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Krezeyyyy Nov 2014
It's like a bird kept in a little cage,
Or a notebook kept in a drawer,
A life not lived fully
Or nights when dreams cease to exist.

It was sad and lonely and cold
I was.
I've forgotten the fire that burned deep inside
I've forgotten the dreams, I've forgotten my wings.

It wasn't because of my identity,
I was destined, I was made for something great
But I was too scared to move
I've forgotten I was loved.

But this man saved me from myself
Not because He wants to put value in me
I was valuable even before the world began
I am His happy thought, He is my Abba.
Krezeyyyy Aug 2014
To My Dearest Love of All Time,

I'm going to allow you and give you the opportunity to find me. No, I mean, I will allow love to find us finally and lead us into each other. And no, I'm not expecting you to be somebody I know. for all I care, I'm living my life the best I can. I'm waiting for the time when we would finally meet. So, I hope you're living yours beautifully too.

My friends would casually ask me what's the best day I have ever lived, I haven't lived it yet as I'm reserving that day to be ours.  Know that I'm waiting here patiently, although I'm not good at that -- waiting. But know that I'm giving the best that I can because I want to give my best to you. Don't shun away, walk that road into our Happily Ever After because when I would finally find you, I'll walk straight towards you or maybe run if it's not a very desperate move to do.

Is it possible to miss someone you haven't met? Because that's how I feel every time I think of you. Is it possible to love someone whom you still have to meet in the future? I have all my love reserved for you.

-- Criss ∞
You have my heart even before 'US' becomes a reality.
Krezeyyyy Nov 2014
But if the stars would realign themselves to make way for a possibility that can only be possible in my dreams..

But if time would turn back around to when I first held into that moment when I saw your lips curve into a smile..

But if letters would do justice to how I feel whenever I remember a beautiful creature, a diamond in the rough, an unspoken wonder full..

But if it happens, and the heavens would say yes to a destiny full of me and you and every single possibility in between..

.. You know I'd take that. I'll always be wanting to take that.
Krezeyyyy Aug 2014
Oh I still think of you
In the quietness of the night
And every time I see couples around
I wonder how we could have been
Oh how my heart could have been
Jumping up and down within
This tiny cage a chest that's mine.

I still think of you
Your picture saved in
My alter reality - somewhere 'Us' happened
Your name still found
At the back of my notebook written
Oh you are still there
I don't know when you'll last.

But I still think of you
And I'm giving you that chance
Do something, move forward -
For us - so that in this reality 'We' exist
My patience running low; I'm getting impatient on you
Thinking is never enough, I should have done something
Only that I'm a woman, I could just wait..

But boy know that today
Just like all the days before
And probably all the days after -
I am thinking of you
Oh and that every thing in me
Every hope, every dream
You are there, you never left.

~~ Criss ∞
Krezeyyyy Jul 2014
Mga matang kumikislap
Katulad ng mga tala sa kalangitan,
Sabay ngiti
Na animo'y mas malawak pa
Sa kalawakan.
Nasisiyahan, nagagalak
Na mga puso sa tuwina
Wari ko lang naman
Sana ramdam mo din
Itong aking nararamdaman para sa iyo,
Oh aking sinta.
Krezeyyyy Jul 2017
Ayaw lang unta kog ilara
Nga sa atong duha mas dali kong nakahawa
Nga sa pagkatinuod ikaw layo na.

Ayaw lang unta ko patuoha nga ikaw galisud sa pagbuhi, nga ikaw galisud nga ako maadtu sa lain,
Nga ikaw man diay ang nibuhi ug sa lain napalid.

Ayaw lang unta panganad nga pasakitan ko nimu
Ug ako mupahipi ra diri sa daplin
Kaning sakit sa kasing-kasing
Wa na gyud ko kasabut unsaon pagpa-ilin-ilin.

