Brianna Apr 2017

For the first time in a long time i didn't see your face or think of you when i kissed someone else. It felt good. The longing for it to be you didn't wash over me in a wave of guilt and annoyance.

Part 3 of 12. By the end of march i still couldn't finish this. I don't seem to care enough anymore. (Written - 7/03/2017)
Brianna Mar 2017

Every now and then we'd meet in his old dirty room which he no longer inhabited. We shared something we chose never to label for there wasn't any word to describe the things we did and the things we said. We became nocturnal, we found peace within the night and each other. Everything about him was so familiar; he was my home away from home. I found safety in his humour and the way he would sing out of the blue and play the tune within his fingers. The building which holds all of what we've done is to be demolished and nothing will be the same once it's gone. It was one of a kind... just like us.

I can't believe i'm going to lose one of my favourite places. I'm completely heartbroken.
Brianna Feb 2017

5:07 am: a man on a bike was riding exceptionally fast along a dead street. I smiled to myself. Where had he been? where was he going? was he leaving someone? or was he returning? The beauty in the moment is that i'll never know.

I hope he gets to where he needs to go.
Brianna Feb 2017

The way your body moves is fluent against the music playing. I am in awe at how you make the passion running through you seem so effortless. I could only dream of being able to really move and feel everything the music wants me to feel. But i have two left feet and spaghetti arms, so i'll be over here and you'll be extraordinary.

My goodness did you know how to dance...
Brianna Feb 2017

I drove by the place i used to spend hours roaming hoping to find you. Its been forever since we've been there at the same time. Somewhere along the way things changed for me and i can't bring myself to go back to that place and feel hurt over it. I think i only miss you now and then because i haven't found anyone else. You were in my dreams the other night, in a totally cliche kind of way, and even in my head you leave me dizzy and nauseous (in the best kind of way). But to be honest i don't think i could face you in real life, i'd be too embarrassed after what I've done. Though i never saw you when i wanted to anyhow, so i guess i still won't now. Overall, i miss you completely and i don't miss you at all.

Part 2 of 12. There's a fine line between forgetting you and missing you. (written 15/02/2017)
Brianna Feb 2017

It's your birthday today. It's another point in time that I won't share with you. Even after trying, I feel as if I can't even be a part of the friends that wish you a happy birthday on your fucking facebook wall. Most of the time now I don't even think about you or I see you as something to look back on fondly. Yet I'll see a photo of you and remember exactly why I fell for you and I remember the feeling of breathlessness. I'm always stuck convincing myself that I can't do this to myself again, so I forget. I forget to think of your eyes when I look at the stars. I forget to think of your smile when I feel the summer night car breeze blow through my hair. I forget to see your body when I look at the crashing ocean waves before me. I forget to see the ink on your skin when the sun sets over the mountains turning the sky orange. I forget about you… until I remember.

Part 1 of 12. I hope that i don't finish this because i want to wake up one day oblivious that it has been months since i thought about you.  (written - 07/01/2017)
Brianna Feb 2017

A boy on the train ran his fingers through his hair in the same way you used to. It was nice to remember... and then it wasn't.

Why the fuck do i still find pieces of you in the smallest of things?
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