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 Jan 2017
Some poets are way better than the majority,
Yet they are down-to-earth and connected,
Less they care about others' opinions,
Kindness is replete in them,
Injuring no hearts in
E**ra of love.
My HP Poem #1370
©Atul Kaushal
 Jan 2017
Which dreams do not knock,
That doorway was my vision,
More than my spoken words,
My silent innings were there,
But whence your feet came,
Thence my world is on the move.

The place of God was empty in my heart,
I observed your face in there today.
I am that maverick cloud long lost,
Which settled finally upon your sky.

If you are the soul then let me be the body,
Let me be your lifelong shadow.
If you tell me to then I will only be a recluse,
Else if you tell me I'll be your glamour.
You are the accompaniment, I am the melody,
You are the night, I am the moonlight.

The place of God was empty in my heart,
I observed your face in there today.
I am that maverick cloud long lost,
Which settled finally upon your sky.

Let stars be merciful to us,
Let fulfilled every desire be.
The ones we kindled together,
Let a newborn life be ours.
Let our small house be filled,
No evil eye should disturb us.

The place of God was empty in my heart,
I observed your face in there today.
I am that maverick cloud long lost,
Which settled finally upon your sky.
My HP Poem #1369
©Atul Kaushal
 Nov 2015
S Smoothie
I take a breath on a heartbeat
in the spaces of moments
I respire in these moments
lost in the sense of you
These are the spaces I live for
these moments,
between our breathing spaces
 Oct 2015
S Smoothie
(Scribblenaughts and swoon theories) (c)

The stars part
The comets hail our victory over the death of love
Galaxies cartwheel
The fanfares of supernovas herald our impending union
Finally after tracing each trail of ether humming your frequency,
Looking under and over every last hope
Twisting into one dimension after the next
To feel this indefinable moment of chasing so close now,
Through everlasting travels to find eacother over uncountable millenia,  
Infinite universes with nothing but a burning desire to find you
Tracing the whispers left as webs  crossing the universe
Drawing the constellations marking our tribulations,
And declarations of love with glittered lines
As signs to bring you closer,
As answers to your own markings
To show you where I've been,
Where i'm going,
Like notes in the sand.
Only the lines got crossed and the countless glyphs so many
In desperation became scribblenaughts
And my desperate hope to find you an endless exercise in swoon theories;
All leading to this one true moment when I hold you in my gaze
Will you remember me for what the whole universe is now

I'm here,
I'm on your frequency,
In your atmosphere
Please say you remember me?
Covered by international copyrights.  Date filed.
 Oct 2015
S Smoothie
Dear Universe,

Bless the poet's and their pearls of pain,
Steel them, so they may return to write again.
Bless thier jewel encrusted crowns of thought.
that every delicate word of verse is caught.
Let them pour out their soulful words
to transfuse our bleeding hearts.
Scrolling pages to guide us
through our darkest dark.
Lighting our highest joys
and deepest passions,
May we always preserve
these sacred bastions
May the poets never truly heal or break,
nor stop thier cries;
lest their flowing rivers of verse run dry.
That we may ever bathe ourselves
in rivers of consolation and joy
sending empathy through thoughts
of comfort and care,
to knit us closer in understanding
through words
in universal prayer.
May you all ways have the will to write!
 Oct 2015
S Smoothie
though the hard black line is drawn,

my heart and soul simply ignores it.

all the wise and light in the universe

does no good for me.

a fool is a fool,

even a wise fool

when in love.

and the ***** **** dust

that glistens in our eyes

is so thick

you can never see

through it.

I wish it was that.

but it isn't.

its love.

pure and selfless.