Ayaw lang unta ug balik nga murag wa kay nakit-ang lain
Nga murag ikaw ra gihapon ug ako ug ang kalibutan nga kita ray nakahibalo.

Nasakitan sad biya ko
Ug ikaw sad, kahibaw man ko.
Pero ayna kog baliki, ayna kog hilaki
Nga murag wala siya, iyaha na imung gugma
Ayaw nako binli.
Krezeyyyy Jul 2016
Bundak uwan
Di man ikaw ang gipangandoy
Sa kadaghanan
Bundak pa, ibundak tanan.

Hilak pa
Di man tanan kasabut
Kung mao na imung kinahanglan
Sa wa'y pagduha-duha,
Ihilak na.
Krezeyyyy Dec 2013
So sudden as the years pass by
Like a cold bite of the night
My heart goes out of my chest
Yes, it flutters and flutters away
Splashing a thousands of colors
Of pretty achy feelings I collected
Of people I loved, people I cared
Of them who stayed, or those who went away
Yes, my heart aches for people as beautiful,
Regrettably beautiful, as you.
Krezeyyyy Nov 2013
Ours was as slow as how a skinny catterpillar turned out to be a beautiful butterfly.
We never meant to make it last, at least as long as this.
But each day with you brought fun times and sometimes crazily bad,
and you turn it out to something good somehow.
And do you even remember the times when we fight and cry over silly things?
And how we laugh at random things and bully and shout?
And don't forget those daydreams about future us with kids and stuff like that,
Oh we have yet to see them all come to life.
I'm glad that once in our busy crazy lives,
our roads will meet again once in a while
so we can share some laughter
and be mesmerized by how we turned out to be.
My heart just so hopes that when we meet again,
it will be just like this,
just like our beautiful yesterday.
Dedicated to my high school bestfriends, thank you for all the good and bad times. You inspire me! :)
Krezeyyyy Aug 2014
All the words
All those scenes she's directing inside her mind
The songs she keeps on listening
Or the silences when she thinks --

Boy, you must be so beautiful
She must have been going insane
She constantly finds you running in circles
Her mind becomes your track and field

She keeps on hoping
Like a well, someday it'll have water shortage
She is hoping for you, someday it's coming to an end
But your smile, your glances -- like a battery she is recharged .

And the cycle starts all over again.

~~ Criss ∞
Krezeyyyy Sep 2016
I grew up thinking about you
Being the best thing I could never have.
You were perfect in everything you do
You were beautiful
And so I'd look for the 'you'
   in every guy I'd meet
Only yo be disappointed
They were not you
When you were the best
And I'd never have you.

Until that day..
The day
I. had. you.
Best days of my life.
I could never stop gazing into those deep eyes
Your voice was my favorite soundtrack
And every noise that you made echoed into the deepest parts of me.

It was surreal,
heaven sent,
cloud nine moment.
Until holding you meant bruises on my skin,
Smiles turned into fears,
Tears were starting to flow
Future became so blurry
My heart aches so painfully
My mind got ****** up.
Worst days of my life.

Man, you were such a pain in the ***.
You were the worst I ever held on to
And Gooood!
I never wanted to let you go
Even when it hurts,
Letting go was never part of the plan.

Either way,
You being the best
Or being the worst,
Nobody could top you.

I loved you,
I still love you.
I wanted you,
I still want you.
Even though,
Even if,
Even when,
Every part of you.

The best, the worst
The worst, the best.

Yet in every star
In every prayer
I wish and hope and pray and dream
And want and ache..

Krezeyyyy Oct 2013
I found a note of long ago promises
Made of words like smoke floating into nothing
Yea! it was foolishness but my eyes were blinded
I thought of it as sweet as chocolate
But its sweetness is temporary
bitterness of pain remains
with that of our long ago promises.
With maturity, I come to realize
never build love with words of fairytales, fantasies & make believe,
never build love with words of promises that were never made to come true...
rather, build love with words of willingness to wait for the rightest time
Krezeyyyy Sep 2014
I wish it was me
That girl you wanted - dream girl

Or that someone you meant
When you replay that reggae sort of love song

Or in your dream that you never wanted
To wake up from

I wish it was me
But there were other girls.

