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 May 2022 AprilDawn
Glenn Currier
Being in first light
I can see lamps lit
and the clouds strewn across the gray dawn.
From the east
the sun whispers greetings
of the new day.

Being in first light
I wonder what faces I will see for the first time
whose hand I will see reaching out to mine
that first grip always telling me something
about the gripper
making me curious
about him and his world.

Being in first light
the western horizon is still dark
its terrain unknown.
What adventures will reveal themselves
and beckon me beyond the barriers
of my comfortable world
as the sun rises?

Being in first light
neither foreground or background
are fully visible yet.
This state of mystery
gives me a tingle of excitement
and wonder.

I think I like
this moment
of first light.

Written at first light 7-20-18
As I began this poem it was indeed first light seen through floor-to-ceiling windows from high in a hotel placed kindly on the Oklahoma USA countryside. As I wrote I thought of a new group I am joining, not knowing personally anyone in it, wondering who and what it will reveal to me as the sun rises.
 May 2022 AprilDawn
Mrs Timetable
The vibe of you makes me melt
But not so I can sleep
Puddle of emotions
Cannot be explained
You let me inhale
A trace of that vibe
And it's all I need
Just knowing you are there
Stole the empty memory
 May 2022 AprilDawn
new voices soon will sing.
nestled eggs under mothers breast.
 May 2022 AprilDawn
 May 2022 AprilDawn
Its the age between petal and
In the air that the woodland
From the darkness of the night
To the linen mornings wear
From a kingdom underwater
To being masters of the air
 Nov 2020 AprilDawn
He cried like rain
And screamed like thunder

And I

I was a quiet river deafened by his storms
 Jun 2018 AprilDawn
Francie Lynch
I would've given birth
To you,
Endured whatever
Mothers do.
Instead, I did
What Dads do.

I rocked you
Til my future shook;
Watched you til
I couldn't look.
As you changed,
I changed too,
To do the things
That Dads do.

You were bathed,
Dressed and fed;
I loved you so much
I was saved.

If there's credit,
Well, I get it,
For teaching you to read.
I took the blame
When you got bored
With school's ABC's.

I followed you
In all your roles,
Your teams,
Your solos,
Your trips,
Your shows.
First to clap,
Last to sit;
I taped it all,
From start -
To finish.

I taught you
How to tie a lace,
Ride a bike,
Golf and skate.
When time arrived
For you to drive,
You learned
On standard,
Never stranded,
You came home alive.

Your highs
I took in stride,
By example taught
Humility's pride.
Your lows,
I couldn't internalize,
I dropped my guard
With my eyes.

When Dad's do well
It's a double edge,
The future wedge.
The world
Desired you too.
I don't dismiss
What mothers do,
But when Dads do well,
Both lose you.
Repost: Happy Father's Day, Dads everywhere.
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