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Nov 2023 · 380
Bugs Spencer Nov 2023
Wake up and I swallow
Instagram reels and dry pills
to help feel less hollow

Bite into tender flesh
sip on my blood coffee
their pain is still so fresh

New phone every new year
six marketable colors
screams fall on a deaf ear

My hair begins, thins out
checking all the labels
ingredients I do doubt

All we do is consume
no matter what the cost
dead families, no tomb

Wake up and listen in
They don't care about us
Money hungry eat skin
Aug 2022 · 528
Bugs Spencer Aug 2022
They call my name and I fall
Falling, Falling yes Falling
It has me feeling quite tall

You call my name and I fall
Falling, falling, yes Falling
I shrink to the ground, feeling small

And hey deadname
I hate your stupid guts
You ruined everything and anything
there's no one else to blame

And oh my God
I'm sorry for fixing your
I didn't know you'd mind so much

Now people look at me differently
They seem to pray to you God
"Change her" they ask of you intently

spewing hate and judgement gently
It only hurts if it has sharp edges
Sugar coated pills I take daily

And hey deadname
I hate your stupid guts
You ruined everything and anything
there's no one else to blame

And oh my God
I'm sorry for fixing your
I didn't know you'd mind so much

Colors cover my body and brain
Sticky thoughts, sticky hands
But I'm the one to blame

I treat the sickness you gave
Without your sugar coated drug
acceptance is what I crave
Apr 2022 · 89
Society's Score
Bugs Spencer Apr 2022
I always thought diplomas should be golden

Or maybe the papers that hold high ACT scores

For years you study and stress and hold in

All for these papers to decide your open doors

I know some who put their worth on it

Like this test is everything they are and will be

For a time, I believed that too I must admit

Truth is, I am not smart on paper and where does that leave me?

I spent to much time thinking I was dumb

I am a highly intelligent being just not on what they test for

My life can’t rest on test scores because I’d succumb

My feet would slip into the depths stuck underneath society’s floor
Mar 2022 · 374
I'm sorry Mom
Bugs Spencer Mar 2022
I love myself until I don't
I am sure that I won't
until the moment I do
I am happy off the pills and diet
until others keep quiet
and another moment so am I
Mar 2022 · 68
Bugs Spencer Mar 2022
I've seen people know wrong
yet they are gray and cold
They turn blind eyes
Letting wrong go along
Their excuse for it all,
"It is what it is. I can't change it"
Kids watch and learn to get old
doing nothing to help change the world
"what can you do"
I can speak against it, I can shine a light
It can’t stay in the dark as something we mutter under our breath
The moment we accept it as something unchangeable
Is the moment it becomes unchangeable
Mar 2022 · 191
I don't want you anymore
Bugs Spencer Mar 2022
I wasn't mad that you left
Time apart is beneficial
and I won't make you stay
It was the fact you lied
It was the fact you didn't let me know
how you felt, why you ignored me, anything
So when you decided it was time,
that you wanted to come back to friends
I was and am bitter and unforgiving
You didn't communicate when I tried
So hear me when I communicate
Kindly let me go, go back to nothing
Mar 2022 · 135
My Mobility Aids
Bugs Spencer Mar 2022
When your body is full of blades
You can rely on the right aids
Meet Sarah she has a lap to sit
I made a pillow as a gift
She also has wheels that roll
When people don't move we bowl

Then there is Cain
He is, in fact a cane
He is always there to lean on
Some say he is plain
So I gave him pictures I've drawn
My favorite is the black swan

I love my mobility aids
and some days
I don't need my aids
I use what I need for that day
So if you see me with Sarah or Caine
You can always wave, "Hey"
Might turn this into kids book and illustrate it myself!
Feb 2022 · 702
Bugs Spencer Feb 2022
You said friends
I said lovers
You said chance
I said lovers
You said lovers

