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6.1k · Apr 2014
Pink Flamingo
AprilDawn Apr 2014
Secret wish

stands hidden
cliché riddled
green patch
this neon bird


red capped
garden dwellers

serenely seated
bookish girl

half-dead fern

leans towards
hot pink beacon

salvation bent

crescent moon
feathery palm shadows
with curved arms
against the
bamboo fence

earthbound desires

My desire for a  kitschy pink flamingo  was  strong in my garden we kept in Houston burbs so many years ago. I never got one for it .
4.7k · Jun 2014
Scattered Blossoms
AprilDawn Jun 2014
as though a small town
beauty pageant winner
paraded through 
local roads  
tossing sweet petals
like fist-fulls of  candy  
from her seat perched high above
this fragrant litter
purged  in layers
from the Catalpa tree
with its divinely
heart-shaped leaves
plainly remains
      an organic  shade
for the neighbor's
ratty shed

This  is  a poem I began to write  7 years ago in Massachusetts ! I realized this  tree also existed  in my  neighbor's back yard where I live now about 2 years ago  ,  a truly  delightful discovery.The shape of  this tree   was  different  and that had thrown me, in identifying it.One day  my nose was clear enough to smell the flowers on the  stepping stones on my way to the car and  the fragrance  catapulted me back to  that  big   tree  in New England.
4.6k · Aug 2014
AprilDawn Aug 2014
I stand stunned
in awe
as you
sleekly shimmer by
in a fabulous flurry
of lustrous  lapis blue  
and jubilant  jade green
not sure where you are
knowing that
wherever you wind up
glamour glides  
along as a
  constant companion
They  are  like  the sparkling fairies  of the insect world aren't they ?
4.0k · Sep 2014
Pumpkins and Palm Trees
AprilDawn Sep 2014
Our solar lamps  
plead for more sunshine
as they die 
 in the middle of dinner
every night
even  in this  stark Texas
  late afternoon light
        all the while
I can still
get a beastly burn
the faintest suggestion
of Fall
wafts through
the chilled
grocery store air
with frothy pumpkin lattes
maybe if I stare long enough
at the neighbor’s
front porch
loaded with  gaudy gourds
I can almost
trick myself
into feeling
My years in Houston  , 2002-2006 and the fake feeling of traditional northern  Fall  with  that weird dichotomy of pumpkins and palms in still hot weather.Finished poem today.
2.8k · Apr 2014
AprilDawn Apr 2014
slowly  settles  
over tall brick
cookie cutter houses
cornflower sky
  licks the swirly pink
cotton candy clouds
the orange sherbet
This day is all  done
except for  the sleeping .
A beautiful  sunset dog walk in the burbs of Houston.
2.8k · Jun 2014
The Peonies
AprilDawn Jun 2014
in my lover's garden
wait for late
to bloom  
these ***** pink flowers
burst out of their bush
round up
every crystal  vase
empty wine bottles
before their heads
get too heavy
these vibrant days
are numbered
until their yearly
swan dive
face down
to the  fertile  ground
He does have the  most lush   peonies I have ever seen .
2.7k · Apr 2014
Bright Green Needles
AprilDawn Apr 2014
jab at the moon
frame the shot
a perfectly manicured
golf course.
I also  take pictures of different things , mainly   since  we got a digital camera in 2005.Downloaded  these pics from a dog walk one night   and  a poem came right  to mind.
2.7k · Apr 2014
AprilDawn Apr 2014
Your love lingers inside me
like mulling spices
in an empty jar.
April 2006
This poem has a picture of  an empty jar of mulling spices on a window sill.It is the jar that inspired this poem. Sometimes I would take off the lid  to just smell it  .There , but not there .
2.6k · Apr 2015
AprilDawn Apr 2015
in the catalpa tree
beautiful daddy flits
and flutters by
plane jane mama sits
in the branches
on patrol
spring  storms savage
this little winged family
  Lily cat's restless prowl
anticipates the promise of eggs
is ever guaranteed
You just never know which way the winds of life will blow
2.5k · Mar 2015
AprilDawn Mar 2015
coyly hid  
behind a snow skirt
twirling around trees
teased and taunted
pleased kids
filled with glee
for days  on end
then flaunted
as  they remained  school free
no respite really
as winter's will
snow storm Thor
hammered  down
all around
and temperatures
chilled  to nil
temptress Spring
showed up again
pockets of mud  
her  calling card
Here in Kentucky  we had a massive snowstorm, almost two feet of snow  a few days back .Not normal for around here.Warmer weather   can not come soon enough for us ...
2.2k · Sep 2016
Barbeque Smoke
AprilDawn Sep 2016
still hangs in the night air
from holiday meals  
long grilled
the only light  I see
is above
the crescent  moon
and a triangle of stars
boasting of Saturn  
and Mars
plus the  bonus planet  Antares
as I stumble 
yet again
 through the lawn
to find  those
half sunken stepping stones
  on  tilted  soil
headed towards the back porch
where Lily cat meows
  loudly for her supper
by the back door
Impressions of last Labor Day
2.1k · Apr 2014
Hot Pink
AprilDawn Apr 2014
Texas early night sky