~~ Criss ∞
Krezeyyyy Feb 2014
Stares --
We used to stare a lot, so hot
Our hands brush so soon
To intertwine.

Messages --
The jokes we share, the emotions in between
Laughters, the melody
We both have shared when together.

How soon --
Memories and dreams built like sand castles,
Have you forgotten 'em all
How we ever so can not be one without the other?

Letters --
You and me,
Our names connected like jigsaw puzzle
We complete each other.

Pain --
When you said goodbye
With tears in your eyes, and looked away
"This isn't worth it anymore".
Krezeyyyy Nov 2013
I hear the sound
of here and now.
I hear them all,
what goes around.

But my mind and heart,
they seem to have made up their side;
they are running away
from this present life.

They are missing the past
and haven’t closed
that part yet.
Oh not yet!

In the night
they drag me back;
in broad daylight and lazy afternoons,
they are bleeding and breaking inside.

And yes, I hear the sound of letting go
and moving on now.
My mind and heart,
they just have to have that final blow
to torn away of what is left
and close that book of you and me.
Krezeyyyy Jun 2014
I enjoy watching you turn red. It gives me the assurance that you feel what I wanted you to feel all along. It feels like forever has passed since the last time I feel this way - smiling at nowhere for nothing but you, feeling like I have a sunny day even when it’s gloomy, and the feeling that I feel whenever I look at you. How beautiful it is to live in a time like this, a time when I am trying to live my life the way I should be and taking my path the way others has designed for me. Then, we met. You said ‘Hi’ for the first time and every day since then was an everyday full of ‘Hi’ from you. Maybe ‘Hi’ will be our ‘always’.

I enjoy looking at you and you looking back at me with such seriousness on your face. People talk about your past, but please don’t let your past define your future. You have yet to unravel those beautiful things deep within you and when that time comes, I hope you will let others see the brighter side of you.

It’s always risky, I know. And I am grateful of all those time spent with you no matter how limited it is and for the remaining ticking off the clock, let’s enjoy our company shall we? I won’t be regretful that I made it easy for you to read through my actions of how I feel, I never wanted the thought of regretting in the future of how I never let you feel the way I feel for you.
Krezeyyyy Sep 2014
These songs,
These feelings,
These thoughts of you --
They reminded me
That summer is long past --
Cold nights are here to stay.
Krezeyyyy Feb 2015
How is it that you’d ask me not to forget to meet you halfway and forget about it? Does your mind ever wander or your voice ever whisper through the winds or your heart ever wish in every shooting star about this -- about us -- the way mine does


For you?

If I could count all the tears shed and all the hours I’ve skipped sleep and those times when I’m drowned on songs and verses and memories all because of this that I have,

For you?

You'd know the depth of how much you have an effect on me.

If only I could write word after word until our worlds meet and collide so beautifully again, I’d write how my heart aches and crushes and hurts.

How is it that you said you’ll wait and left me here waiting? And yet I’m still here waiting,

For you, Topaz.
Krezeyyyy Nov 2013
As I come face to face with pain
Pity party and drama, I don't want to get involved with
Easy for the heart to say, easy for the heart to feel
Yes, the world even tolerates these vain tears
But I should know
I have to choose healing over stagnation to pain
And staying at this bay will never help
And yes, he hurt me
With a hurt only he can give
But forgiveness will I choose
To free both he and me.
Krezeyyyy Feb 2014
And into a million pieces her heart is broken
He said all the things that might
Unbreak her fragile heart
But with his hands, the knife has cut her skin
Blood gushes and floods the aisle
To forever, forever was paved by the smell of her blood
He broke her heart; her heart is broken.
Krezeyyyy Dec 2013
Dreams do come true
Sometimes it gets you high
You could fly right through the window
And into the sky.
Other times it knocks you off
The way it hurts so deep
It dives into your very core.
So dream a good dream
And don't try to wake up
When it is not yet done.
Sometimes dreams are beautiful
When they come to life.
Other times you would wish
Wish it did not happen
Or  pray that it gets better
Than how it began.
Krezeyyyy Nov 2013
I could dream
a thousand of love
and fairy tales
just as long as you aren’t there.