and it craves the darkness

because it wants so much

to balance everything

  into one perfect shade of gray

where all things

are ephemerally constant

and nothing but the motion of love

 Oct 2015
S Smoothie
Soft floating embers rise
from the fires of long remembered desires
Slowly twisting and twirling  like a sensual  dance
My thoughts reach out to capture the moments
before the cradled embers die
and fade one last time.
 Oct 2015
S Smoothie
There it is,
your infectious laugh!
catching me off guard and pulling me into light
smiling glints of warm in your eyes
every slight, every insult lashed upon my grace
forgotten,  melted away,
lost in that throaty yet light warm chuckle,
oozing charm and charisma every time
I am lost in your joy,
hug me close and make me feel alive and real
kiss my love with your soul
wrap me in your happiness
its the only kind I live for...
and she let out a contented sigh*
all my love.
 Oct 2015
S Smoothie
You do not see peace love,
only war.
Your blood is boiled
the heat escapes you
catching fire.
There are no words to cool your ferver.
Lost into the abyss of misdirection.
Pull as much as i can theres not enough rope.
enjoy the sweet addiction of unrest.
Swallow your bitter pills
I, am of nothing
but cool disinterest.
 Oct 2015
S Smoothie
if I could want you more I'd burst into droplets of pain
if one look wasn't enough to steal my soul Id have it back again
if you could just be another person in another time in another place
same heart, same soul, same love, same time, same beautiful face
if one touch was enough to steal your soul I'd have it without fear but inevitably it will always come to nothing
because of who we are.
 Mar 2015
S Smoothie
Another heartbreak,
another mess
emotions lost in translation
I can't hear you
or is it you can't hear me
behind that glass wall
You think youre so untouchable
Drowning out my pain
as if it wasnt your fault
and the blame is all mine too.
I guess theres no reaching you
you lip-read terrible.
the perfect piece off the wrong puzzle.
Or is that me?
I guess youre claiming
the rest too.
As if i'd be nothing
with out you
the tide has rolled in and out
turns out
im nothing
but ****** up with you.
Is it lonely there?
in your self-serving glass house?
where my rent is a costly amount
of dignity and sanity.
the future i had in my grasp,
i gave up so willingly
on a rescue
has me
playing the victim,
a role
i never cherrished or intended.
The script
has been written
The dire twist
is about to befall
Hovering over our heads like
an executioner's sword
- but
just like that,
that look,
that sincerity
makes it all ok.
I am ready to ***** over again

Well played...
 Jan 2015
S Smoothie

Regurgitated dreams

and a handful of hopes

slipping grain-like through my fingers

promisisng the earth

as it cracks withered and drying.

desolation and anticipation

brings the threat of pleasure

like the seed of hope without

the chance of bursting open.

Endless gurantees of endless possibilities

and your stupid ******* provisos.

**** the last drop with insistence,

take all you can,

Im already dead inside.

with all the graciousness afforded

you'd think you could at least

turn away when I cry?

Instead you watch,

a look of  abomination

carved into your hateful eyes

and ice cold detachment

running down your spine.

no matter,

I'll be fine;

you were only ever a sympathy case

that grew too wild.

all that tender love and care

without pruning

has a tendency to create monsters

you sting my rosy buds

a sadistic wash of passion red

I'm tangled in your mess,

you might as well lick the salt as well

the tequila slammer hit hard.

I can't seem to locate my vanity

its still missing after that

last masochistic kiss goodbye.
 Sep 2014
Elizabeth Squires
Otis told me about this cool
brand new swanky dance hall place,
said it was full of pretty-lookers
with baby doll faces
not the sleazebag rough
******-types, the scary kind.
So I pulled on my best blue jeans,
scooped on a little dab of gel and
checked myself out in the mirror.
I thought, man you look swell,
somebody might say, you're fine
and with those thoughts,
I stepped out
headed on down to the party club,
hoping someone would notice me, too.

I walked on over to the servery,
to sample some dip and savories,
out of the corner of my eye
I saw a pretty little babe,
she sashayed across the dance hall,
to make herself known to me.
In an instant, there was electricity,
we got to talking about how nice,
it would be, to get together
more regularly.
I knew there and then,
we were going to be real close friends,
she oozed class and she had me rapt,
my heart beat climbed high,
like, I'd scored a drop dead gorgeous
piece of sugar pie.
I thought yeah!
She'd be the ideal girl for me.

And she would be,
if she could dance the Watusi
she'd be fine with me.
Well, I'm not one
to beat around the bush,
I cut to the quick,
so I sauntered right up to her
and in my smoothest Southern drawl
asked the lil' darling,
"Sweet Darling would you like
a cup of Chardonnay?"
And she, in the most playful way,
smiled coyly and replied,
"Why Mister, surely I would,
I can't resist a fine wine!"

As we sipped on the wine,
there was a warming glow
between us two, we were starting
to cog, like in sync watches.
I thought to myself, I can play
a part, in her every dream,
my lil' darling and I dancing,
to the beat of a lava stream.
We took to the dance hall floor,
expressing our close body simmer,
the Watusi sounds,
had us all a glimmer.

Then we pulled closer,
the gravity was electric,
a sacred feeling,
I could feel between my hips
and she,
she had a primordial fragrance,
I could smell beneath her
fashionable clothes.
Reasonableness was fading
quickly with the pace,
I held her face
and we fell
into another dimension.

A flow of passion ignited,
there was no containing,
the flare,
our lips burnt with an excited
and intoxicating fervor,
our skin to skin contact,
was like an ember.
Eros, had my sugar pie and I
in mind,
when he wrote the script,
to the sensual Watusi bind.
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