I said romance
You said passion
I said hugs
You said skin

You said friends
I said friends
Then you left
and I said LIAR
Feb 2022 · 205
Bugs Spencer Feb 2022
I bought a barbie doll yesterday
She looked so pretty
I've stared from afar wishing to rewind
to go back to innocent play
I cast aside my dolls to early
Oh, what if kids were more kind?
Would I have kept my dolls that day?
Feb 2022 · 63
Bugs Spencer Feb 2022
I am slowly dissolving into the water
my hair soaks up the cool freshness
my tears fall onto the clear mirror
ripples and small tides follow

I let myself sink deeper as skin becomes hotter
my body soaks in the cool freshness
my tears rise into the clear skies
the clouds come colored in grey hollow

I rise to the skies into stormy clouds
my body dissolves into tiny droplets
my tears fall onto the shaded world
the water again begins to pool

When sun comes so do the crowds
their bodies cool in the freshwater
their smiles shine in the bright light
and I forget how life can be so cruel
Feb 2022 · 69
Bugs Spencer Feb 2022
it changes you
it forces you
I refuse
I choose
for making me
and ******
I'll make my own way
out of this hell
without you
Feb 2022 · 96
Speak Hate to Me
Bugs Spencer Feb 2022
You hate me, do you not?
Sickness you breathe into me
Political wars you form
I see that smile of glee
I know you hate me world
I don't know if God knows it
But sickness was always here
I hate me, do you not?
Jan 2022 · 368
Bugs Spencer Jan 2022
Am I to young for this?
The hate I see unveiled
It spreads like the sickness
Am I too young for this?
My body is weak and hurt
It begs for forgiveness
Are we to young for this?
Jan 2022 · 72
Bugs Spencer Jan 2022
I feel the fire spread
It eats my body inside
I feel my shell bleed
Jan 2022 · 768
Bugs Spencer Jan 2022
My thirst grows as the cup flows
If I drink
My lips will turn red as a rose
If I drink
My thirst will not learn to slow
So I bite my tongue
and I say
"keep me safe, keep me safe"
Dec 2021 · 56
Bugs Spencer Dec 2021
Her black eyes burn like coal;
a small flicker of light
that can set you aflame.

You wonder, how did she gain control?
Your heart and money are hers in one night,
but she's gone and it's a shame.

I guess it's true you can't take hold of a flame.
Dec 2021 · 62
Frozen Over
Bugs Spencer Dec 2021
I watch from tree tops
at the forrest below
I have seen everything grow
from the hare to the fox

Now a winter creeps in
A lake begins to freeze
The cold seems to ***** at skin
I worry my flowers will never be seen

So I flutter and squawk
Wishing for someone to gawk
Is it too late to be known?
Someone stop

I don't want to be alone
No kids to give my garden
To show what is behind that stone
The cold is sharpened

My wings no longer move
My frozen flowers
Dec 2021 · 126
Dancing Fairy
Bugs Spencer Dec 2021
Watch her go, watch her fall
She can say no, she can bawl

Yet, she continues to dance
she tries to keep them entranced

"Let me earn your praise, your love"
She forgets her wings to fly above

Her once shining wings
that had drawn in kings,

now are dull and weak
She's burnt out
Nov 2021 · 59
Altered View
Bugs Spencer Nov 2021
Time is nothing more than a memory
My time is broken
It's been a month since I've breathed
It's been a month since I've seen

Time is nothing more than memory
Memory is my broken time
It's been a month since I've been heard
It's been a month since I've been seen

Time is just something I puzzle together
I am a part of someone I can't even remember
It's been a life of dissociation
It's been a life of splitting

My view of time is like flashes of a movie
Seeing parts of a story I create, yet
Never seeing it all come together
Never knowing the story of this body in full

Despite it all I love my altered view
I get to see the self-love within a mind
I watch the struggles and wins in here
and when I need to serve on front lines I will

This is the broken mind of a child
We are working together to be a machine
We are working to become a funcional army
Life has been war to us all and we are strong

If there is anything I wish people knew
It would be I am not someone scary like in "Split"
Some may think it's impossible though, I'm fake
But I'm here, don't underestimate what a mind will do to keep you safe
I have no idea how i feel posting this, but it's apart of my life. It's what i want to write and share. D.I.D a diagnosis I'm in therapy for.
Nov 2021 · 67
Bugs Spencer Nov 2021
When death takes my hand
           I will hold yours in my other
              And promise to find you in every afterlife
                      I promise to find you in every life and chance I have

