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27.0k · Apr 2014
Chloé Apr 2014
Morning world
Morning sunshine
Morning sadness and happiness
Morning people who we love
Lets keep it simple dear people :)
Keep it simple :)
1.6k · Jun 2014
Chloé Jun 2014
Hiding you scars is like hiding your problems
But the scars remind you of the biggest problem you have
That you cant trust anybody...
Thinking about cutting why?
1.3k · Dec 2014
he said
Chloé Dec 2014
he said "look at the picture she is the devil that makes me weak"
she said "why"
he replied "because she makes me sin"
she looked at the picture and saw herself
looked at him and kissed him
1.1k · Jan 2015
Chloé Jan 2015
maybe the secret to their love was that they didn't know they were in love
1.0k · Apr 2014
little miss perfect
Chloé Apr 2014
Oh how I admired you
For your talk and your walk
For your beauty and your attitude
Thought your ****** acting was just a role
Never thought it was the real you
The illusion was fading ..
Just another ***' you can't tust
Little miss perfect with no character
Thought you were different
966 · Apr 2014
Try it..
Chloé Apr 2014
Today's the day, A new day
The day we could change everything
Everything is going to be brighter..
One day
If we only try
834 · Apr 2014
Chloé Apr 2014
My red lipstick that i've put on just for you is fading..
My hair I did is getting massy..
That shirt you liked on me I've changed..
I'm waiting still on your comments to my lipstick to my hair to the shirt but no I'm waiting until the days past without you..
Fallen in love with someone you shoudn't
802 · Apr 2014
Chloé Apr 2014
The way he comes in smiles and leaves ..
The way he tries not to look but does ..
The way we connect and still be so far away from each other ..
The way he maybe never feel like me ..
But still it is the way he makes me feel ..
one day maybe ..
760 · Jun 2014
happy birthday
Chloé Jun 2014
happy birthday they said to me
it would be the best day they said to me
they didnt know they ruined my birthday
cause they couldnt let go their own problems for one day
just for me
its ok
just because i did it all the time doesnt mean they have to put me first
704 · May 2014
Chloé May 2014
I like you more than I should
And that little more that I do
Is hurting a little bit too
697 · May 2014
you took
Chloé May 2014
You took my joy of life
So can i have my heart back?
685 · Jun 2014
deserve ( 10 W.)
Chloé Jun 2014
did i deserve to be happy ?
like everybody else does ?
672 · Aug 2014
just sitting
Chloé Aug 2014
just sitting here
thinking about you
thinking about me thinking about you
thinking about us
what we gonna do
stay apart
stay true
668 · May 2014
Chloé May 2014
let it be one kiss with pure consience
let it be one hug with a deep heat
let it be one look with a innocent grin
let it be the truth without an evil end
637 · May 2014
Chloé May 2014
if it was destiny to meet
i will never  know
if it was hope to fell in love with you
i will never know
609 · Feb 2015
Chloé Feb 2015
And if i were a flower would you pick me up
Or would you leave me on the grass
And if i were a cup of coffee would you drink me up
Or would you leave me until i'm cold
And if i were a sweater would you wear me
Or would you go without me
And if i were a pen would you write with me
Or would you refuse to write
598 · Apr 2014
Chloé Apr 2014
i feel blessed to have all my beloved people around me
even blessed for the haters 'cause they give so much passion to their hate that make us grow !
589 · Sep 2014
Chloé Sep 2014
hate destroyed people
it destroyed homes
it destroyed lifes
it destroyed you
it destroyed me
it destroyed society
561 · Apr 2014
Chloé Apr 2014
if you seek for love you won't find it
if you seek for happiness you won't find it
if you seek for perfection you won't find it
if you don't seek for love you are going to be loved
if you don't seek for happiness joy will find you
if you don't seek for happiness life will surprise you
Wait and see for a better day
554 · Jun 2014
Chloé Jun 2014
Why do I still think about that one hug of you...
533 · Apr 2014
Chloé Apr 2014
I knew it was trouble to fall in love
I knew it wouldn't work out
But although all this problems of society that are keeping us apart it is you who makes me swallow my pride
Untold love story..