Cause you were once my dream,
my love, my fairy tale.
But what began in a dream
must end, too, in a dream.

And maybe I could dream
of you again,
just not now.
Just not in this life time.

You were my dream,
so close yet so far I never could reach.
Dreaming of you
brought joy and life to me.

But now has become a nightmare,
a poison I would not take in.
You were my love,
but without a chance.

You were my fairytale,
my prince charming who never came.
Our castle was a make believe.
Our ending.. Oh, how it ends after I finally wake up from this dream.
Krezeyyyy Aug 2014
You gave me a reason to be happy about the past heartbreaks and tragic love stories I've ever been. All those times I was letting go led me to this road where our story was given hope, though it existed like one little yellow confetti. You looked at me for the first time, it was like knowing that summer had finally come and I was watching the sun rise after winter stayed for a long while. It was like stretching my arms out wide after waking up from deep slumber and realized that it was good to be alive. And  I'm glad to have traveled this far.
Krezeyyyy Jul 2014
This was a story of letting go and moving on.

I was eating my heart out of cups of rice with nilagang baboy on the right side of my medium-sized plate. I was happy, it wasn't just of my almost-full tummy. It was that of enjoying myself without restraining to the possibility of getting myself fatter as if I'm fat enough to worry or worse, that getting fat was even possible. Diet was never something I waste my time worrying, I act as if it was never existing. But boom! My nilagang  baboy was gone. I was so blown away with my happy thoughts I hadn't notice I have eaten them all. I was about to get sad and push myself to stop until I heard my dad, "sisig coming up". I knew right there & then, there's a purpose to every letting go, moving on. So, do.
Krezeyyyy Aug 2014
You've been waiting all this time
When you have to give your yes to someone
Never knowing, you never have foreseen
There's a lot more than you
That are breaking their hearts because
You have given your yes; he had already found
Whom he thought was best.

I hope you're happy, even in
The midst of sorrowful and maybe mournful
Sea of tears of them other young girls
Whose dreams were shattered
All because -- just because
You have given your yes
He found a yes to forever, with you, not with them.

~~ Criss ∞
To all them guys who has been admired by a lot of girls; to all them girls who's been following a guy. He found a yes like a precious gem to someone; she found a heart so broken within her like a shattered glass. That, too, shall pass :)
Krezeyyyy Oct 2013
I must forget the day you said hello
and tried to say my name right
of which you failed.

I must forget
the promises you said that we will travel anywhere
as long as our dreams could take.

I must forget
you told me you love me with you selfish little reasons,
it melted my heart that October night.

I must forget all the times you cheered me up,
you asked me what color to paint
on your newly-found house.

I must forget
the daydreams of you and me
and the never ending messages full of smileys.

I must forget, I must forget.
But memories were never meant to be forgotten but kept.
I never meant to do this until you shared your heart with someone else.
Krezeyyyy Oct 2013
I have known a lady behind that of a loner
Of whose face so gloomy no one can flatter
Of whose lips a smile can not master
Her name no one wants to utter.

Yet for it is the Day of the Great Favor she lives in
When a gift to her has been given
More precious than gold
Oh! So much precious than pure gold.

It was the King of the Land's only Son
To be her  Lover to end her lonely hour
Though she is not a worthy one
But the King declared that she shall be the One.
Krezeyyyy Mar 2014
It doesn't matter If you've fallen
Scars wherever you've seen them
In your heart, in your mind,
Or maybe both with some
On your body.

