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Cat J Noyce Jul 2018
There are words I dare not speak,
Truths I know to be.
Only real things are worth lying about.

How many more lovers will we lose?
Look at our makeshift bandaged souls.
Will we be too broken for each other then?

Bite down; be wise, be careful
Love as you should.
Let those ships sail away.

Dreamlord, take away my longing.
Cat J Noyce May 2018
Summer wind brings laughter—
Shared with the lingering sweet taste of someone new, after.

Summer times bring leisure—
A breath of air, a sip of culture.

Summer sun brings life—
Drunk off ideals, tiptoeing around passion and strife.

Summer heat brings battles—
The same charade; the warm season heralds.
Cat J Noyce Nov 2017
It was raining when we first touched;
The sweet innocence of tipsy impulse.
Nothing too close, too real, not to me.

It was dark as we shared our burdens and fears;
Whispered words stumbling out in desperate breaths.
Certainty found in uncertainties.

It was the first snow of the year that I saw falling as I lay in your arms;
The gentle drift of gravity.
Now it's all too close, all too real. To me.
  Jul 2016 Cat J Noyce
Valsa George
From life, we learn many a valuable truth
That makes our existence one of worth

So growing old is no curse
As experience aids us steer life’s course

While life itself is a riddle
Remember, Death is an inexorable puzzle

Hatred burns life like fire
And wickedness turns it into mire

On Earth, forgiveness bonds hearts
But revenge, sure, breaks all bonds

Even a guilty falls prostrate
Before those willing to commiserate

Know, a true friend has no deceit
And a truly learned has no conceit

If jealousy is an acid which erodes
Generosity is a fuel that reloads

If inactivity is akin to death
Creativity is vital as breath

If perseverance conquers mountains
Laziness dries up fountains

While pride leads a man to his fall
Humility takes him closer to his goal

While Honesty leads him to salvation
Deceit drives him to damnation

Patience is an inexhaustible well
And *******, a sure road to hell

Know that those who long for the crown
Should also be torn by the thorn

While love of God takes us to eternity
Love of man leads us to fraternity

Ye Friends, with such priceless tips learned in bits
Light up your life in glowing glitz

Bury your past with all its woes
As each morn of hope brightly zooms!
My friends,  on reading  this poem, please don't see me as a sanctimonious proprietor! These are thoughts that have sprung from my heart. There is nothing new about them.... thoughts that have become cliche. But life has taught me these valuable lessons... I have learnt that love and forgiveness can conquer more than hate and  strife can destroy !  With age,  I am learning more and more. If these thoughts can douse the heat in someone...... well I am happy !
Cat J Noyce Jun 2016
The hours passed as we lay together.
Time burnt fast and bright for you and me;
Dawn crept up against our pleas.

Such familiarity in respectful ease.
Shared warmth within the shelter of a huddled cave;
Stolen glances, taken and saved.

A gift given, a gift stolen.
The rush stays the same;
Soft and sweet, a light touch fanned that flame.

The heart tries to hide (constantly);
The mind loves to lie (logically).
Cat J Noyce Jun 2016
Deep inside.
There isn't a place
To hide.
You can pretend.
Oh yes,
My friend.
**But the inky night
Brings fears to light.
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