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 Jan 8
Mohd Arshad
Loving someone despite being disliked is a great virtue
I come from a far away civilization...
And I have travelled so far and for so long in space, I can't even remember the name of my own planet...
This voyage was supposed to be just an attempt to find out other worlds out there...
Earth was supposed to be just one of the planets on my long journey...
I never intended for my stop here to last more than a few days...
Especially because I discovered I could not properly breath in this atmosphere...
Until I met you...
Then my plans changed...
I don't want to leave earth...
I don't care what else is there in the universe...
All I care for in the universe is here...
And I also discovered I can breathe the air surrounding you...
Just a puff from the air around you can sustain me for days...
The same way the memories of his muse allow a poet to write for years to come...
 Jan 3
Eshwara Prasad
The Sheep loves her shephered
even while being taken to the
slaughter house!
 Dec 2020
Valsa George
Today is the beautiful New Year day
Lo! The snow white clouds in the blue sky above
A gentle breeze, playing on every leaf
And every heart throbbing with love

There is so much beauty couched in this day
The valleys echo the feathered minstrels’ lay
The tall trees spread their mighty arms
And children, in their shade, joyously play

There is no vexation in the air
The pain of yesterday cast to the bin
The anxiety of tomorrow held at bay
The prospects of today overpowering the din

When I walk through the grassy meads
Wild blossoms kiss my feet
As I inhale the salubrious air
I feel the glee with which Nature, so richly replete

Every heart overflows with cheer
On every face, smile shuttles from lips to eyes
Before me is the promise of a new dawn
      Fresh resolve rekindles every face

      Sprawling before me is a magic realm
To its secret doorway, I hold the keys
Everything around has a shimmering glow
In the bounty of blessings, my heart rejoices

      I tell my spirits to seek no rest
But walk fearless to dizzy heights
Holding the reins and quickening my pace
For I know I am heading towards the lights

      There are great glories for the eyes to see
There is so much for the senses to perceive
From little cares, when the mind, set free
Sure, there’s reason to rejoice than grieve!
I can always say my glass is only half full
But let me perceive things in the positive way
The day, I know, sure has also a grimy side  
But let us not spoil this lovely New Year day

I wish all my friends on Hello poetry, a great New Year with bright sunshine, a clear sky above, a lot of beauty around and many, many happy occasions to enjoy and cherish!
 Dec 2020
Seranaea Jones

"if a child imparts a spirit into them,
some toys will retain hope,

for —at least— however long the
batteries might hold out...

I was born on her 7th birthday in 2007, before then I knew nothing.
She held me in wanting hands and her kiss gave Me life.
My soul was born that day and
We fell in love !

I cant remember all the joy and fun we had, too much of it I guess.
She used to dress Me in all kinds of outfits that I loved.
We were One with each other, and would be
Mates for life !

One day she was very sad, she held me tight and
I held her together. Hours went by as Sisters,
Yet —somehow— we drifted apart—

She was learning tough new lessons
while I began a remedial course
in redundancy..

I cannot imagine how I got here, usually I stayed
on her bedside. I am now boxed and buried
with Her toys of abandonment.  

When !

When did I last see her,
maybe last May ?  

"just for once,
—please— take me out
and hold me,

i guess
this is the room
where toys are sent to die,
to fade from memory and existence.
There must be more to it than this dark
and lonely space. Am I more but less ???

maybe just,
                      Misplaced ???

What did I do wrong???  
She gave me LIFE !!

07FF—!!!battery alarm!!!
00B1—!!!MEM_ error!!!

My thoughts — going, batteries
about to leak paste now,
weeks now,
                        and i  ... ...

What was I thinking there,
Oh yes!!!
she Will come for me!
Just a bad day
I guess-

Thinking maybe,

s jones

 Dec 2020
we all fall in a dark abyss
of depression,
leaving out the people who love us,
only to protect them from this gorge of sadness.
 Dec 2020
Lose yourself
give everything away
your heart won't break
and your SOUL will stay
 Dec 2020
Eshwara Prasad
The first form of human communication started
with a "gossip".
 Dec 2020
Eshwara Prasad
In the supreme court of the heart, whatever arguments the brain makes, the decision of the mind will be final.
 Dec 2020
why forsake solitude?

when familiarity always breeds contempt ?
 Dec 2020
Thomas W Case
She was too drunk.
She had drank a fifth of *****
over the course of four hours.
Oh we tried, but it wasn't happening.
It was sloppy and cumbersome;
we were like two hippos wrestling
in the mud.
I got up and left her to her
impotent dreams.
I made a cup of coffee, and
sat in the dark.
Images ran through my mind.
I turned on a light, and started
writing.At least something was working.

This is the link to my band lab page, where I've been putting poetry and other words to music. Please check it out and let me know what you think. There was some confusion about how to get the link to open, but all you have to do is just hold your finger on it for a couple seconds.
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