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 Jan 2017
Jackie Wilson
a silver disk
sends storm light
through sunglasses
of grey wool clouds
down an iron atmosphere
to coat the ground below.
 Jan 2017
Eyes have vision
Mind decisive
Words bear meaning
Actions hardly furtive

Body is hale
And legs could carry
Resolution never stronger
But heart remains a liability
The hardest of men bear the softest of hearts.
 Dec 2016
Jackie Wilson
are nature's surprise gift
in the package
of a day.
 Nov 2016
Randolph L Wilson
They think I'm happy because I whistle
Label me naive because I sing to myself sometimes
Stupid ******* people* ..
Copyright November 15 , 2016 by Randolph L Wilson * All Rights Reserved
 Nov 2016
Gwen Johnson
I've stopped searching
for my missing pieces
Not because I'm whole
but because
I finally
 Jan 2016
The Dedpoet
Restless eyes,
The luminaries winking,
The night, as if were
The Moon's stage of solitude
Shines vast in the nocturnal glory,
Revealing silken flattery,
The gentle light caresses.

There is a connection
Of the luminal glow
To the eyes whose mind is
Trapped in a cavernous shadow
While fathoming uselessly
Unto the revolving clockwork
Of living,
Like a trance between
An unknown familiarity.

Thoughts carve out timelines
In jigsaw's grip,
The Moon is a portal
In deafening silence,
Faceless memories guided
By forgotten constellations and
One realises the depth of life
And the race of time,
And come sweet soul searching
In the needs of the spirit while
Trembling from regret.

The solitude is an ocean
Keeping one afloat in a
Suspended profile,
Crystalline clarity like a mirror
In polyhedrons,
So much reflection in restlessness.

And we can drown
In this ocean bathed in the Moon,
Like reliving or redoing
All the past making it so
Pure only our souls know
The life lived in another version.

When the thoughts calm
Into the the minds realignment,
The light becomes forgotten
And the nocturnally calm of the spirit
Flies to live another life;
All that remains is the solitude.
 Jan 2016
We fill the air with useless words
Filling the empty space,
Minds and hearts yearning to fill the void themselves
But we don't oh well lol
 Oct 2015
S Smoothie
(Scribblenaughts and swoon theories) (c)

The stars part
The comets hail our victory over the death of love
Galaxies cartwheel
The fanfares of supernovas herald our impending union
Finally after tracing each trail of ether humming your frequency,
Looking under and over every last hope
Twisting into one dimension after the next
To feel this indefinable moment of chasing so close now,
Through everlasting travels to find eacother over uncountable millenia,  
Infinite universes with nothing but a burning desire to find you
Tracing the whispers left as webs  crossing the universe
Drawing the constellations marking our tribulations,
And declarations of love with glittered lines
As signs to bring you closer,
As answers to your own markings
To show you where I've been,
Where i'm going,
Like notes in the sand.
Only the lines got crossed and the countless glyphs so many
In desperation became scribblenaughts
And my desperate hope to find you an endless exercise in swoon theories;
All leading to this one true moment when I hold you in my gaze
Will you remember me for what the whole universe is now

I'm here,
I'm on your frequency,
In your atmosphere
Please say you remember me?
Covered by international copyrights.  Date filed.
 Oct 2015
S Smoothie
A darkness sprinkled with light
Are we sharing or are we thieves in the night?
Do we tread the same stars?
Do we tip toe on eachothers moon or
slide down the same comets?
Millions of scattered beacons floating in the dark
Do we perhaps unknowingly
cross paths leaping over black hole hearts?
or is this my sky, my infinity
and you a shadow thought escaped from my mind
just a figment a ghostly filament glowing
a beacon of hope amongst the endless stars?
no, I have felt the warmth of your foot prints
on countless shining stars,
perhaps Even only a step in front or a toe behind
chasing your ghostly memory
till we finally meet on the same
wishing star sharing infinite times
till then let the star dust fall
as our heavenly bodies stir
sharing the same darkness sprinkled with light
ever a step in front,
or a toe behind...
 Oct 2015
S Smoothie
The frequencies play white noise in my head.
cant seem to catch your tune.
The notes dont make sense the way we used to.
So I write echos caught in the caves of despair
Capturing faded signals from the cracks of light stinging my soul
And the endless night sky.
A meagre emotional existence
clinging to webs of hope
traced from star to star, galaxy to galaxy.
infinite strands;
none seems tethered to you.
Time is endless,
and the missing immortal.
 Oct 2015
S Smoothie
Love battles on
The wagers of love wreak havock
Senseless emotions bend us to break
Only to Catch eachother before the fall
Hope fades as fast as it lights the way
Fumbling through love scapes as if some great adventure will call forth in climbing to the pinnacle of the mountain of love only to jump off like lemmings holding heartshaped balloons as if its enough...
 Mar 2015
S Smoothie
Another heartbreak,
another mess
emotions lost in translation
I can't hear you
or is it you can't hear me
behind that glass wall
You think youre so untouchable
Drowning out my pain
as if it wasnt your fault
and the blame is all mine too.
I guess theres no reaching you
you lip-read terrible.
the perfect piece off the wrong puzzle.
Or is that me?
I guess youre claiming
the rest too.
As if i'd be nothing
with out you
the tide has rolled in and out
turns out
im nothing
but ****** up with you.
Is it lonely there?
in your self-serving glass house?
where my rent is a costly amount
of dignity and sanity.
the future i had in my grasp,
i gave up so willingly
on a rescue
has me
playing the victim,
a role
i never cherrished or intended.
The script
has been written
The dire twist
is about to befall
Hovering over our heads like
an executioner's sword
- but
just like that,
that look,
that sincerity
makes it all ok.
I am ready to ***** over again

Well played...
 Jul 2014
Epic Monkey
If only "us"
was an option
Our river of emotions
would never dry
If we could just
merge our diverging dimensions
On a silky web of a broken lie

I would be the one to
Dare to face your weirdest obsession
Dive into
Your darkest ocean
Earn a place in your wildest passion
If only "us" was an option

I'd soothe you like a cool pillow
Flip your mood like a morning coffee
So if you'd feel down like a weeping willow
I'd hold your branches up like a trophy
If only "us" was an option

You'd become my reason
to smile everyday
And even
To die smiling in my grave
And thus I crave
Despite our diverging dimensions
A perfect world where "us"
would still be an option

But it never was
And will never be.

~Epic Monkey
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