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  Jun 16 Puds
Francie Lynch
Napoleon stayed in Elba,
Pulling his bone apart;
Lenin was in Siberia,
So deep, none heard him ****.
Adolph passed his time in Landsburg,
Hardening his heart;
And Don's in Mar-a-Lago
Perfecting his Con art.
He's no Monte Cristo,
Righting perceived wrongs;
He'll fleece all his believers,
In stealth, like Viet Cong.
All tyrants. All imprisoned (some self). All defeated. One still living.
  Jun 12 Puds
Carlo C Gomez
A mix of
And Venus in furs

A minor astronomical event
Between luminous beings

Timean sparkles
Fast atoms escape

And in their wake
Baby satellites to bear

  May 22 Puds
Rosen Blanche
Life has a nasty habit
of appearing to be touch and go
They say beauty can only be found
on a sunny beach, or a mountain of snow

Roll towards where the people are not
and by a number, we dare define
things that shine and gleam in the sun
yet in another's hands, could not be mine
Puds May 21
Mild, Clement, Winds Benign
Hands That Move And Call In
A Skylines, Mist
First Rose To See
The Fading Of A Galaxy
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