like deserted islands
next to rumpled bed

fake hibiscus in bloom
clipped onto curtains

favorite lip glosses
cradled in basket
on vanity sink

sparkly bead earrings  
displayed   in
see-through pockets
on stuffed closet door

silken blouse draped
on spare chair
awaiting an outing

candy wind  hibiscus
sways in the breeze
a playground for lizards

my face
when I realize
you are looking at me
handsome man
An exercise  from a writing class  using a favorite color  .By this time, I was  noticing handsome men again.
2.0k · May 2014
AprilDawn May 2014
by those  beats
sweep me
right into a groove
Anywhere from sad to glad
as long I can feel
them pulsing
through the floor
I think I am
going to be
Music , always good for what ails you
2.0k · May 2014
Bird of Paradise
AprilDawn May 2014
Storm savaged fronds
still flower
tucked away
for another day’s  
punk  spiked  blooms
hide inside
a deftly
French braided core.
The famed  playground  for  mice   plant  , took a beating through some extreme weather .Still stood  tall  and made some beautiful  flowers.
AprilDawn May 2014

Hot biscuit of cheesy pleasure
come hither
I shall greet you with parted lips,
lust apparent in every cell.
don't shy away-
for you are mine alone
to savor ,
this  achingly empty basket
soon awaits my
lonely countenance.
Laine G and I   shared a common love  of   Red Lobster cheese  biscuits   ,  after a visit to the doctor  ,  my   friend was told her cholesterol was too high, and she would have to  cut way back  - I  wrote this for  her  :
Sworn Enemy

Cheese- riddled biscuit denial
discs from Hell
demand my unwavering allegiance
no more
for only in my dreams
are you innocent.
I wanted to tag these  poems" explicit" ! Love of  food  can be just  that ,  as well  as,  being told  you can't have it anymore...
2.0k · Apr 2014
AprilDawn Apr 2014
make a  great pillow
tired dog butts.
An observation of  the past two dogs I owned. If there was patch of pansies  , they would plunk down right on them !
1.9k · Apr 2014
Ink Pen
AprilDawn Apr 2014
for  a quick jot
it’s in  there somewhere
fumble under
my last vacation’s
embroidered coin purse
bunched up nose  tissues
pink lip liner
yesterday’s crumpled
grocery receipts
a neon yellow memory
  falls out  of my hand
and screams ****** ******
in the middle
of  a quiet  hallway.
How a random  object  in your daily  goings on can take you right back to a specific  time and place  .That one spoke volumes.
AprilDawn Oct 2014
Gnomes out back who fuss and moan,
The weeds are too high they continue to groan,
I feel for them I really do,
But they know I am busy with so much too.
Ungrateful resin folk who cop an attitude about a few colorful sprigs,
Despite the fact they live in such lavish digs.
So some spiky ends of greenery may tickle their noses,
While they continue to hold their impish poses.
In fact I am planning a surprise for their flower bed,
Rainbow rock pebbles and new mulch will soon be spread,
Plus multiple squirts of ****-be-gone,
Next week you'll see a whole new lawn.
As I shell out more loot to keep this bit of paradise lovely-
I keep my eyes wide open for signs of impending mutiny.
My last day  in  college creative writing  class spring 2005, this was my exam  .I had  an hour to write this piece   and it had to rhyme .Flying by the seat of my pants , I wrote  about  my then backyard. This sealed my final grade  at the college for that course.An "A"!
1.7k · Dec 2014
What is snow?
AprilDawn Dec 2014
I no longer
seem to know
roses busily
this time of year
flaunt themselves
over the fence
I hold my mug
while mulling
over warm cider
a  cheap steam
for my face
is born
The Houston  winters ....2002-2005
1.7k · May 2014
Solar Garden
AprilDawn May 2014

