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Chloé Mar 2015
love him like no one did before you so he will never forget you
Chloé Feb 2015
i could love you but i forbid it myself ..
  Feb 2015 Chloé
your eyes could meet mine
for only half a second

and i’d end up thinking about them
for half a century
pathetic but only for you.
Chloé Feb 2015
And if i were a flower would you pick me up
Or would you leave me on the grass
And if i were a cup of coffee would you drink me up
Or would you leave me until i'm cold
And if i were a sweater would you wear me
Or would you go without me
And if i were a pen would you write with me
Or would you refuse to write
Chloé Feb 2015
She said to him "let's enjoy the time dont speak dont think"
Chloé Feb 2015
And in the end of the Day nobody knew what battles she's been through
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