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Abbie Rodriguez Apr 2015
He gives me all I need
He is a good provider
He knows what I need
Although I never asked for

He never fails to supply
He never fails to satisfy
For that, I am so rich
For He is My Treasure!
Krezeyyyy Nov 2014
It's like a bird kept in a little cage,
Or a notebook kept in a drawer,
A life not lived fully
Or nights when dreams cease to exist.

It was sad and lonely and cold
I was.
I've forgotten the fire that burned deep inside
I've forgotten the dreams, I've forgotten my wings.

It wasn't because of my identity,
I was destined, I was made for something great
But I was too scared to move
I've forgotten I was loved.

But this man saved me from myself
Not because He wants to put value in me
I was valuable even before the world began
I am His happy thought, He is my Abba.

— The End —