Like stars
Low to the ground

Luminous orb
Under pygmy palm

Tiny Frog
Riding rainbow lit lily pad

Rhine maiden spotlighted

On small rock pond


Pagoda lanterns
On glass bar

Mirrored in pool

Seated reading girl
Nestled near tiny mimosa tree
Shimmering butterfly flutters by

Crackled globe
Casts speckled glow
Towards gnomes seated below

Peeking out through
Bushy philodendrons
Faux mosaic lamps

Cloudy days
Leave dark marks
Empty holes

Longing for lost luster
Early 2005  one of my first  free form poems  I ever wrote.It describes our suburban  green patch   in Texas  . It was  published in my college  literary magazine  and garnered  my Professor's  praise   .
1.7k · May 2014
European Getaway
AprilDawn May 2014
Border patrol checkpoint
empty again
made our passports  obsolete
to declare anyway
lush greenery
barely changes
from country to country
overcast skies
precariously straddle
ancient vineyards
still yield
magnificent drops
castles crumble
a little more everyday
not even the towering pines
can save them
moody melodies strum
around my head  
forever framing
this summer’s trip
just a little
than the years
My parents lived in Germany half the 80's and all the 90's  , and would invite us over from the US for  a summer  vacay   nearly every year .Political landscapes  changed during those years  , as did our everyday lives  .
1.6k · May 2014
There You Stood
AprilDawn May 2014

