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 Jan 2020 Ashari Ty
Love someone who loves everything about you. Someone who loves everything they hate about you. Someone who believes in you. Someone who supports you. Someone who never brings you down. Someone who lifts you up. Someone who stays even when you're at your lowest. Someone who you'd do the same for.
That someone is you. Love yourself before you love somebody else.
 Jan 2020 Ashari Ty
I miss the time when someone whole-heartedley loved me. The time when love was simpler. The time I didn't love myself.

But now that I do, I ask myself why no one loves me like before.
The most important love is loving yourself. Even if you do love yourself, you'll still feel lonely sometimes, but that's part of loving yourself too - realizing that you're strong on your own.
 Oct 2019 Ashari Ty
Cherisse May
minsan ang sansinukob,
minsan ang namamagitan sa ating dalawa.
minsan ang kalawakan,
minsan ang hinihingi para makahinga.
 Oct 2019 Ashari Ty
 Aug 2019 Ashari Ty
 Aug 2019 Ashari Ty
H e's tired
A nother day passes by
D ictating the cannot be's
E nding each day in tears
N o one ever noticed
O ver and over again
U nderstanding nothing
G etting nowhere
H elping himself a final time
 Aug 2019 Ashari Ty
“Bebe padila”
Ingon niya sa akua

“Namiton kag tongue?”
Pangutana nako

Sabat niya

So gihimo nako as per request sang akong kasing kasing,
Nidasok, nitiyog akuang dila sa sulod
Up down kag sideways
Helicopter na sad ang akuang dila

Namitan man siya, nanamitan man ko

Nidako na akuang totoy,
ganahan na jud ko magdasok dasok sa iyaha

Pero dile raw, mas ganahan siya nga mudila lang ko

Nilagot sad ko,
“Piste ka? Gusto ra nimo na ikaw lang mugwasan? TONGUE INA MO!”

Sa sobra nako kalagot, ni tindog kog nihawa,
Piskot kaayo nagka kidney stones ko tungod sa iyang alat nga bilat

Mapatay na ko, isa ka tuig nalang
Pero naa gyapon siya...
 Jun 2019 Ashari Ty
Angela K
We make love
We make art
We make God
 May 2019 Ashari Ty
Erian Rose
When the lights go out
I lose myself

With every day over
Every night past
Looking in the mirror
I don't see who I am

A long ***** blonde
I'd cut to my ears
Leggings and dresses
Changed to pants
Tees with glitters
I'd change to plaid shirts
I wish I could be
More myself
Then how the world perceives me as

It's always as I see
Staring into the mirror
Where I see myself
In the body of someone else

I lose myself
When the lights go out
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