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It's funny how you said that I was always depressed, how I was always mad and I was always in distress.  You said I was angry.  I told you I'm not usually like this, but instead of believing me you held it in your fist. I told you we could be happy, I told you we could be the best but you'd hold to your heart that I'm really just like the rest. But without you I'm okay, my eyes are open and I do not cry. I cry for the fact that everything was a lie. I'm not depressed, mad, in distress or angry. My heart is free, free of you, free of giving you everything. I gave you a whole, not a half but you gave me lies and you always attacked. I defended myself and it made you furious. Gave you lies back but that only made you curious. Curious of how much you can push me, curious of how much I can take. I held your whole world on my plate. I crashed and burned and you didn't even care. You just watched the flames, the flames burning in the air. Crisp fresh air polluted with you. You suffocated me and this is really true. I can breathe now, I can see now, I can even read now, between the lines. And you're between my heart, between my head, between my spine. I think of you all the time.... But why?
Krezeyyyy Aug 2014
Oh I still think of you
In the quietness of the night
And every time I see couples around
I wonder how we could have been
Oh how my heart could have been
Jumping up and down within
This tiny cage a chest that's mine.

I still think of you
Your picture saved in
My alter reality - somewhere 'Us' happened
Your name still found
At the back of my notebook written
Oh you are still there
I don't know when you'll last.

But I still think of you
And I'm giving you that chance
Do something, move forward -
For us - so that in this reality 'We' exist
My patience running low; I'm getting impatient on you
Thinking is never enough, I should have done something
Only that I'm a woman, I could just wait..

But boy know that today
Just like all the days before
And probably all the days after -
I am thinking of you
Oh and that every thing in me
Every hope, every dream
You are there, you never left.

~~ Criss ∞

— The End —