Written in May 2014. Saw  these  stunning   red  hibiscus plants at Sam's Club the other week  and it took me back  to the one we lost   almost a decade ago.
1.6k · Nov 2014
Uncommon Grounds
AprilDawn Nov 2014
My heart scans
for a familiar face
through throngs
of strangers
as they scatter
pell mell
around me
eager shoppers
casing brightly lit
  sale stuffed store fronts
while seduced
by the siren song of fresh coffee  
coupled  with
sticky sweet  cinnamon buns
the bitter fact
swallows  me
whole again
you no longer reside
of  my dreams
In the weeks , months  and even the first year  after my husband's brutal death in 2002  , the occasional mall  visit  would turn into bleak despair  every time . I automatically  scanned faces  looking for him, until I remembered suddenly  that he was dead.   I felt like I was on an island  of  heartbreak in the middle of a crowded  mall. Life rushed past me during those times  , and I felt   like a total outcast, nothing in common with  everyday life anymore.
1.5k · Sep 2015
AprilDawn Sep 2015
mid afternoon
summer sun
hide and peek
through sky high
leaf umbrellas
we all scrambled
past the picnic table
for the perfect light
to frame
that young face
just right
her smile
is never really
in the shade
we finally found  
some spots
that made the shots
and marked
another day
of family life
in any frame
A labor day picnic , trying to move forward with loss, yet  the undertone of sadness  still  peeks around  everyday corners.
1.5k · Apr 2014
Baubles and Beads
AprilDawn Apr 2014
Precious stones
or even just
paste pretenders
   threaded through
polished perfection
sunlight kept hostage
mirrored moon glow
tiny shiny planets draw
foreign bodies into orbits
while blinking stars
frame infinity
on fragile human canvas
spilling faceted
upon even  dullest of
Yes, this  is  a girly thing.Talking about  jewelry< sighs at  self).That was written  at least  five years before my daughter Stefanie Meade  started making hers.I get these flights of fancy   it seems...
1.5k · May 2014
AprilDawn May 2014
flavored air
under the back  door crack
Anticipation hangs
over the pool
in waves
dog cries  
pierce the morning calm.
Our resident  senior hound  Soph    use to get some of those nibbles   from  bacon mornings.Now her tummy can't handle them  anymore....
1.5k · May 2014
Potzberg Park
AprilDawn May 2014
I don't want to eat you
cute chickens
in crisp pantaloons
Not hungry
Two ******* please
Cole slaw
Biscuits and honey
Mashed potatoes and gravy
I don't want to eat you
I don't want to eat you
Popeyes,Lee’s, KFC-
Are your chickens this pretty?
An animal petting zoo/park  we visited    back in the day when our  daughter was younger  and  a lifetime of  fried chicken dinners .Those were such pretty chickens.Yes, I did say that .
1.4k · May 2014
Thunder Rolls
AprilDawn May 2014
quick sprays
juicy consumables
glisten  languidly
edible jewels
draw  my gaze
my hands reach out
aching for  their
***** flavors
implied feasts
dance wickedly
in my imagination
enticed by clever
marketing execs
the farmers
hard work
Shopping  for groceries in Randall's once  a few years back , I was  wandering through  the  produce section  when  the sound of rolling thunder   came out of nowhere .It was  dry  and warm   outside   ... I had only come in a few minutes   earlier.The misted fruit did it's job though, luring  me to buy some !
1.4k · May 2014
AprilDawn May 2014
sturdy suitcases
filled with anticipation
horizon bound
vibrating wings
slice through days
as clock hands capture
slippery sweet memories
hope rides up the mountain
curves through vineyards
and down nurtured valleys
still harbor liquefied pain
good-bye hangs on the landscape
a spirit- lit lantern
guides weary travelers
Our  European vacation 10 years ago. Old memories and new memories  lived  in tandem  during that  trip.
1.4k · Apr 2014
It Must Be
AprilDawn Apr 2014
to be
a butterfly
       on a really
         windy day
A simple ponder....
1.4k · Jul 2014
Hummingbird Convention
AprilDawn Jul 2014
Fast winged
ruby throat-ed beauties  
for  sweet red nectar
on a cloud covered July day
in the rolling
Kentucky countryside
with a gazebo backdrop
from the perfect vantage
of a serene sun room
decorated in bamboo
and family memories
My fiance's  granny  has this wonderful sun room on the back of her house over looking part of her  property.She was hemming a dress of mine last week  , and  looking out  the windows   were scads of beautiful hummingbirds.
1.3k · Apr 2014
Wild Rosebush
AprilDawn Apr 2014
Modest beauties
whose creamily dabbed
orange, pink
yellow blossoms
despite tender care
died this spring
a speckled lizard
lurks inside
their empty talavera ***
next to the cheap blue
sun umbrella
that blows over
with every breeze.
Roses my daughter  tended in our  Houston  'burbs  garden.We  dealt with our share of  plant deaths  .
1.2k · Mar 2015
AprilDawn Mar 2015
my aching mind
through the places
I have
from young  girl
new wife
baby in life
am I doing this right
these question  burned holes in my
early widow
murdered mate
fear and loss  
stomped me like a
a buffalo
start a  chapter anew
didn't know what to do
just keep head up
look for the light
somehow it will be alright
another partner
from school bus days
makes his way into
my heart
more love
scary accident
crushes my body
just for awhile
daughter marries
changes change again
at night
the pretty lights
keep me
A sleepless  night's  ramblings
1.2k · Apr 2015
My Caravan
AprilDawn Apr 2015
no longer  careens
along the fringes  of life
this gypsy soul ‘s
  nomadic  urges  
long since quelled
I've  roamed
so many hills and dales
crossed oceans and
floral seas
here  I  remain  
serenely  sunlit
  by your dancing
sky blue eyes
our love syncs
deeper into  
the loving folds of time
only the bitter promise  of death  
will  part
our paths
This circus  has been set down  ! I am home, sweet, home  and have been for the past  7 years now . My Eddie ,thank you. Version  edit 2
1.2k · Oct 2014
Bragging Rights
AprilDawn Oct 2014
those colors
do look fabulous
on you
  that  old shack
never looked so good
arm-like branches
with suggestive  swagger
all check me out  
my  brazen Fall foliage  
is what makes
  this dirt ditch
ramshackle  place
somebody's  shabby chic
rustic Americana  
I am green eyed
with envy
as we pass
your piece of the world
that  fountain of youth
your  molecules
you super  cool
  a local  icon  
as long as
no one
chops you down
Local trees  got  autumnal game right  now.Coming into their own , and not to shy to  show it all off..
1.2k · Oct 2014
Fall Back
AprilDawn Oct 2014
Autumn's orange
sprawled over
drab suburban corners
a feast of  seasonal glory
pumpkin patch fever
for all to behold
corn mazes
so many  wanderers
thirsty for  the egress
fresh apple cider waits
just around
that perfectly placed hay bale  
to quash dry mouths
and energize
tired  feet
that  press onward
winter’s dreary
The  things I missed most living overseas, was  traditional American northern  Fall  activities.Farm  visits , hay rides...I have  enjoyed  doing them again over the past six years .
1.2k · Apr 2014
Saturday, 7:30 PM
AprilDawn Apr 2014
Half-moon pops out of cadet blue sky's pocket
no stars yet tonight