I'll still be for you
Always be in love with you
Even if, even though
It doesn't matter how many of those
It will still be you. Always.
Krezeyyyy Nov 2013
I could write you a blackboard full of everything I felt for you
Then leave it bare as I close the door.
I could let it go and try to move on,
But this one I want you to know, my fair love.
You could open up to someone else,
Let them see everything.
But please don't fret when all they is nothing,
Cause even you haven't fully seen it yet
And I'm terribly sorry my friend, my love.
You never knew the depth of what was left,
Written bare on that blackboard I left.
But my hopes are still with it,
That someday you will, see!
Krezeyyyy Aug 2014
Hope like a heartbeat beating
The tiny veins get filled up by
Blood cells to circulate the body -
Got life alive with every rhythm of it.

Hope like a candle lit up
In a room where darkness circles around
A tiny spark –
Got her child from crying out and aloud.

Hope, oh that is what’s between
When impossibility is trying to reign
Hope is what flickers
Between you and me.
Krezeyyyy Jul 2014
How do you take a risk without hurting someone?
How do you show who you are and not be afraid?
How do you?
No, how would I?
Maybe I'll ask the moon that shines above
And keep myself shut while waiting for a reply.
Krezeyyyy Aug 2014
I'm all teared up --
Of pain, unmet expectations
Of dreams that never happen
Of joy I've never felt
Of you who promised and broke it --
I'm all teared up
And I should have turned my back
I should have walked away, from you,
All those times I had been living a lie
I have carefully, intricately built 'US'
Within my thoughts, I've caged the idea
When I should have let it flew
Oh I should have walked away from you.
Oh! I'm all teared up, I'm breathing heavily
Trying to exhale the pain,
Trying to inhale you again
I do not wish to let you go, I want you here
Beside me, within this heart that's empty
Empty until you came.
No, I have let you in when I should have
Turned my back on you;
You turned your back on me
And. I. Am. ****. Tired. Waiting. For. You.

~~ Criss ∞
Krezeyyyy Oct 2014
I've missed you. I can't write metaphors about it, I've written your memories into different poems I've made and there's nothing left to write. There's nothing left to reminisce. Nothing left to think.

There is nothing left but missing you. So bad.
Krezeyyyy Nov 2013
We played with words as we were as young as our minds think
We dreamed so prettily within this corners of our imaginations
We shared love, the way we see and define how we ought to love
And thought we did it right though pain grabs every inch of our innocent hearts
But never was love just feelings, I felt for you
But like rushing winds, all these discouragements fell on me
I do not feel what I felt before, for you
I don't love you, if you ask me how I feel
But I see you, in my dream every night
You are the one this heart of mine loves,
I thought love is just mere feelings, it is a choice
And I was wrong, I love you!
Krezeyyyy Jul 2014
You thought she was shivering from coldness of the rain
It was a shiver that stemmed out from within.

How do you mend a sick heart, a mad mind?
How would you if you were just as sick and as mad as she was?

You say, I could be of help to make her shivers turn to warmth
But you never had given the chance your heart to know that fire.
Krezeyyyy Dec 2014
And so I found myself staring at a picture that had your face. I wonder how you are. Merry Christmas, by the way. Do you still remember me and all that I was to you? I do. I remember all you are to me. The glances, the smiles, the whispers, the you and me sitting on a swing. It was morning full of hope, just as I was.

I remember the letter. Do you remember the last part? I hope you'll make it through like how people get through the night til come daylight, another day will come, another hope. Another swing to sit on. You staring at me as I at you. Hey, all I want for Christmas? Us..

