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Krezeyyyy Aug 2014
I'm all teared up --
Of pain, unmet expectations
Of dreams that never happen
Of joy I've never felt
Of you who promised and broke it --
I'm all teared up
And I should have turned my back
I should have walked away, from you,
All those times I had been living a lie
I have carefully, intricately built 'US'
Within my thoughts, I've caged the idea
When I should have let it flew
Oh I should have walked away from you.
Oh! I'm all teared up, I'm breathing heavily
Trying to exhale the pain,
Trying to inhale you again
I do not wish to let you go, I want you here
Beside me, within this heart that's empty
Empty until you came.
No, I have let you in when I should have
Turned my back on you;
You turned your back on me
And. I. Am. ****. Tired. Waiting. For. You.

~~ Criss ∞

— The End —