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 Jun 2021 liz
Nat Lipstadt
We Are So Lightly Here

“So come, my friends, be not afraid, we are so lightly here
It is in love that we are made, in love we disappear
Though all the maps of blood and flesh are posted on the door
There’s no one who has told us yet what Boogie Street is for”
Leonard Cohen “Boogie Street”


my body, my eyes, my entirety, tattooed, with a city map,
here, at this exact place, our eyes glanced, our eyes closed,
who among us does not possess such a living guide,
memories presented in a 3-D versions, constantly edited.

placed your hand on my privacy, bid you enter, not a dare,
more an invitation to risk, become a true love of mine,
share exhilaration, desert valleys that pockmark unexpectedly,
changes us to we, regresses, you and me, post-survivalists cut.

2 gather, modify highs/lows, meet & peaking@peculiar tunes,
ever embraces residuals a sour film upon our lips, a puzzling,
what excites, pacifies, returns us street corner, X’d our map,
glances exchanged across an empty street, seeing each, not.
 May 2021 liz
Valsa George
Behind me, I hear
The receding roar of years
It sends chills down my spine
Beads of sweat pop up on my brow
What did I do all these years?
Did I sleep through half my life?
Hibernating in my burrow
Did I keep the promises vouched?
Live up to the resolutions made?
Could I light a fire in gloom?
Did I wipe a tear?
Could I bring a smile to anyone dear?

For me, no more sprinting steps
Feeling awkward and unsure
With a fast withering torso
I look on to the track ahead
As the race winds down
And the final turn in sight

Once my life has been a round of cheer
But no more can I cling onto those days so dear
‘Much have I seen and known’
Yet how little!
To what all places I have been!
How much joy and pain shared!
How many dreams I dreamt!
Now in this paling light, I stay
Brooding over joys missed
Conjuring unfulfilled longings
Coiling back all the way to the start

I am an autumn leaf
Now turned red,
And about to shed
As the world goes wheeling through
Somehow I am pushing ahead
Waiting for that tightening grip
Of an unknown caller’s powerful fist!
How am I going to respond to it?
With regret or delight
I am not sure

Do the journey that lies ahead
Take me to a sunlit abode
Oh, don’t ask me
I am not quite sure!
 Mar 2021 liz
Thomas W Case
Look at you my
little bird, have you
been pierced by a
Are you broken,
It fasinates me how
you just. sit there.
Did you forget about
your wings?
The sky is your
For **** sake,
take flight.
 Mar 2021 liz
Home for me
 Mar 2021 liz
Bring me to a home
With the highest roof, no one would step on
With dense walls, no one could ever knock it down
With immense windows, letting starlight shines my hollow

Take me to the home
Or any home  

My home is just fine
Yet it is still dreadful when I am awake
My nightmare starts right after
When I open my eyes

The air wrings the throat
A glass of water will never enough for this thirst
Yellow, black, violet, blue, and red as clothes
Possessing the same function, covering my disgraces
Foremost, the reality always bestows
A nice greeting ahead from the others

Place me at any home
Which does not have reality in it
Neither criterion of life quality maybe
Comparing and demanding
Will be an enemy

Should not we feel safe in our own home?
If even there isn’t enough window
You still can open the door
To stare at the moonlight, glow your hollow
 Mar 2021 liz
sheila sharpe
 Mar 2021 liz
sheila sharpe
Hands reach out
digits intertwining
flicking upon the mind's
dark consoles of thought
desperately imploring
searching for answers
needing to express and explore
wanting a hands-on approach
to the endless dilemmas of life
Caterpillars evolve into butterflies
And my pen will soon stop writing your name
Life is hard but the one constant
is that nothing ever stays the same.
 Nov 2020 liz
Untitled 563
 Nov 2020 liz
A patriot, a service man
stood proud and let his
American flag fly.

Served his nations
when they called,
distinguished service
and honorably discharged.

A purple heart
with some PTSD,
told his family
the V.A. would
take good care of me.

The president and congressmen
upped the military budget by billions,
and as soon as that passed
went ahead and tried to get
servicemen’s health care cut.

Man, America doesn’t give a ****
about any of us.

Well, he pinched and saved
for most of his days,
struggling to get by.

Worked very hard
to finally start
a business that was
close to his heart.

Every year he barely managed
to make ends meet,
but was grateful to be
in this land of opportunity
where he could support his family
doing what he loved.

A virus closed almost
all of the businesses
in his neighborhood,cont.
so the government
said they would
bailout small businesses like his,
passed a billed
swore the promise
was fulfilled,
but he never saw a cent,
from the federal government,
cause almost all that aid
went to help out
major party donors.

Man, America doesn’t give a ****
about the man who runs
a small business.

One kid grew up
trying to live up
to his parent’s expectations;
Got a fast-food job
while he was in high school,
then worked his way through
to go to a good college.
Four years and student loans
got him out in the world
and on his own.

Got a decent job,
to pay down the debt,
but along the way he
became really sick,
and the health insurance
barely covered a fraction of it.
Now he is drowning
in an ocean of bills,
from disease that may still
**** him,
and his prescriptions
are practically poison.

It’s a cold hard fact
that this country lacks
real human decency.
Should have learned by now,
we are just the fatted cows
that are culled to feed corporate greed.

Man, America doesn’t give a ****
about you or me.
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