I wish I was like them. I wish I couldn’t see their faults and mine. As I slip away and their eyes glazed with rose pedals, I let out a shout! “Take me!” but their grins grow wide with sweet eyes and they drink my tears while I cry for them. I am sunk like a forlorn ship in the storm long ago. Like the sorrow they write about, I am that reality without readers. Unbeautifully broken. My story is worth not their hearts.

My eyes still close dreaming of you.
Written while listening to "Howl" by Allen Ginsberg.
Apr 2015 · 568
A Whisper From The Loam
David Leger Apr 2015
For us, with calming winds came late,
     we know not their pain;
The seas and tides had taken care
     not even left a stain—
Of all the broken things there were,
     I still have yet to see one;
But veldts of green and daffodils,
     in which to play and run—
They say to me in a whisper soft,
     “Do not dwell on us below."
So we dance among the fields above
     those forgotten long ago.
Apr 2015 · 803
David Leger Apr 2015
I've never lived in Nebraska.
     God knows why anyone would ever want to.
One or two days without Alaska
     and I'm already about to lose my ****.

I wish she would visit soon, Alaska,
     It's been a couple months now.
But the more I think about it
     She'll never see Nebraska;
Where violets and lilacs are trampled
     And hold no more value to me;
Where technicolor has no place,
     And is a broken concept;
Where people merely exist,
     And nothing more.

I was here for a three years
     And now I'm leaving Nebraska.
With little to show for it
     And I have not a memory left of Alaska.
I never lived in Nebraska.
     I probably could have tried.
Mar 2015 · 390
David Leger Mar 2015
From the front door of my home
     there is not much to see;
Puddles scatter the corrugated soil,
     reflecting back the image of me.

The houses all sit silent and still
     as if they could've been happier someday;
Paint peeling, shedding faded colours;
     I can only watch their slow decay.

The people in them live like spectres
     who I always see but never talk to;
Is it naive that I fear getting to know them?
     (I still like to think they're interesting too.)

The wind whips though the snowy grass,
     speckled white from my house's dead skin;
And I retain the same composure as them,
    trying to mimic the norms of my neighbours just to fit in.

From the front door of my home
     there is not much to see;
I lift my head just to find everything
     reflecting back the image of me.
We try to convince ourselves we're not all the same.
Jan 2015 · 299
Until The Day
David Leger Jan 2015
Where is the dawn?
I've felt the warmth,
          yet have seen no light.

Where have I gone?
Deep into darkness,
          and I've become the night.

Am I still heartbroken?
Searching for loves,
          like the ones I've known.

I'm waiting to be awoken.
Until the day,
          I'll dream alone.
Sometimes I think I'll never find a love like the ones I've once had.
Dec 2014 · 503
The Sordid Sea
David Leger Dec 2014
I've fallen away from the beautiful,
     And lost the light of day;
The night now claims my wither'd soul,
     My heart will silence pay.
Part the seas which sway'd me so,
     Sailed the golden course, I did not;
Swallowed whole into the depths below,
     For greed then had me caught.

Where may lie my body still,
     If nowhere I am found?
In deep waters She'll take the ****,
     No grave within the ground!
Alas, my time is all but spent,
Life so swiftly came and went.
Aug 2014 · 360
Friendly Daggers
David Leger Aug 2014
As I pull the daggers from my heart,
The memories of home in my mind,
The person inside begins to fall apart,
And like the ****** past, is left behind.
You can pull the daggers out, but part of yourself will go with them, and the wounds and scars will stick around.
Aug 2014 · 3.1k
Shallow Lakes
David Leger Aug 2014
If shallow lakes hold your beauty in their waters,
I do not care to break their stilling surface,
Water lilies and reeds of wild grass do not tempt,
Because where do I find more, once the image falters
With little more than a gaze at the lilies? Their grace,
On the surface, is all they can give for an attempt.

