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I have girlfriends who’ve never spoken to me,
Comrades who’ve never fought with me,
Acquaintances who’ve never seen me,
And friends who’ve never chastised me.

This constant, never, fills me with pain,
So let it be crushed to dust by the weight of April rain.
Haha this won’t change anything at all
Thank you for your kind words
They mean more than you may know
I used to think that words were empty
But people like you help others grow
I’m sorry for being spastic lately
I hope I did not hurt you
I’m sorry for being narcissistic lately
So this one is for you
Thank you
 Mar 2019 lovely
Like you
 Mar 2019 lovely
You may have noticed that I write frequently about the ocean.
It's because it's so beautiful, yet I'm so terrified of it,
Like you.
I want to breathe your flowers
Speak silently for hours
Held tight in your embrace
Your intoxicating grace
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— The End —