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k e i
F/ph    erratically stringing up words as if a necklace of teeth (or bones). reach me:
Erian Rose
18/Non-binary/Based in Wisconsin    Xe/They / HS '23 / Published Poet, Translator, Journalist, Working Editor & Lit Magazine Founder
19/F/Philippines    Trying to write poems
kiran goswami
18/F    I write. I read. Slytherin Always ❀
Cherisse May
F    Random ramblings and midnight murmurs of everything and absolutely nothing all at once. Frequently visited by depression, sadness, and loneliness. Also, sad breakfast club.
19/F    Hi, I love you :)
A boy with a thorn in his side.
26    I will write till the last metaphor ran out its life, till the silenced be heard.
Hisham Alshaikh
25/M/Earth    Just trying to write simple elegant poems. Twitter: h1sh4m Instagram: h15h4m
Bright Violet
Madisen Kuhn
25/Cisgender Female/Charlottesville, VA    @madisenkuhn | | author of eighteen years + please don't go before i get better + almost home
πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬    Wield them proud for they are your own. Words are yours to cast in stone. Unsheathe them with reason and rhyme. Reveal them so they ...
Tiana Marie
19/F    Literature is a symphony, and we read it for the same reason we listen to music: it makes us feel something.
Day Wing
Philippines    "Don't find peace, find passion" -something I live by :) an excerpt from the Mara Dyer Trilogy A writing enthusiast, chemistry geek, table tennis player, ...
M/Manila    An introvert that goes extrovert with little effort. Loves to observe, to learn and to discover. Art, writing, drawing, coffee and the color red appeals ...
Non-binary    Something's bleeding out of me Whatever it is, it's viscous
25/F/Philippines    Someday you will find me..
Ysobelle Valdevieso
17/F/Philippines    Sad Breakfast Club
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