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Mathew P Nangolo
24/M/Ondangwa/ Namibia    #Writing industry is my play background #writing is my therapy #My pen speak louder than my own voice #pen on and welcome to Mathew's yard
17/My room   
Pope Noir
Agender/Nirvana    My nuances, impressions are interpretation of technology and any form of art.
16/M/Nunya    I'm here, I'm living, it's a fantastic time ya know?
15/FTM/Somewhere in Wisconsin    Check out my Wattpad account @ Instagram is erianskies SnapChat: erianxrose
Bryan Lunsford
M    Poet, writer, and artist. Follow my website:
Deep Ponderer
F/North East    Lover of written words, a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, with the desire to inspire.
17/F/the floor    no thank you please
15/M/everywhere, nowhere ;)   
57/Temporally on earth.    Man from Michigan T.W.M Send your spoken poetry video's to: [email protected]
16/M/My room    I just hope people enjoy.
idiot poopoohead
16/M/Home    the rollercoaster ride continues.
Darrell Landstrom
20/M/FL    Aspiring philosopher, poet, and writer. Feel free to message me about anything! Tumblr: darrell-landstrom Instagram: Dillon_lynch_99
F/nowhere    thank you for listening

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