But a want is not necessarily something to behold. I'll keep staring at this face that is you. I'll keep your photograph and your words until then. But until then I'll be thinking, you're another promise broken.
Krezeyyyy Oct 2016
Wala ni nako gisuwat para mubalik ka
Para makahibaw ka nga sakit gihapon
Ug basin makahunahuna kan'g sa imung kaluoy
Mubalik ka nako.
Nagsuwat ko kay mao ni ako.
Magsuwat sa kung unsa'y
Kinahanglan nakong ipagawas
Isuwat ug nagdahum ug naglaum
Nga sa paghuman ani
Mahuman nasad tanang kasakit
Kay sa pagkakarun sakit gihapon
Sakit kaayu
Sakit nga dili matangtang
Abi kog ako'y mupilit sama sa bubble gum
Sa imung sapatos.
Apan kasakit.
Kasakit ang nipilit pagkahuman
Sa atung paglakaw,
Sa pila ka buwan nga
Kauban ta.

Kasabut ko
Wala'y kita,
Dili kita,
Dili pwede,
Dili na,
Dili man gyud.
Pero salamat
Sa paghatag ug higayon
Sa pagpahibaw sa pagpabati
Sa kita, sa kita ug sa mga plano
Sa mga adlaw nga puno sa kalipay
Sa mga kanta,
Sa mga sulat,
Sa paglaum nga pag-abut sa ugma
Naa pa,
Sa pagbati nga wa'y sama
Ug bisan pa'g nahuman na tanan
Naa pa gihapon ko
Nagpabilin nga nituo
Sa kita, sa kung unsa ta
Sa usa'g usa.

Wala ni nako gisuwat sa pagbasul
Sa kalagot, aligutgot
Bisag akong kasingkasing karun nadugmok
Abi ko'g ang kasakit ang pinakasakit
Apan kalipay.
Kung mangutana ka asa ang pinakasakit
Sa tanan, sa katung kita pa
Katung nitawag ka ug wala ta'y laing gibuhat
Kundi magpulipuli ug sugid sa atung gugma
Sa usa'g usa.

Sakit kaayu.
Sakit nga wala'y sama.
Wala ko kahibaw asa taman
Hangtud kanus-a ko magpuyo aning kasakit
Pero wala ko nagbasul
Ug kung mangutana ka kung
Pabalikon ko atung mga higayona
Kung musugot ba ko'ng sa maka-usa pa,
Mubalik ko sa adlaw nga naka-ila tika
Ug wala ko'y usbon
Padayung tikan'g tan-awn, maghulat
Padayun kon'g magpaabut nga imu kong lingi-un
Ug sa maka-usa pa,
Isugid sa imu tanan'g akong nasugid na.
Krezeyyyy Oct 2013
We could have a day or two
Or maybe a lifetime, too
But right now I am waiting for you.
We could be as far as heaven is to earth
Or as near as dreams away when we are asleep,
But know that I am waiting for you.
Time and time again I have been asking myself
Is this now or not yet?
Nonetheless, I am waiting here for you.
Right time is something I do not know when
But while faith, hope, and love remain
Yes, dear, I will be patiently waiting for you.
I know God is preparing me and you
For that one day-- US
So, let me wait and I will wait for you.
Krezeyyyy Nov 2013
And every time we do this
is like a slap on our faces.
What happened to them yesteryear laughter
and yesteryear memory?

I thought I hear our music play
but it’s just my mind pretending.
Do you remember every step,
every melody we celebrate?

And my mind hasn’t moved on yet,
I’m afraid it will never be.
I’m caught up playing
our music in my head.

But we are caught up of our grown up things
and the names we thought we built
while forefathers are caught up
to the times they fight and not make up.

Yet we come
and thought we come as one,
but our music is slowly fading
it slapped my face,
it hurts a lot.

