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Mar 2015 · 529
like no one
Chloé Mar 2015
love him like no one did before you so he will never forget you
Feb 2015 · 490
love you
Chloé Feb 2015
i could love you but i forbid it myself ..
Feb 2015 · 609
Chloé Feb 2015
And if i were a flower would you pick me up
Or would you leave me on the grass
And if i were a cup of coffee would you drink me up
Or would you leave me until i'm cold
And if i were a sweater would you wear me
Or would you go without me
And if i were a pen would you write with me
Or would you refuse to write
Feb 2015 · 502
Chloé Feb 2015
She said to him "let's enjoy the time dont speak dont think"
Feb 2015 · 509
end of the day
Chloé Feb 2015
And in the end of the Day nobody knew what battles she's been through
Jan 2015 · 407
Chloé Jan 2015
I gave my all to you
Can i get a part of you in return?
To keep my dreams a life
Jan 2015 · 329
three words
Chloé Jan 2015
three words you were maybe to afraid to say
or am i too foolish to see it clear
Jan 2015 · 1.1k
Chloé Jan 2015
maybe the secret to their love was that they didn't know they were in love
Jan 2015 · 259
Chloé Jan 2015
maybe there was no time left
maybe thats just the excuse
maybe he loved her
maybe even as much as she loved him
maybe hope was all they got
maybe ..
one day ..
maybe one day !
Jan 2015 · 236
Chloé Jan 2015
he wasn't my type, no
he said things i didn't want to hear, yes
he was everything i ever wanted, yes
he was everything i was afraid to lose ..
Jan 2015 · 285
Chloé Jan 2015
He kissed me like he couldn't live without her
He touched her like she was his universe
But he couldn't tell her how much he felt for her
Dec 2014 · 310
Chloé Dec 2014
you could be everything i ever wanted
but you choose to be everything i'm wishing for
Dec 2014 · 349
i love you
Chloé Dec 2014
i love you now
maybe not forever
but does this really matter ?
i love you for who you are
and not for who you could be
i love you and thats it
Dec 2014 · 254
what now
Chloé Dec 2014
As i was lying there wrapped in your hug
And listened to your words that were so bitter sweet
That i love you I heard was not there to stay so tell me what now
Dec 2014 · 358
Chloé Dec 2014
My body is shaking
Shaking of fear that
One day
You will
Be gone
Dec 2014 · 1.3k
he said
Chloé Dec 2014
he said "look at the picture she is the devil that makes me weak"
she said "why"
he replied "because she makes me sin"
she looked at the picture and saw herself
looked at him and kissed him
Dec 2014 · 176
Chloé Dec 2014
The help i gave
I gave
To get it ones return
Dec 2014 · 285
Chloé Dec 2014
As she was filled with the worries of the universe the universe was filled with her grace
Nov 2014 · 259
i felt
Chloé Nov 2014
I never felt more alive
Alive like a new born child
What i never did before was smiled
Nov 2014 · 298
Chloé Nov 2014
Sometimes I wish to know what you are thinking about me but than I think maybe its something worse so its good thatI dont know with That fact I can live in curiosity
Nov 2014 · 251
Chloé Nov 2014
How many sentences started with maybe
Still stuck here with the you and me
Should I stay or leave
Dont know where to go since you were my safe place to be
Day or night you where always there ..
Oct 2014 · 333
Chloé Oct 2014
Let these ******* be your down fall
But dont come back for a helping hand
Oct 2014 · 172
Chloé Oct 2014
I kept it to myself
What if you were the one..
Oct 2014 · 359
Chloé Oct 2014
All the sweet talk meant nothing too you
Once the girl you wanted
And now not even enough to ask how i am
Oct 2014 · 177
Chloé Oct 2014
And theres this feeling i cant explain
Oct 2014 · 236
Chloé Oct 2014
maybe it was destiny to meet you
maybe it was a lesson for life
maybe it was a mistake
but what matters is that maybe it was love ...
Oct 2014 · 227
Chloé Oct 2014
If love goes only away with hate than hate goes only away with love
Oct 2014 · 233
Chloé Oct 2014
that one song that brings all the memories back ..
i put it on replay so it can stay a while ..
Oct 2014 · 290
Chloé Oct 2014
tell me when are you free
when are you going to be free
free from all the anger and depressions
Oct 2014 · 193
Chloé Oct 2014
Do it for you and not for them
Oct 2014 · 274
no return
Chloé Oct 2014
it was hard to walk away
to tell myself its all gone and the love is no longer there
so please do not return it was never meant to be
Oct 2014 · 392
Chloé Oct 2014
i loved you but now i'm gone because i decided that i love myself more ..
Oct 2014 · 245
Chloé Oct 2014
and maybe it was wrong to think that it was right
Sep 2014 · 384
we tried
Chloé Sep 2014
we tried to be betten than the others
but now we lost ourselves
we tried to be everything
but now we are nothing
we tried to be happy
but now we lost
Sep 2014 · 233
Chloé Sep 2014
between i want to marry you one day and i will sent you to hell
Sep 2014 · 244
Chloé Sep 2014
Sometimes you cant do anything you sit there and watch your life as it where a musical with drama and music sometimes with sadness
Sep 2014 · 224
Chloé Sep 2014
and if we are not suposed to be toghether why aren't we suposed to be apart ..
Sep 2014 · 484
Chloé Sep 2014
that feeling you gave me once is that feeling that never died ..
Sep 2014 · 589
Chloé Sep 2014
hate destroyed people
it destroyed homes
it destroyed lifes
it destroyed you
it destroyed me
it destroyed society
Sep 2014 · 336
Chloé Sep 2014
Our feelings found an end before the beginning ..
Too early
Sep 2014 · 255
was I?
Chloé Sep 2014
Was i never good enough to be yours?
Was i just good enough to played as a fool?
Was i never good enough to be shown as your girl?
Was i just good enough to play the role in the back
Sep 2014 · 235
Chloé Sep 2014
sometimes all you need is a smile from a stranger to feel a little bit happy ..
Sep 2014 · 473
Chloé Sep 2014
It could have been our summer
Now it's just a dead flower
All the hopes are locked into a tower
Come and save me as the clock is on it's last hours
Aug 2014 · 324
Chloé Aug 2014
and if you would have been a part of me
you would have tried as hard as you could
to fit in to my world
because i said it more than a million times
you were my world
Aug 2014 · 672
just sitting
Chloé Aug 2014
just sitting here
thinking about you
thinking about me thinking about you
thinking about us
what we gonna do
stay apart
stay true
Aug 2014 · 360
and even
Chloé Aug 2014
And even i knew you weren't the one for me I treated you like you would have stayed for ever
Aug 2014 · 261
Chloé Aug 2014
Started not to give a **** but still want you back in my life
Aug 2014 · 233
Chloé Aug 2014
ok lets take a moment for me and for you
think about it about me and you
speak your mind about me and you
let it be a chance the me and you
Aug 2014 · 197
Chloé Aug 2014
And in the end we are alone in the dark
With our hope
Jul 2014 · 222
.. 10w.
Chloé Jul 2014
You were the goodbye my heart didn't want to say..
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