I will fight to kiss you again, to hold you again, to see you just another time. Forever and always.
Nov 2021 · 65
My body is alive
Bugs Spencer Nov 2021
My body breaths, eats and walks
Yet, I hate my breath, how I eat and walking
When I breath it's labored
like my lungs never are fulfilled
When I eat I must be slow
like I'm about to burst
When I walk I'm in pain
like my legs are stiltes cracking
My body is not how I knew it

I hate my body as it seems so limited
I'm not even in my twenties
How can I grow to love my body?

I hate my body as no-one sees my limits
I'm not seen as someone who needs help
How can I grow to simply ask to use the elevator?
Oct 2021 · 459
Bugs Spencer Oct 2021
The world goes on around me
I watch as I'm unnoticed
A glance; I don't recognize me
My struggles they go
I'm working on being
It can be hard when you aren't
It can be hard when you had to be
It's the only way to survive I know
Oct 2021 · 89
No Longer Lying
Bugs Spencer Oct 2021
I close my eyes to listen
The wind caresses me
The trees whisper
The birds sing a melody
My eyes do not open

I blindly reach to feel
The winds whistle
The trees shake
The birds fly off
My hand finds the surface

I pull myself to live
The winds push me
The Trees gossip
The birds ignore me
My body is alive

I know they prefer me dead
The casket broke
The lies of "normal" are no more
The forcing of my mask no more
My eyes are open
Oct 2021 · 317
I'm Here Too
Bugs Spencer Oct 2021
At the table sit the able and fittest of society
Whether that be true or not does not matter
As they think of only others like them
The able and fit in society to benefit
And what of those not as able or fit?
They are forgotten, they have no place to sit
So a society stays benefiting only the "normal"
While the lives are gawked at and hurdlers bigger for the "abnormal"
Oct 2021 · 91
Many Things To Discover
Bugs Spencer Oct 2021
Am I lost or am I finding myself?
My feet carry me forward
Like I know the way
I don’t know the destination

Am I confused or am I confident?
My ears hear others call me lost
I continue like I know the way
I don’t know the destination

Am I finding myself in confidence?
My path is not easy or clear
I continue to find my way
I have many destinations to discover
Oct 2021 · 115
The Sun Meets the Moon
Bugs Spencer Oct 2021
Fire burns bright and warm
It’s orange hue casted across the earth
Warming the day and resting on her face

A shadow casted behind; the shape her perfect form
In that dark a mother brings life in birth
Her coolness brings peace and grace

Soon she will leave again
Even now the space is too much
I long to trace her face with my fingers
But because I give life, I can also bring death

You I can never hold
You I can never kiss
You I may destroy
So, watch from here I must
You I impossibly love
Sep 2021 · 111
Bugs Spencer Sep 2021
It echoes around me
there's no looking back
I'm leaving the cave
her name lines the walls
She is just an echo
The past fades
We are an echo
Sep 2021 · 70
Spoken Word
Bugs Spencer Sep 2021
I am ensnared by you
My lungs burn
My eyes clouded
My struggling stops
Your love is like a thorn
Pricking my skin
As I bleed I give you a band-aid
I speak what I notice
You have no will to change
Your stuck in a storm
I try to pull you out
But you choose to throw yourself back in
I know you can change
I know you can get better
I'm too tired, I have my own wounds
I have to save myself before I help you
But how can I leave?
I know you'll only spiral down more
but what about me?
Who do I put first?
Sep 2021 · 79
How Change Can Come
Bugs Spencer Sep 2021
In the dark I lived
In the dark I despised
Only catching glimpses of light
Through the cracks
Brief moments of over-excitement
Moments that had me deceived

But that isn’t my life
The darkness is not me
Breaking through to the light
Through the cracks
A lasting feeling of incitement
This is not a moment, this is a change

In the light I live
In the light I love
Only moments of shadows
From the clouds
I am stable, full of encouragement
I reach out, I reach to live
I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder about half a year ago which was a better explanation from my intense moments of depression and being so happy, ready to try and change my life only to fail because I fell into depression again.

