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 Jul 22
Johannah Jeanty
Mouths, we speak
As tongues we taste
To die is loss
To live's a waste
The sands of time
The tools we shape
Make us sublime
 Jul 22
Johannah Jeanty
Seekers find,
A will to seek,
Us humankind
And break the meek.
No stone unturned
The nooks and crannies
Are taught and learned,
Aren't we canny
 Jul 22
Johannah Jeanty
Finders seek;
I seek to find
That which I lost
And lost my mind.
I'm at a loss
Now that I've gained.
Insanity's fancy,
Mundane's plain
 Jul 16
Johannah Jeanty
Searching for a door.
Nothing matters,
With mobile metals,
You pierce my flesh
'Cause you humans
Like my meat fresh
 Jul 16
Johannah Jeanty
Can't understand,
But I behave.
Hunger pang's sharp;
For flesh I crave.
My body's ready,
I eye your meat:
I want you squirming
In my teeth
BTW in a cannibalistic manner, not sexually (I guess that's worse).
P.S. I'm asexual.
 Jul 16
Johannah Jeanty
He is with me,
Even to the end
A friend in me
I made a friend
No raincoat,
Life keeps getting wetter
Please, I just want
Them to be better
 Jun 30
Johannah Jeanty
I look at it,
It looks in love
Everything it
Will let go of.
It's outstretched hand,
Away I flee.
It gave them up.
It followed me
 Jun 30
Johannah Jeanty
My cells mutate.
Is it you or we
Who contaminate?
Nobody's safe,
Am I the disease?
There's no fulfilment
In immunity
 Jun 30
Johannah Jeanty
Another body,
Here I am:
I'll die again,
Must keep my calm.
To the air,
The silence screams.
I cannot die
Inside my dreams
 Jun 30
Johannah Jeanty
I've been acting,
At your will.
You're at peace,
But I can't still.
I've been feeling
Out of sorts,
My "delusions,"
They distort
 Jun 30
Johannah Jeanty
Created of you,
Created for you,
Created to give credit,
Although it's not due.
Bend at your will,
Never breaking, I do these,
A slave's only purpose
Is to please
 Jun 30
Johannah Jeanty
I see your smiles,
It's all a lie,
The wanton greeds
That you deny.
You wear your masks,
You are my "friends,"
So, shame on me,
I've met my end
The end is only the beginning.
 Jun 30
Johannah Jeanty
Feeling off,
I'm feeling wrong.
Life turned me on.
Of breaths I take
Can't turn me off
Now I'm awake
A series of poems to tell a story.

— The End —