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Nov 2021
Time is nothing more than a memory
My time is broken
It's been a month since I've breathed
It's been a month since I've seen

Time is nothing more than memory
Memory is my broken time
It's been a month since I've been heard
It's been a month since I've been seen

Time is just something I puzzle together
I am a part of someone I can't even remember
It's been a life of dissociation
It's been a life of splitting

My view of time is like flashes of a movie
Seeing parts of a story I create, yet
Never seeing it all come together
Never knowing the story of this body in full

Despite it all I love my altered view
I get to see the self-love within a mind
I watch the struggles and wins in here
and when I need to serve on front lines I will

This is the broken mind of a child
We are working together to be a machine
We are working to become a funcional army
Life has been war to us all and we are strong

If there is anything I wish people knew
It would be I am not someone scary like in "Split"
Some may think it's impossible though, I'm fake
But I'm here, don't underestimate what a mind will do to keep you safe
I have no idea how i feel posting this, but it's apart of my life. It's what i want to write and share. D.I.D a diagnosis I'm in therapy for.
Written by
Bugs Spencer  18/Gender Fluid/Tennessee
(18/Gender Fluid/Tennessee)   
   Thomas W Case
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