I wrote this inspired by my experience with bipolar and how far I've come because with the proper diagnosis I was put on the right medication and given the correct coping skills to balance out my emotions. I feel in control finally of my life and it all came from reaching out and finding the right therapist which i also understand isn't always possible for everyone, but reaching out in your darkest moments to friends may severely help.
Aug 2021 · 25
Bugs Spencer Aug 2021
I am searching, I am seething
I am looking for the answers to why
"Bad things just happen to good people"
"This will make you stronger"
I know this might sound like a lie
but it didn't make me stronger
I'm just a kid

I was supposed to be protected
Milk was supposed to make me stronger
None of it was true for me
My trauma hiders my life
My body has been getting weaker
I'm just a kid

Now I am always affected
I won't push myself to break any longer
None of your opinions chain me
My trauma is mine to deal with
My body is mine to grow to love
And I'm just a kid

I am searching, I am seething
I am shouting the answers to why
Bad things happened and I can't be like you
I have made myself stronger
Hear me, my life is not a lie
I deserve to live a good life
I am not just a child
Aug 2021 · 52
Bugs Spencer Aug 2021
Addict, I am an addict
I never listened to how the clock ticked
My eyes burn as I watch another episode
My eyes burn as I am about to implode

Input, Input
Do I ever have an output?

Addicted, tell me I am
Feed a lamb the internet
Watch as they become consumed
Am I the lamb?

The children are being groomed
They watch you become doomed

Internet, Internet
Tell me are you our friend?
You give us so much in our lives
Tell me how many have you made bend?
Aug 2021 · 70
Bugs Spencer Aug 2021
So many walk around with their eyes closed
The masks cover the silent screams
Are we scared of what will be exposed?
How many are stuck in their own dreams

When you open your eyes, what do you see?
Will it make any one of us free?
Aug 2021 · 62
The Night
Bugs Spencer Aug 2021
Cold nights are my bittersweet song
It's where I feel as if I belong
It's where I no longer need to be strong
It's when I can cry, scream and curse the wind
The night is mine as I stay in it for so long

Moonlight light's up my bittersweet song
The paper says I do not belong
The paper says I am not strong
The paper is now gone
The night is mine as I stay in it for so long

The night rain has washed it away
The puddles wet my feet washing the mud away
The puddles soak my clothes ******* the warmth away
The puddles shine the moon back making my frown go away
Aug 2021 · 212
Bugs Spencer Aug 2021
Every word sends waves in my brain
I can close my eyes and see the rain
the beat thrums with my heart
sometimes it's all I have when nothing else remains
Aug 2021 · 4.3k
Direct Message
Bugs Spencer Aug 2021
words, I read them
they are stuck in my brain
words, I know who they are from
speak, but I stay in my lane

words, they slice my thumbs
sliding them across the screen
words, what have they made me become?
speak, but I'm only a teen

words, they made me succumb
can someone know my pain
words, can I ask someone to come
speak, "I need help to stay safe and sane"
Aug 2021 · 46
Relishing life
Bugs Spencer Aug 2021
Smiles are for
the days
you spend with
the best of friends

Smiles are for
the ways
that person
makes amends

Smiles are for
the rays
of sunlight
driving shadows

Smiles are for
the blaze
of fireworks
as it all ends

Smiles are for how it all ends,
the bittersweetness that life is.
Aug 2021 · 74
The movement
Bugs Spencer Aug 2021
Childish innocence broken
I cut my finger on the glass

When it's broken
you see past yourself

It's okay I am outspoken
my voice I won't pass

Speak to the heartbroken
another snake in the grass

Empathy unbroken
new history for the bookshelf
Feb 2021 · 537
Bugs Spencer Feb 2021
The past impacts
our future
our future
will be our past.
Jan 2021 · 78
Don't Believe
Bugs Spencer Jan 2021
Comparing is poison
It’s killing you and me
The lies of perfection
We ain’t going to believe  

