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The actions are there
though the feeling is not
you say it but i don't believe it
you look and act a certain way
you may be able to fool all the others
But not me
you want it
you chase it or leave me out of it
**** your beautiful lies
**** your perfect smile
**** your bleach blonde hair
**** all of your denial
**** your adorable awkwardness
**** your enticing body
**** your continuous niceness
****  your amazing personality

**** my love for you...
I still want him when I have someone else </3
©LogenMichel copyright 2015
Do people actually fall in love?
I've never wanted to dance
in the road in a rain shower
with a man so beautiful
he makes my chest hurt.

No one has ever made
my heart skip a beat,
except when it was fear.

Do people actually fall in love?
It all seems like lust to me.
Lust is such an empty thing.
Love is supposed to be warm,
Burning hot, even.
It's supposed to make you feel full.
But lust is all I see,
Like a match,
Intense and fiery,
But fleeting.

It's not love.
I have been gone
don't get me wrong with that
but when i was gone i have done a many of good things
i have traveled the world and landed in remote islands
focusing on helping the poor
there is so much that i can do
but i always feel like i don't do enough
dressing those who have no cloths
cleaning houses and painting them
there was so much to do
but not enough time
then out of the blue you were standing there
i did not know you
but you caught my eye
but then you decided that later you would kiss me
this was the most awful idea you had
was there anything else
i did not turn to any one
but to distract my self i played with the poor kids
give them all my attention because they needed it
but to remind you you made a bad decision one after the other
we are two worlds apart
two different planets
you could never have me
very day i get up
do my daily routine
but things do not change
but i chose to move forward
you choose to stay back
i want better
you don't want change
i want education
you want to be a drug addict
you have inhabited the ways of a child
for that is how you act
there is so much that i hope changes
but i cant tell you anything
you wont listen
so all i can do.... is sit back and pray
to my brother that i want to see off the streets and in a home with my family and to stop being the person h is. he has potential, i have always been there for him and now there is nothing that i can do. things have gotten to the point where they seem almost unbearable
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