In shallow lakes, I can see their bottom is nigh,
So to swim is not feasible, nor delightful;
To merely wade in a shallow pond — uninspiring!
Alas, to surface from deepest parts yields but a sigh,
And if waters here were to drink, it would not fill my soul,
Still beautiful to gaze upon, but after little time is tiring.

So I indulge myself in the vastness of the sea,
The depths are endless, and the storms are foul,
But in the ocean deep, when I start swimming far,
The waters are an infinite sea of fantasy,
To be swallowed whole within the temptest’s howl;
The deepest depths will heal the deepest scar.
I'm not looking for some shallow lake; I'm looking for a deep ocean to get lost in.
David Leger Aug 2014
These here, these great seas,
All the poets have come to you;
and stood in awe before vast pleasing views,
Of tempests wrought great sorrow,
Of skies filled with ore and silver light,
Of deep unknown and questioning existence,
Of gods, and heavens more vast than you,
Of who sails beyond the horizon,
Of the winds and scents of your shores,
Of endless sands to set foot upon,
Of all the arcane myths and lores!

How may I greet these great seas any differently?
So that I may cause a shift in the tides?
Alas, dreams far grander than I, these are;
The tides will shift as they may,
And every soul will be swept away.
A tribute to Whitman's style.
Aug 2014 · 223
Aug 2014 · 4.6k
Whore For The Cold World
David Leger Aug 2014
Coiled around the core
     of my heart
Is a sigh for the *****
     who sold my art.

I was that fiend, lusting for care,
     not long ago,
I wrote the shame on the page I tear,
     I am my foe.

But dead now, is that ***** *****,
     Buried deep within;
I write for me forevermore,
     Yet carry still that sin.
I used to write for the wrong reasons, but not anymore. I'll never let that ***** in me sell me out again.
Aug 2014 · 865
The Dress
David Leger Aug 2014
my daughter wore
     a white dress
          to school today;

     it now looks awful
          red on her.
style somewhat inspired by "The Red Wheelbarrow"
Aug 2014 · 926
She'll Hunt Me For Eternity
David Leger Aug 2014
She draws nearer in her hunt for me,
While I cling to my world within;
Her poison dart seeks purest blood,
I am the child without sin.

Her alluring lips, the scent of lust
Like scores of ropes constricting;
I fear the Dark Angel will claim me one day
And fear I most that her love will be addicting.
This is one that I think requires some explanation.  I see so many people I know falling in love and they lose who they used to be. Some for better, but many for worse. I fear the same thing will happen to me: I'll find a girl and all my interest will shift to pleasing her. I also fear I'll lose part of me because it's something that she dislikes, or I won't be able to be myself around her because she wouldn't understand my quirks and they would turn her off. I dated a girl once who never knew I wrote, and I didn't tell her because I wrote a lot about her, and it was too early in the relationship to be revealing the feelings I wrote about. That may have been the wrong thing to do, but wither way, doesn't matter now. However, I still wonder what I might hide if I were to start a relationship today.
This poem is about that fear of losing myself, and the fear that I might pursue a relationship because I've been single for so long. I'm not against "hooking up" but rather I think I'd fall for almost anyone if they show interest in me, which is why I'm careful as to who I show interest for. Anyway, that's enough rambling for something most people won't read.

David Leger Aug 2014
I am left the lone soldier on the battlefield,
The others have fled.

Heroes into the arms of God
Cowards to the hills.

I am alone in the light of day;
No masters to serve, nor subordinates slave.

I can see for miles,
Yet this ground is unknown to me.

I walk the line between history,
And numbered days.

Shall I be a fabled burst of flame,
Or be forgotten as smolders of ash?
Is it better to burn out or to fade away?
Aug 2014 · 8.7k
The Optimist
David Leger Aug 2014
You'll see me here again
At the end of the dock,
In the morning mist;

Waiting for soothing rain
As waves crash the rocks,
Yet I remain the Optimist;

For when I breathe a sigh of sorrow,
I trust my sun will shine tomorrow.
What is happiness without a little sorrow?
Aug 2014 · 233
David Leger Aug 2014
I let go too slow,
Then I cut them quick
And bled the pieces of my heart
that were them,
And have been a part of me for so long.