I’m just afraid we are losing those beautiful sounds of laughter
and beautiful pictures of memory
that have defined our family.
And yes! I’m missing you, just so badly.
Krezeyyyy Nov 2013
A lot of raindrops, yes, get them and you will have a whole bunch of choir right up your rooftops.
Such small things screaming bravery, vulnerable to die in just a splash yet excitement runs with them in every dive.
They are never created for themselves but the quenching of the thirsty world and they give their all with every fall.
And I wish I’m like one little rain drop.
One who is not afraid to fall even at breaking point to losing the self too better the world.
But a price is to be paid, I have to unclothe myself of these coats of pride and selfishness.
Then will I be able to to join this beautiful selfless choir falling from heaven.
Krezeyyyy Aug 2014
You know how it's like to look into his eyes?

It's like lying in an open field and stargazing at a vast night sky. I would trace his beauty with every twinkle, his soul laid bare. And when I get lucky enough, I'd see something of him new like a shooting star. He is too beautiful I couldn't look away. Yet he is too far I couldn't get a grab of him. I'm always in awe, yet always unsatisfied.

It's like drinking something so tasty, it quenches my thirst but leave me wanting for more. I could taste his mood at the moment, tasting another when time ticktocks to another time. It's very delicious, I'm afraid I couldn't make it last.

Maybe I've seen this coming. Like all stargazing will have to end when dawn is creeping out or like when I will about to have my last drop, I can only hope it lasted longer. I hope I hadn't tried. I hope there will be next time. I hope he feels the same as I am.

You know how it's like to look into his eyes? It's a joy and a pain at the same time.

And the best and worse part of it: the feeling lingers (sometimes very strongly, sometimes so sweetly , and sometimes just for a sec and sometimes for quite a while ) like a smell, like a song, like a book I've read. My heart always melts, my mind always reasons whenever I look at him.
I really hope it lasted longer. It didn't. I hope we would have another time and then we'll make it last.
Krezeyyyy Oct 2013
I love you more than I love green
I love you more than the books in all the world,
more than how I smile so wide every time I get a bicycle ride,
Yes, I love you more than traveling to wherever I could go,
And those libraries I wanted to get lost in to.
And I've been waiting for this day for when I could finally see you,
Oh I've been hiding love just for this moment with you.
For I have found love when I come to know He who so loves me,
When I look into His very beautiful eyes
And I meant to share it with you,
through all the pain and struggles,
I want to know the sweetest thing there is in love with you.
So praise thee,
Who created us
And allowed us,
That we should be born for such a beautiful time as this.
Krezeyyyy Jul 2014
Just one look at those letters -- letters that made up his name. All my walls built up for me to let go, they all turned to ashes. Moving-on? I have been going through that road a lot of times I have lost count but why, oh pretty little heart, you forgot how to only go through that road but never let yourself get stuck, or worse, go back to the time -- that time I had known his name for the first time?
Krezeyyyy Dec 2014
They kept on telling me it wasn't love. It was something, but it wasn't love. But what do they know? They weren't the one who lived inside this body that kept on getting fired up every time you laid your eyes on mine. They weren't the one who got to feel those tingling electricity every time your hands touched mine. They weren't that girl who died a little bit every day after you said goodbye. No, they only told me it wasn't love because they never know. Oh how it feels like, hot and cold mixed up, good and bad, everything nice and then so so bad.

But maybe I do not know at all what love is and so I thought it was. No, it wasn't love after all. It was something that paints smile on my face every time.
Krezeyyyy Dec 2013
You are the song that wakes me up from slumber
The air I breathe, You invigorate my soul
You keep me alive as I am lost in your beautiful melody
How can I ever leave? You ******* undone
You strip away everything unnecessary
And have clothed me with your precious love
I was never worth it, You love me nonetheless
Can I ever run away? You are everywhere I go
Your whispers run with the winds
Your touch is in everything I see
You never leave, I do
And You keep on running for me
You are who You say You are, Love
And It is Your Love that never fails
Remind me who you are, oh Lover of my soul
In the darkness, let me see Your Light
Guide my every step, break me through
I am lost in this world, come be my savior
You have done this before, even  a thousand times my Love
You have sung Your heart out for me
Let me hear it once more, let it be the loudest I hear
I'll find my way, just find me again.
Krezeyyyy Aug 2014
You, dearest, has perfected my constellation of beautiful things long been held back since a star was missed. You connected beauty into me, out of me.
To the God who made me, creator of good and beautiful things. Nothing would ever make sense without you.
Krezeyyyy Jan 2014
I thought it would take a lifetime,
Maybe I should at least take some years pass,
But with every tear, my heart is healing
A smile is starting to come to life.

