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  8h Puds
Poets pen
mere glances of
a passing smile.
Puds 3d
There Are Trips To Be Made
Whilst Yesterday Remains
To While Away The Hours
To Wash Away The Stains
To Confine The Scent Of A
In The Form Of A Bud
To The Depth Of The Water
Till After The Flood.
Puds 3d
Set For Encounters
In A Lonely Place
A Parking Lot For An
Alien Race
A Lava Bed
A Volcanic Drey
Cloaked In Hostile
Alien Grey
  Apr 11 Puds
I had already received
My allotted amount
Yet once again this crazy life
Has me down for the count
Trying to explain
Is the hardest thing
If it weren't for being poetic
I could never break free
Words are the only thing saving me!
Traveler Tim
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