529 · Mar 2015
like no one
Chloé Mar 2015
love him like no one did before you so he will never forget you
509 · Feb 2015
end of the day
Chloé Feb 2015
And in the end of the Day nobody knew what battles she's been through
502 · Feb 2015
Chloé Feb 2015
She said to him "let's enjoy the time dont speak dont think"
490 · Feb 2015
love you
Chloé Feb 2015
i could love you but i forbid it myself ..
484 · Sep 2014
Chloé Sep 2014
that feeling you gave me once is that feeling that never died ..
473 · Sep 2014
Chloé Sep 2014
It could have been our summer
Now it's just a dead flower
All the hopes are locked into a tower
Come and save me as the clock is on it's last hours
463 · Mar 2014
A long time ago ..
Chloé Mar 2014
A long time ago I let my love go
Go to the place I couldn't follow
The place i couldn't reach
I couldn't reach ..
438 · Apr 2014
Asking for ..
Chloé Apr 2014
I asked for help, not for much just for a tiny favor..
No, I wasn't dissapointed that you didn't help
Amazed that I believed you would care
Nevertheless if you need help please ask someone else ..
move on
436 · May 2014
you did it
Chloé May 2014
you did it again
like always like i expected
you smiled at me even before i smiled at you
you touched me and it felt like heaven
you did it again
you make me fall in love
even we both know
theres not going to be anything but memories
but yes you did it again
431 · Jun 2014
Chloé Jun 2014
He came into class like a normal teacher
Dressed different like the others
His lessons were lessons for life
I dont know what got me that far but
His smile his looks
My poems nearly all about him
His age makes him interesting as hell
And for goodbye a hug
As he got me a copy of his favourite book with
His number written in to it..
What should i think
422 · Apr 2014
Chloé Apr 2014
What did I do to feel so hated
What did I do wrong?
I've lost myself but was it worth it?
410 · Apr 2014
no more
Chloé Apr 2014
No more, screaming and fighting
No more, making up and kissing
No more, repeating stories
No more, you and me ..
The love is gone
407 · Jan 2015
Chloé Jan 2015
I gave my all to you
Can i get a part of you in return?
To keep my dreams a life
392 · Oct 2014
Chloé Oct 2014
i loved you but now i'm gone because i decided that i love myself more ..
384 · Sep 2014
we tried
Chloé Sep 2014
we tried to be betten than the others
but now we lost ourselves
we tried to be everything
but now we are nothing
we tried to be happy
but now we lost
362 · May 2014
Chloé May 2014
Yet we are all different and still so simillar
360 · Aug 2014
and even
Chloé Aug 2014
And even i knew you weren't the one for me I treated you like you would have stayed for ever
359 · Oct 2014
Chloé Oct 2014
All the sweet talk meant nothing too you
Once the girl you wanted
And now not even enough to ask how i am
358 · Dec 2014
Chloé Dec 2014
My body is shaking
Shaking of fear that
One day
You will
Be gone
349 · Dec 2014
i love you
Chloé Dec 2014
i love you now
maybe not forever
but does this really matter ?
i love you for who you are
and not for who you could be
i love you and thats it
347 · Apr 2014
the day
Chloé Apr 2014
the* day I couldn't reach you anymore
you were not here and not there anymore
you took it away .. my breath
couldn't scream but it felt like death
the day you decided not to be a part of my day of my life of my dream ...
346 · May 2014
a writers
Chloé May 2014
A good poem is a writers death..
336 · Sep 2014
Chloé Sep 2014
Our feelings found an end before the beginning ..
Too early
333 · Oct 2014
Chloé Oct 2014
Let these ******* be your down fall
But dont come back for a helping hand
332 · May 2014
Chloé May 2014
A poet is a great friend..
Cause' he understands emotions..
329 · Jan 2015
three words
Chloé Jan 2015
three words you were maybe to afraid to say
or am i too foolish to see it clear
324 · Aug 2014
Chloé Aug 2014
and if you would have been a part of me
you would have tried as hard as you could
to fit in to my world
because i said it more than a million times
you were my world
319 · May 2014
Chloé May 2014
how do i live with this memories of you
they are bitter sweet and killin' me ..
how do i forget this kiss ..
310 · Dec 2014
Chloé Dec 2014
you could be everything i ever wanted
but you choose to be everything i'm wishing for
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