Neighbor's worn white chimney
looms above
six foot cedar fence
laden with returning fuchsia Bougainvilleas

Overgrown Bird of Paradise stretches
wind slashed leaves
in desperate hopes of letting
light into its heart

Mosaic stepping stones
mark a vivid trail
to so many plants
whose names I do not know
that continue to bloom and grow

Caribbean blue metal lizard scampers
across garage wall
as nearby pensive garden goddess
gently cradles dead blossoms
in cupped palms

A lone Blue Jay glides over
the pollen dressed
pool surface
toward willowy flowers
in terracotta pots
that are busy sending
fragrant messages
to my patch of suburban serenity.
This one got published  in my college literary magazine in  early 2006.I miss  this garden  in the burbs  of Houston. Like I knew I would.
1.2k · May 2015
Batter Up
AprilDawn May 2015
bring it
little Louisville Slugger
poised for action
hits just the right spots
crack of the bat
such simple satisfaction
smack down
into the crowd
hungry for the win
eyes light up
its another
  homerun baby
Not actually about baseball! I do ,however, use  a  miniature Louisville slugger  from my stepkids to crush our bunny  shaped cheese crackers for our tuna patty dinners. Word it !
1.2k · May 2014
Mouse Condo for Rent
AprilDawn May 2014
Hidden away
From prying eyes
Rooms with a view
Prime real estate
Tropic locale
Lake front property
Mature landscaping
Well lit
24-hour guard
Comfy digs
Classic interiors
Shady when needed
Sunny in its heart
Ideally suited
For family life
Or just hanging
With friends
See agent lizard
For details
To start your life
In Paradise
A bird of paradise  plant in a corner of  our  backyard in the burbs of Houston.One day my daughter and I noticed  a bunch of  mice  swinging  all over  the   flowers ! Out of my warped mind came this  cracked poem.I read this at a poetry reading ( and brought the  picture for afterward ) and   got  a  great  review  for my style  of  reporting  the  incident !
1.2k · Apr 2014
Stage Fright
AprilDawn Apr 2014
Look at me
but not too close
you'll see lines
you'll see my pain
you'll see I was loved
you'll see my fear
you'll see my coffee drinking habits
when I smile in your direction
Look at me
but not too close
you'll see I loved someone
you'll see I lost someone
you'll see my broken heart
Look at me
but not too close
I am aging while we speak
so are you
but I've got the head start
Look at me
but not too close
and see my laughter
bubbling up
from deep inside
and here's hoping I don't snort !
My speech class when I went  back to  college in 2005. I was only one   of two  over  35 year olds...
1.2k · Apr 2014
AprilDawn Apr 2014
glints off my
mostly golden red  hair
blossoms  push over
winter’s last hurrah
even a snow  flake
wouldn’t dare last long
on  those  verdant petals .

