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Conscious Dec 2014
Tears blended in with rain
Like the potion of grief
Family and friends hugged
To squeeze emotions out
Into the air contaminated by
A crying spirit

We gather to soothe lovers and allow
Mother Nature to embrace the lost

That once smiling loved being
Back into dust form and
Cultivating to the blackness of sleep
As they inhabit hearts and make space
For the new generation

These tears filtered into the ground
And fed the dead to bear new beings
As in the renewal of nature
Rainy day, mom and dad died, children watching the casket go down, tears falling like a fountain of emotions.
Conscious Dec 2014
Pumpkins and sweets
Not a good combination
Scary ghosts and children
Not a good combination

Three knocks on the door
"Trick or treat!!?"
Smiles appear
All becomes a good combination

Tonight good lies in evil
Blood becomes red wine
Wolves hug sheep
Piggies enjoy their homes
Vampires drink water

And little red riding hood's grand ma gets to eat the treats

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Conscious Dec 2014
Bodies moved and liquor spilled
Hands got up and all felt good
Music created a flow and rhythm became nourishment
Five senses became three
Lovers were formed and lovers were lost
Tears fell and mixed with the liquor
Injuries occurred
Enemies were made...

Bodies still moved and liquor spilled
Hearts were broken and hearts were delighted
Curves appealed to the eyes and grasps occurred
Smiles became kisses and
Kisses became conductors of emotions and desires
*** resulted and smiles occurred...

Bodies moved and liquor spilled
They all went home and memories were erased

                                                         ­          -Conscious
Conscious Dec 2014
...that moment of contact
When u have the remote to reality
And you pause movement just so you are not
Bound to time
And lips become a sparkling glass of water
In a desert
Melting you into a mixture of breath and warmth
Quenching your hormone-filled self
And transmogrifying the two bodies into the heavens
Breathing constellations into one another
And love becomes the universe
In so being...
All else is felt within the kisser and the kissed...

Conscious Dec 2014
I long for the freedom I see in the sky
As if gravity created a cage for me
Kept from altitudes where there are no shades
And the wind embrace us like sons and daughters
Of all that there is
Where the rain showers down to
Cleanse negative emotions and
One dimensional smiles are casual
I have jealousy for the wind chasers
And my mind wonders
On all possibilities and
Abilities that our hearts
And hands could possess if there was
No physical boundaries

— The End —