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  Mar 28 Puds
Carlo C Gomez
I'm only following you
because I can't break out
of your gravitational pull
  Feb 25 Puds
Carlo C Gomez
Living on the toilsome trail
A mere speck
Without flight
Or even the aid
From a friendly leaf blower
I make my way
Upon my belly
Born to struggle
But shaped to endure
  Feb 25 Puds
Elizabeth Squires
the world community
must be at all times ready
for another virus's chaotic
and volatile eddy  

there's a fifty fifty chance
of a new virus ocurring
and the very thought of it
isn't all that alluring 
humanity cannot afford to
let down its guard
whilst a damaging virus load
is living in its yard

the bane of a virus is
and its effects are said to
be so unpleasant
hear ye hear ye
this being the decree
from the uncontrolled spread
of virus we're not free
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