I hate to see them go,
I really do.
Some friends will heal your scars, other's will cut out your heart.
Aug 2014 · 890
Organ Thieves
David Leger Aug 2014
I thought heartbreak was a movie deal
Never knew it would turn out to be this real
But when everyone you care about
Leaves you in a world of doubt
You feel,
Like your heart is never gonna heal
And that ain't all you're gonna feel but now it's got some massive mass appeal.

I stepped into the world out side,
Shortly after I began to die
I left my eyes wide open
And they were quickly stolen
And I,
Could only turn a blind eye,
When everybody walking by
Were ***** thieves, and they were sly.

Just as I was looking to spread my wings
I saw them for sale on a street corner with my other stolen things:
But they were somewhere far away,
I saw them through my eyes stolen just the other day.
I'm all over the place in some love-devoted crime ring,
But while I'm everywhere, I'm still dreaming
Cause maybe someone out there can mend these lonely heart stings.

And I don't care what happens to me!
Cut off my legs and I'll search the seven seas
Cause I'm not a machine
I'm a human being
Just because I'm broken i won't run out of steam!
I'll gather myself one day, whenever that may be,
And she'll be the one who bought the missing pieces of me.
Probably going to add to this, I think it still needs a bit of closure to bring it full circle.
Aug 2014 · 349
Hide & Seek
David Leger Aug 2014
We met at the base of the tree
     and then we played hide and seek.
You hid under cover of the leaves
     and I was searching every branch
     expanding infinitely.

You see, I heard your laugh,
     it attracted me.
I followed your voice
     but it only echoed within me.

And this tree has grown
     larger than I ever imagined,
     while you stay hidden
     among the countless leaves.
Aug 2014 · 380
Seasons Of War
David Leger Aug 2014
December has lost my favor,
I desire the Fall season's ways,
For now at least until I change my ways.

The cool winds clashing with the vibrant colors,
Burning out in flames as the leaves dance to the ground;
Death comes to sweep away their pain,
Bare bones of the earth, creaking in the winds, and cracks that cut the silent air, frost layering their skeleton shadows.

I could sleep for eternity under the darkened sky,
Contemplating the flocks as they fly.

The summer air lingers for a moment more,
As the seasons toil their machines of war.

The trees are hunched in their armor;
The cold is rushing down from the North;
As the innocent flee the battlefield,
In the calm before the storm.
Some seasonal imagery as Autumn approaches.
Aug 2014 · 452
Stuck In The Light Of Day
David Leger Aug 2014
Through the reaching leaves, the broken sunbeams scatter over the green sea below. Breezes carry life's sounds through the air. The grass sweeps the souls of my young feet.
I am within it all, and it is all within me.
Canvas Of Life - Epica
Aug 2014 · 683
The Streetcar
David Leger Aug 2014
They clasped their hands together,
and rest their worked brains
Thinking that everyone around them is insane,

A homeward bound subway train,
And they're rattling change to their ears
Convincing themselves they're not all the same.

A humble gulp of insecurity to ease the stress,
The street car travels on with great unrest.
A twitch, and a cough, but no one admits any word.

They halt at their homes. Disembark the train and settle down to watch TV shows.

The lights down low, the flickering box of rerun shows flashes out for the night.

They're all tired, and close their eyes with one another.
That copy, copy, copy,
Is a never-failed routine,
And they'll repeat it again,
Thinking old days are new.

They'll wake, they'll wear dress shoes,
and suits, and sing a silent blues.

Where comfort suits them,
They'll rot in the same old rut. Together.
I sometimes worry that we're all the same.
Aug 2014 · 399
Cordell: Part 5
David Leger Aug 2014
Cordell, too sweet to tell you,
I'm on the road to the places you've been before.

I see you in a sentimental way,
Through landmarks I've memorized.

