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lovely Mar 29
the stolen kisses,
the flirting,
the looks
and the ****.
we had it all.
we were the recipe for fun.
and we did have fun,
then you got a girlfriend.
and i was stuck with feelings,
feelings that i didn’t recognize until it was too late.
lovely Mar 25
i’m lost on the way back home again.
everybody knows,
our love is six feet under.
it’s a hostage love,
forced and closed off.
we are a secret that no one knows.
i’m breaking at the seams,
lost and confused,
abandoned by you.
but it’s not your fault.
its mine for falling so **** hard
lovely Mar 24
1 year
4 seasons
12 months
52 weeks
365 days
8,760 hours
525,600 minutes
31,536,000 seconds
and i want to spend it all with you
i don’t really know where these are going they’re just going somewhere :)
lovely Mar 22
my love for you is an ocean
yet it invites me in
and makes me feel at home
i’m starting to write these shorts as a way to let my thoughts and ideas flow and please feel free to leave feedback on anything i write it’s very much appreciated :))
lovely Mar 21
i’m just a girl
standing here
in front of a guy
telling him i love you
for the very first time
lovely Mar 21
i crave innocence.
i want the hand holding,
the shying away from you,
the blushing,
the pure compliments,
i want everything.
i want the pure love for you.
i want you to look at me with love in your eyes and passion in your soul.
and when you look at me,
you don’t see me as a prize
or a toy
but as a girl
i want to be yours
  Mar 20 lovely
You may have noticed that I write frequently about the ocean.
It's because it's so beautiful, yet I'm so terrified of it,
Like you.
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