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Abi Sweeney Jun 2019
How electrifying to think life could be so simple yet so terrifying.
Abi Sweeney Jun 2016
I used to be a wanna be poet
Then words stopped coming to me easily and eventually I laid down the pen.

Maybe one day I'll wake up and remember how good it felt to string together words.
Abi Sweeney Dec 2014
One of these days I won't be so alone.

See you at my tombstone.
Abi Sweeney Nov 2014
Happiness is many things,
But one thing it is not is you.

Because I don't need you to have happiness
And you don't need me to have happiness

And all of this means nothing
But saying it means everything.
Abi Sweeney Jul 2014
I have so much to say but it would be for nothing because sometimes chances aren't worth taking.
Abi Sweeney Jun 2014
Don't forget to be happy while you're down there being miserable about something that doesn't even have any shred of significance in your life.
Abi Sweeney May 2014
If I was dying
I would have no one
to call and whisper
my last words to.

How lonely.
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