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  Dec 2015 Ashley Lani Cross
/                                  /             /           /    /           /    /
/             /                       //          /        / /        /
/           /     /    /             /                       /        /       /    /
//               /        /     ••        /               /    / /
/      /           /      •••   /                 /   /
/            /         •lift me up over-          /             /
/      /    head•for i only seek to shelter    /      //
          you•from the sun who'd scorch you red          /
•from monsoon rains that'll chill you blue•you
may at times think i'm cumbersome to carry•when
the winds of change put you in all kinds of weather•
but i can collapse and fold... i stow away easy•keep me
close and i will spring to your aid... whenever, wherever•
such           is my           pro-   ••   mise           to...           you•
•                   •                  •       ••      •                  •                   •
•••            cta-                   
•••          ble                 

soon you'll find my words to be true•
that i'd forever be your brolly
For my family.

Concrete Poem 22 of 30

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Words are painful

But they mean nothing

              Your a actions are deathly
                But they are unseen

Tell me again

One more time

   Your going to change
Skin to skin

Breath to breath

Body to body

The only drug

That steals my breath

Your my addiction
There is nothing

But emptiness

So build your fortress

And become the light
  Nov 2015 Ashley Lani Cross
You're made up of layers
more than a hundred of them
but when you peel a few
they thought they already know you
impressed, appalled to see you
baring your soul, opening yourself
and you find it funny
and you find it kinda sad
because to you it's nothing
like a small scratch on a surface
nothing but just a few layers off
and you have a hundred more to go.
  Nov 2015 Ashley Lani Cross
That year was so cold
As cold as that winter that wouldn't end
All I remember about that year
Was how little I fit in anywhere
How I connected with no one
How I sat alone at school
While in a room with 40 others

I lost count of how many hours I spent
Alone in my parents cold garage
Sitting in my car that needed a new motor
Watching the snow fall from the window
And the breath rise from my mouth

All the times I sat staring at a handful of pills
Too broken to go on, but too scared to sign out
Caught in endless torment, with no future in sight
Half of me not caring anymore
Half wanting so bad to hold on

I never imagined I'd survive that year
Or the next, then 5, and 10
Or have the life that I have today
But I am evidence that all of it's true

And giving up too early in life
Is like throwing your cards down too soon
You just might be holding a king or a queen
But it might take you more time to know

by Lj Mark
A very true account of my life at 17 years old.
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