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Dawn Lambert Aug 2016
Letting the Light Burn
Flashing stars in an empty room

Say it louder

Turning around around the way I've been taught
Lights Burn and Flashing
Classical piano slower

Say it louder

Another happy thought
Turning the universe around me in my room
Dancing with the stars on my ceiling
It's you
Everyone has a hard day sometimes
You would know more than most
You will never tell with the smile on your face
No one can guess the pain you felt

Say it louder!

Another happy thought
I feel you
I see you living long
No hiding behind the door!
But opening the window for me to join

Say it louder

Another happy thought
Somehow morphing into your shadow
In a way becoming more like you while keeping who I am
Running low
Start to lose my sense of home
Then it's you

Say it louder

Another happy thought
I want eternity
Don't give me a thing
Faces on film is all I see

Say it louder

Another happy thought
You can tell the world now
That it's all gone and now it's all here

Say it louder

Another happy thought
Krezeyyyy Nov 2014
But if the stars would realign themselves to make way for a possibility that can only be possible in my dreams..

But if time would turn back around to when I first held into that moment when I saw your lips curve into a smile..

But if letters would do justice to how I feel whenever I remember a beautiful creature, a diamond in the rough, an unspoken wonder full..

But if it happens, and the heavens would say yes to a destiny full of me and you and every single possibility in between..

.. You know I'd take that. I'll always be wanting to take that.
Krezeyyyy Nov 2014
It's like a bird kept in a little cage,
Or a notebook kept in a drawer,
A life not lived fully
Or nights when dreams cease to exist.

It was sad and lonely and cold
I was.
I've forgotten the fire that burned deep inside
I've forgotten the dreams, I've forgotten my wings.

It wasn't because of my identity,
I was destined, I was made for something great
But I was too scared to move
I've forgotten I was loved.

But this man saved me from myself
Not because He wants to put value in me
I was valuable even before the world began
I am His happy thought, He is my Abba.
Krezeyyyy Aug 2014
The night was too quiet, she was being lulled by a certain rhythm. It wasn't of the sound made by the crickets nor the song that kept on being replayed on her list. It was nothing like that. It was a rhythm that kept her lying on her bed and blinking away tears and smiling at random times when she hears it as it travels into her ears with memories too sweet to forget.

She kept remembering the rhythm of his voice now getting blurry by long distance memory. It happened in quite a long time ago. It's becoming too faint to soon would become only an echo like there in a cave too dark to step into.

Oh, I miss him.

~~ Criss ∞
Nothing is like his voice. Especially when he says my name.
Krezeyyyy Aug 2014
Oh I still think of you
In the quietness of the night
And every time I see couples around
I wonder how we could have been
Oh how my heart could have been
Jumping up and down within
This tiny cage a chest that's mine.

I still think of you
Your picture saved in
My alter reality - somewhere 'Us' happened
Your name still found
At the back of my notebook written
Oh you are still there
I don't know when you'll last.

But I still think of you
And I'm giving you that chance
Do something, move forward -
For us - so that in this reality 'We' exist
My patience running low; I'm getting impatient on you
Thinking is never enough, I should have done something
Only that I'm a woman, I could just wait..

But boy know that today
Just like all the days before
And probably all the days after -
I am thinking of you
Oh and that every thing in me
Every hope, every dream
You are there, you never left.

~~ Criss ∞

— The End —