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  Jan 2020 liz
do not wear my words

as flattery, even if you should

find them addressed to you.

they are the reverberations

of our combined power.

sit on the ground,

and look up.
  Aug 2018 liz
if i dig deep enough
surely i will find

true root of you
all i need of you
never given

once denied it seems
i must pine as tree to be
obsessively in love but perhaps

tis only envy, mortography
memorography, encapsulating me,
it won't last, tis just a mood

nothing a spell cannot be unspelled
but letters & songs they matter
more than we imagined
we are caught in between what

we felt then & where we want to be

who knows where

the time


remaining mortal is
curse enough
our love is mortality
writ in water, not dust

thus it lives on

because I wrote

it so
fast tracking these
  Jul 2018 liz
tell me why love must hurt
explain it to me, draw it out
a diagram, intricately elaborate
like a four overlay ventricle & canticle
of the human heart in all its muscular

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