They say beauty is the key
“All the fame, don’t you want to receive?”
It only costs my subjection
It only costs my connection
It only costs my affection

Good grades will only get you so far
“You need a fancy car”
They say, They say
Now I’m saying beauty is the key

What happened to me?
What happened to not falling into the lies
I wasn’t supposed to agree
Now my happiness dies

Beauty and perfection
Striving to always be better is an infection
Worthless is what I see in my reflection
I want to love my imperfection
Imperfections are perfection
Nov 2020 · 114
A tool or a weapon
Bugs Spencer Nov 2020
The weight seems to squeeze the air from your lungs
its a feeling that stays, doesn't it

The sharpest weapons are tongues
but they are also the kindest tools

The wielder of a mighty tool brings peace
so listen to the simple still non-still of earth

Breath in deep and use the kindest tool you have on you.
May 2020 · 123
The constant search
Bugs Spencer May 2020
I wonder do we ever know who we are because it seems to me everyone is searching for more.

They try to grasp at more of themselves discovering as they discover the world.

Spending time with freinds discovering more about one another.

I'm in the same boat looking into the mirror questioning myself to search for more within.

What lies beneath this skin?
May 2020 · 60
Perfect perfection
Bugs Spencer May 2020
You let it slip
your perfect perfection
a silent cry for help
playing it off as a joke
Apr 2020 · 50
The Edge
Bugs Spencer Apr 2020
You're a wreck, crying, lost at sea
Oceans of hurt and sadness surrounding
Baby I'm a wreck trying to swim
When my eyes met yours you reached out a hand
Thats when I found a piece of my homeland
It was you because you helped me through the grim
When we are both okay the sea is so peaceful
Its so crazy and I cry when your hurting
It hurst so deep because you make me think
A day, a month, a year with you gone
Deep away from the sun
It makes me realize that I need you in this world
I think this adventure together has only just begun
Apr 2020 · 45
Protection can hurt
Bugs Spencer Apr 2020
"Protect her eyes"
She was blind
"Protect her hears"
She was deaf
"Protect her words"
She was mute
"Protect our little girl from the world"
Blind and deaf she staggered
When the world ripped the tape from her mouth
She spoke so innocently
When the world took her ear plugs out
She heard things unknown
When the world stole her blind fold
She saw things evil and good
She couldn't defend herself
The world took advantage of this
It broke her
Mar 2020 · 51
Bugs Spencer Mar 2020
Are so **** annoying
I don't want to argue

Yeah, you blew it
I just want my baby

Just like destroying
Why can't you love me
Why can't I hate you
Feb 2020 · 61
Flying high
Bugs Spencer Feb 2020
My head sunk beneath
the water passing my teeth
Blinking my eyes in the deep blue
Strangely I felt like I could fly
Maybe if I flew I could touch the sky
The sound of serene green
The sea seems to wash away,
what was left of me
My soul now flies high
Soaring above the blue-green sea
My eyes looking all around
I am free
I am now reborn as a flying bird
Feb 2020 · 52
Bugs Spencer Feb 2020
I'm drowning
I can't explain it better
My struggles are above my head
Maybe i'd be better of dead
then I remind myself again
Don't listen to your brain
You'll be okay
Just take another breath in
Feb 2020 · 32
Bugs Spencer Feb 2020
I can feel it
the winds
They are pulling me
leading me
I travel with
the winds
They are my guide
Like I am the leaf
caught in a breeze
Feb 2020 · 50
Bugs Spencer Feb 2020
I can feel it
the poison spreading
I need you to
fall into my lies
No-one knows what's going on
They don't think I need help
Do you see it?
the poison spreading
Doctor, doctor!
You're killing me slow
Jan 2020 · 52
Bugs Spencer Jan 2020
I trusted you
I thought you spoke truth
I now know
You only whispered lies
Filling up my head with deceit
Now you can sleep in the street
I'm feeling worthless
Because you broke your promise
You spent the night in someone else bed
I trusted you not to cheat
But I was just a piece of cake to you
Now your just a piece of meat
to me, to me, to me
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