April Y-J  2007
A compilation of winter related  poetry I have written over the past decade. is  my focus as I  am currently relishing   this  slowly arriving spring weather   after  a seemingly endless  hard winter.
1.1k · May 2014
Closet Encounters
AprilDawn May 2014
I inhale fuchsia
I feel amethyst purple envelope me
I breathe out turquoise
I crave coral
I cling to royal blue
I am entranced by lilac
I let  maraschino cherry red invigorate me
I spy light spring  green
Navy sails away with me
I  get  elegantly persuaded by  classic black
every stitch
has my rapt attention
nuances take center stage
each piece
has a tale
to spin
of past encounters
while fantasies of
future engagements
shine brilliantly on teeming racks.
Looking through my walk in closet one day ( back 2006 oh how I miss it  too), this  poem  sprung to mind.I think   it is a very girly  themed poem   focused on  colors  and  plans  !When I wrote this  the actual color  mentioned  was  typed in that color.That is  not possible  on this site.
1.1k · Dec 2014
Cranky Pants
AprilDawn Dec 2014
much care
go ahead
try to spread
  your holiday
cheese ball cheer
wrap me up
in flashy lights
roll me down
candy cane lane
  there still
ain’t enough
in the world
  to cover up
After my husband died  , there were a few Christmas times  where I just had a hard time coming up with the spirit.This Christmas  will probably be another , because  we have to put our  older pup to sleep  tomorrow. I already miss her.
1.1k · Apr 2014
AprilDawn Apr 2014
Out of a swirl of nonsensical  
scenes jumbled
through my dreamscape
a man with no face
planted a deep kiss
on my lips
his urgency knocked me
out of my sheets
in the middle of the dark
aware only
of that aching gap
  sitting inside me
filled for a moment  
by a shadow man.
In the years after  the intense initial  deep mourning was  over   for my  husband of  nearly 20 years  and the realization  that I still had  love to give   and share , came this poem  outlining   my inner craving for  another partner.
1.1k · Sep 2016
Escaping Rita
AprilDawn Sep 2016
Chased mercilessly
over well- worn tar
palpable loss pushes
a sable brush
dunked in dread
a furious deluge
of fear
oozes out
blackens every inch
of familiar landscape
what if’s
eat through
the still static blue horizon
making a meal
of unborn dreams
slaked only by
hastily grabbed
coupled with
ragged spirits
that desperately
haul hope north
safe haven
on strange soil
still dark hours
Hot on the heals of  Hurricane Katrina   in New Orleans , August of 2005  was Hurricane  Rita  barreling  our way  when my daughter and  I lived in the  Houston area . It veered off  and spared our home at the last minute  and went off  towards  the Texas /Louisiana line  , but fear  guided our every action as we evacuated  we saw our home   and our lives  hanging in the balance .The horrific devastation   coming across our tv screens and computers   from one state over chased us into  the safety of  the Round Rock near Austin area after  driving   in bumper to bumper traffic for  over 9 hours  up north. Normally  that trip would be  only around 3 hours, but as the population of Houston and it's surrounding areas   headed  to safety,  nerves  were tight and cell phones went out .
1.1k · Jul 2015
AprilDawn Jul 2015
in the distance
Really ?
today is July 6
a slight breeze flutters
through sweetly bedded petunias
my shirt waves freely
after a long  day
of  goodbye
battle wearied  body
in  limbo
every hug ,tear and laugh
your  legacy of love
spans  the globe
fills  rooms
with memories
and regrets
that clock
is not your friend
it ticks away
marking the last moments
spent in our midst
not that long ago
we all watched
on your front porch
rip gary
1.1k · Oct 2015
AprilDawn Oct 2015
fragrant with lies
temptation personified
carnal knowledge
will be denied
made for another
who's lips
will drip
stained  with Eve's
Honestly, this was  a frozen pie I baked for a meal at church , I wouldn't be  attending that night .The smell of it cooling down  and the  vanilla-cinnamon sugar I sprinkled on top nearly drove me mad with  desire .  I remained  steadfast ,not even stealing a nibble  and sent it in  for others to devour.I didn't mean it to rhyme ...
1.1k · Jul 2014
AprilDawn Jul 2014
by my neighbor's
sumptuous sunflowers
whose seedy faces
reach for the  summer  sky
propped up by their leggy stems
gracing  that  dirt driveway
these yellow bursts of flower power
may not linger 
 too much longer
for a sulky summer storm
waits wickedly
in the wings
Every year I have lived here  , I anxiously await  these  tall beauties.They usually last   a while  unless a violent summer  storm  takes them.I make sure to catch a photo  to capture each year's  glory.
1.1k · Apr 2014
I Wrote This Poem
AprilDawn Apr 2014
about something else
it wandered off
on a tangential excursion
backpack fully loaded
before I knew it
the cows
had come home
and the gate
was closed.
The first creative writing course I  took in college ( 1983!) , my professor  use to say that in my writings I tended to wander off on tangents. When I tell stories  to  people  this also happens often.  I made   fun of myself in this poem.
1.0k · Sep 2015
Repeat Offender
AprilDawn Sep 2015
on waves of
sheer exhilaration  
for those summer
  worn  bodies  
hungry for  horizons
enveloped in  
  colorful palettes
fall is courted
with the best
of intentions
a clearly
moody lover
   who year after year
whispers goodbye
in piles of leaves        
         among rapidly
vanishing  vistas
We were all  counting down to Fall it seems this year  , and  honestly  the  beautiful part of the season rushes by way too fast before barren landscapes and cold  remain for what seems like months on end  ...
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