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  Jun 2018 liz
ang mga ulap
na sabayan ko siya
sa kanyang pagluha;

sa lakas
ng patak ng ulan
kaya niyang balutin
ang aking pagiyak
sa pighati
na aking nararanasan.
this one’s written in my language, Tagalog
for those who want to understand it,
here’s a rough translation:

the clouds beckon me
to join his sorrow;

the loud sound
of the rain,
can mute
my cries
because of the pain
i’m experiencing.
  Jun 2018 liz
Pagan Paul
I know this place,
light stone avenues,
fig, pear, apricot and apple,
trees that line in rows,
cut paving with neat gutters
**** white granite buildings,
as ferns and creepers
cascade from roof gardens,
the green shining vivid
in appreciation of being alive.
And I connect across the aeons,
this place was my home,
from centuries long passed,
yet reaching out to be found.
The avenues mimic my mind,
long straight and narrow,
broad and winding,
leading to sedate squares
to sit and feel the sun,
to bathe in beautiful isolation.
And the trees sway
casually in a breeze so soft,
it caresses the branches,
enough to tickle the leaves
and cool the ripening fruit.
Here, the forest erupts,
circles around this sanctuary,
forming a natural hedge
to this garden of tranquility,
this oasis in the maelstrom,
this home in my heart.
Flowers of honeysuckle,
jasmine, of clovers and lily,
adorn walls and buildings,
bright in contrast
to the shadows of the trees,
bloom with the intensity of colour,
riotous in hue and arrangement,
yet, ordered to Nature's Law.
Paradise wrapped in image,
slicing through time and space,
my place a thousand years ago,
my place to claim forever,
and the wind carries me home,
I know this place,
because it lives inside of me,
because I made it.

© Pagan Paul (06/06/18)
  May 2018 liz
thinking all of those yearnings buried
walking about this planet securely wrapped
tighter and tighter and even more still
finally something broke

my red balloon floats free
letting in all kinds of
memory, imaginings,
cravings, and love

definitely love
love is there

right there
yes, there
yes, yes, yes

oh god yes,
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