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If you're lost
I'll lead you home
If you're lost
I'll lead the way
If you're lost
I'll help all I can
If you're lost
I'll follow you
If you're lost
I'll be lost too
Because I was born first I must always be well spoken
Because I was first born I have to take the first leap no matter how high the cliff is
Because I was first born I have to be both Dragon and Knight
Enemy and Defender
Obstacle and Protector
My shadow must cover her but let her light shine
Because she was born second she has to scream to be heard
Because she was born second she must make the biggest splash
Because she was born second she must fight the dragon and be its captive
She must shine so bright my shadow disappears
  Dec 2015 Aylin Soto-Aleman
I always wear a mask, but I tend to forget it with you
Masks are used when I'm scared of others spying the truth
The only truth I know is that with you, I am purely me
A me that likes to sing and spit and laugh and smoke some ****
I would be alright seeing you with her if you hadn't told me you loved me.
I wouldn't be so broken if you hadn't made me feel like I was the only girl in your world.
I wouldn't be so hurt if you hadn't promised me your unconditional love.
If you had left my heart alone, I wouldn't hate you.
I didn’t cry when you left
Neither did I say anything to anyone
I just kept quiet for a few days

But, I've observed everything
And suffered even more

That blue shirt,
Which you often used to wear
Is ironed and arranged
in the wooden closet

Your specs are still kept
on the television..
And the umbrella ..
waiting for the rainy season..

In The last rains
We were soaked and drenched
I did not touch your umbrella ..
I know,
That you do not like
If  your things are misplaced

I’ve told the cobbler
To mend your old shoe
Your watch is repaired
With a battery brand new

Taylor has stitched your pants
With a lining inside
Your bed is done
And mom waiting by its side.

Dad ....
I know
You will be tired by the journey
But this time,
Please stand still
And Rest for some time
I will take off your shoes
And massage your legs
To make you de-stress
Whatever you’ll say
I'll do it all
Just stand still
And be there

You know what dad ...
The last time you left ..
You left us shocked...

An English translation to the previous poem.
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