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lovely Jun 9
when you’re gone,
i miss you.
when you’re here,
i’m too nervous to be myself.
when you’re gone,
i have confidence.
when you’re here,
i hide in my shell.
isn’t it ironic?
sorry i haven’t been active as much i’ve had a busy life lately
lovely May 29
and abandonment.
they say it’s inevitable.
are we inevitable
or are we forever?
lovely Apr 29
my muscles tense
and i clench my teeth.
holding back what i’m thinking,
what i truly want to say.
“i want you to be mine.
stop giving me half and half,
like bits and pieces here and there!”
but i can’t bring myself to say it.
nothing is said,
because you’re just out of reach.
besides, you’re with a girl much prettier than me.
so why worry about something that isn’t worth it?
because you’re worth something to me.
lovely Apr 29
when will it stop?
these teardrops,
the downpour?
the rain beats on my back
as it mixes with my tears.
i can’t make it through the storm alone
so please stay with me.
i don’t want to get wet with rain
and tremble with cold.
it’s just a passing downpour,
i tell myself.
i won’t let it stay like this,
i can’t.
i need to be dry,
i need to be happy.
what happens when i stay in the rain?
i will let it win the war,
and the rain melts me away.
slowly and softly,
so no one notices me gone until it’s too late.
i’ve been struggling with depression for a long time now and there are days when it’s good and days when it’s bad. i think that’s a part of life though and i’m doing my best to get through it. if anyone reading this is struggling like me... it gets better. it doesn’t seem like it now and it seems like it never will but i’m here to say it does.
lovely Mar 29
the stolen kisses,
the flirting,
the looks
and the lust.
we had it all.
we were the recipe for fun.
and we did have fun,
then you got a girlfriend.
and i was stuck with feelings,
feelings that i didn’t recognize until it was too late.
lovely Mar 25
i’m lost on the way back home again.
everybody knows,
our love is six feet under.
it’s a hostage love,
forced and closed off.
we are a secret that no one knows.
i’m breaking at the seams,
lost and confused,
abandoned by you.
but it’s not your fault.
its mine for falling so **** hard
lovely Mar 24
1 year
4 seasons
12 months
52 weeks
365 days
8,760 hours
525,600 minutes
31,536,000 seconds
and i want to spend it all with you
i don’t really know where these are going they’re just going somewhere :)
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