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Andrew Gelant Jan 2018
She was quite easy going,
He was emotionally impaired

She was open to he's friendship,
He tried too hard to care

Through most things he went through
That he tried too hard to share

To her He always seemed blind
But she was not there
Andrew Gelant Nov 2017
No one loves you like he does
That warmth portrayed across the room
Like passionate fiery doves

He's strength of love exceeds the capacity Of what you've ever believed in, like reality,
And feuds within he's heart just brings
Wars upon this strange yet existential thing
Be within him a Pillar of which he's growth of love would be
And let it loose and roam freely

Give him you, in exchange for love he always seeked

Let him in
O'er the sunsets he'll leap
For you.

Flow in him when you let him in
Clear and purify your soul within
Sway each day through roses and mint
For him,
With him...
It's not okay to be not okay because soon"okay" won't exist within and then when you're think you're ready to be okay you just fall into a different type of "not okay"
Andrew Gelant Apr 2017
I have love
I have pieces,
Certain segments that fell apart
Not from within this heart.
It is the trees that seem to die

Branches breaking, flaking sounds
Vacant mind, open, vulnerable
A feast for hounds
I whisper aloud
Help is to come from above a cloud

I am here
A broken ship
Certain parts of debris
Extracted from my knee
Explains the function of my mind

Foggy waters, rocky shores
Weak, potent, lost
I lost my head before
I think aloud
Whether he is still proud
Sometimes your mind can be a prison or an inferno
Andrew Gelant Dec 2016
He lays awake on a potent night
Kerosene burns as he's mind takes flight

Heart composed of unknown elements
He waits and sleeps.
The calming thought is adored by himself
A thought that applauds he's unforseen wealth
love is riches, he expects her.

He respects her as he lays on the sheets
That gives a wif of her outermost aroma
Because deep within he burns of her heat
He waits with pulsating, raging heart beats

An everlasting wait.
Don't wait for love, work for it.
Andrew Gelant Nov 2016
Just have a pretty soul and my life would be complete
To earn such a vessel is not too rare
Losing it with the rest of the fleet
Ships were them and you're the sea

See her soul before you discard of her
Owning it is not enough
Lush you want but the lust is rough
Emotions too tough so you avoid those stuff
Devotions to long so you pray when you're old
Through thick, only thick
Because your life was lived alone

A colourful soul is yours to attain
Feel her ecstasy...forget the pain
Feel her next to me, just feel and be
Learn more about the person before you let them go. There might be treasures in their souls
Andrew Gelant Oct 2016
Each thought that I conjured just took over us
Power is a word, something that i've lost,
A trait that I'd destroy when my love turned into wrath

Sweet, sensational behold another universe
Behold another realm in which our love is not that fierce

In another reality, I should meet you first
But in all the other galaxies I guess I never learnt

Time, space and now love is a variable
Because in every possibility our love is incomparable
My love for you...

Can you love?

Can the look I give you be explained?
In science we're just molecules,
Your love's yet to be attained

In a reaction
Ever Felt Confused?
Andrew Gelant Oct 2016
Words were frozen , bodies were were shaken
that night.
Words were spoken, none were taken in my
conscious mind,

the taste of tongue tempted and tingled my ego from the start
twisted tales we told formed tangents limiting my heart.

The heart, my heart is ductile when frozen by those words
my lips were stable, my brain and heart was in distinctive worlds.

Silent sounds were septic so were swimming thoughts that time
silver words were sold and my swelling heart was just a dime.

Speak to me with eyes
I'll listen with my lips .
Do not say a word because
your presence was the gift
Don"t Speak, Just Feel
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