I saw you as the thoughts faded away,
And imagined great adventures if you were here today.

Cordell, your flower wilts evermore,
Within the chasms of my spiraling mind.

You stole the cadence of my heartbeat:
Your dead blood flowing through me.
Aug 2014 · 2.0k
Primrose On The Shore
David Leger Aug 2014
She's out there somewhere,
Among the tall grass,
Waiting for me, still unaware.

She's dancing with breeze
As the winds come off the shore;
She's singing with the seas
As the waves crash and roar.

Her scent sails to me
In the flowing evening air
While I still travel seas

I'll land upon that beach
One day and find her there;
She'll be within my reach
*Elle est ma fleur de la mer.
Aug 2014 · 1.1k
The Last Rebel
David Leger Aug 2014
I've come to lay my arms down,
So take me quietly into crowded streets,
Set me free in amongst the bustling town,
No Resistance. I'm beaten and weak.
When the last rebel falls, will there be victory?
Aug 2014 · 644
Fire For Friends
David Leger Aug 2014
I search for wood in the darkest hour
In the coldest forest amid the trees
Facing the wicked winds with valour
At a toppled tree, I bend down on my knees
Collect the lumber dry and frozen
I rise and begin my journey back
Wherewith the fuel now chosen
A simple light is all I lack
Aug 2014 · 372
Old Loves Die Harder
David Leger Aug 2014
All her shattered faces
Scatter the darkened floor
Her scent lingers in the evening breeze,
Dancing with the open door.

She used to fill my heart whole
With marrow of life unending,
But as I hear love's bell's defening toll
My heart is left unmending.

Now left only with an empty core,
(Oh God, how I hate this dying heart!)
Your broken sighs don't call me anymore
As these strands of life begin to part.
I hope I'm finally starting to get over you after all this time.
Aug 2014 · 890
Nymphomaniac Fantasia
David Leger Aug 2014
Her lips against my skin,
My hand caressing her ****** thighs,
This night where I am within her.

I'll bleed my passion into her depths,
As she ***** the breath from my lungs,
And the tides that bring her ecstasy,
The still night is broken as she cries joy.
A tribute to the Nightwish song of the same name.  Experimenting with eroticism.
Aug 2014 · 28.4k
Bookmark Personality
David Leger Aug 2014
Late night car rides,
Empty pints of *****,
A one-night ecstacy,
With a heartbreak dawn:

She shows her shallows,
As if they're great depths;
A cry of sorrow? Honey,
You ain't seen nothing yet.

She's not an open book,
She's just a bookmark type of personality.
Stuck between the pages of something more interesting,
Like a catalog or a Cosmo magazine.

Oh, she's always just caught between someone's pages,
With bits and pieces of their's stories rubbing off on her,
But them words don't look the same tattooed on her, oh no.

So stop pretending you're the deepest sea,
Your pretentious crap never fooled me.
Meant to be a spoken word, the tone is sort of casual carelessness, or a passive aggressively condescending. Hopefully that helps you to understand the tone of this piece.
Aug 2014 · 292
It'll Be For Me
David Leger Aug 2014
I'll return one day, as all falls into place,
I'll return to see you in my aging ways.

But when you see me, know this:
I've only come home to fade away.
I hate them more than anything, but they'll always be part of me, and I'll always love them.
David Leger Aug 2014
Vien ici, ma belle,
Vein et me rejoindre
Alors qu'on peut reve ensemble
Sous la ceil de la nuit brillant.

Nous peuvons aller n'import ou,
Et quand le matin se reville
Nous serons encore ici
Dans la mer profond de la vie.

English Translation (sounds a lot better in french though)

Come here, my beautiful,
Come and join me
So we may dream together
Under the sparkling night sky.

We can go anywhere at all,
And when we wake
We'll still be here
In the deep sea of life.
Wrote this in french. I thought it would be a good idea to start writing in french since I haven't been exposed to it for a year now. Hopefully writing in french again will help me retain the language more.
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