Heartbreaks normally isn't like this
Sure as the sky is blue, I ain't like this
But I'm changing,
I'm finding my way to fly.

And help is on the line--
A thread and a needle
To sew back the broken pieces,
My pieces are being sewn back to places.

A tear or two more,
And a deal to close for sure--
For good life's sake, I have to move on
You make it possible, oh Lover of my soul.
Krezeyyyy Oct 2016
Unsa’y ikatambal sa kasing-kasing nga nasamdam?
Unsa’y pwede ikapugong anin’g mga luha nga wa’y undang sa pag-agas?
Unsa’y akong buhatun para mawala nin’g nipilit nga kasakit
Sa akon’g dughan nga sa imu ra gihapon nipitik?

Ana sila mawala ra daw ni
Ana ka “this is for the better”
Ana ko, “asa ang better?”, “kanus-a pa?”
Kung sa paglabay sa mga adlaw, sakit gihapon
Sama atun’g adlawa nga ako nabiya-an.

Unsa’y akon’g buhatun anin’g dughan ikaw gihapon
Ginapangita, ginadamgu, ginahuna-huna?
Ako nagpabilin sa tunga-tunga
Sa pagsangpit nga ako balikan nimu
Ug sa pagbiya, paglubong anin’g paghigugma
Nga wala na lingi-a.

Ug samtang karun nga bisa’g gamay lan’g nga pagtakdol
Sa kasing-kasing ug sa mga kagahapon’g panumduman
Wala’y lain kan’g madunggan kundili
Hagulhol nga daw namatyan
Ug sa padayun nga pagpatay anin’g ala-ut nga gugma.

Ako padayun nga mamasin
Nga pag-abut ugma damlag
Mahuman ang kasakit
Magsugod ang bag-un’g
Kalinaw, kalipay, malipay
Akon’g kasing-kasing unta magmaya na sab.

Apan karun nagpabilin kon’g mangutana,
Unsa’y ikatambal sa kasing-kasing nga nasamdam?
Unsa’y akong buhatun para mawala nin’g nipilit nga kasakit
Sa akon’g dughan nga sa imu ra gihapon nipitik?
Krezeyyyy Jun 2014
You had me at hello.
You had me with that look.
You have me every time.
Just do what you have to,
I will appreciate even the corniest thing you could ever say.
I will cut our moment from the hands of time
Bury it deep inside my heart.
I'll forever treasure our little time shared.
Just walk right to me, start that talk.
Everything will fade, you'll see.
Everything except you and me.
Krezeyyyy Feb 2014
I'd like to know how the world goes round
Through your beautiful eyes
To share your loves
And your cares,
Your passion,
Your joy,
What makes you smile, dear?
I'd like to watch you as you chase your dreams
I'll catch your nightmares
Put 'em in a jar
Never to allow 'em to  haunt you down.
I'd like to share my strength
For you to have your hearts desires
If you'd trek the highest mountain
Or the deepest cave
I want to go with you
So if you faint and seems hopeless
I'll be that someone to cheer you up
I'll be your best mate --
Your soul mate --
I'll help you trek this life
You can soar like eagle
I'll mend your broken wings
You can swim
In the depths of the ocean
I'll be the mermaid waiting for you
Down there.
Just one thing I ask of you,
Let me see the world the way you see it
Cause I'd love to see you catch your dreams
I'd like to hear your stories unheard
I'd like to fall in love
With the most beautiful creature,
The truest you.
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