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  Sep 2019 Kimberley
I stopped looking
for my other half
in other people
the moment I realized
I was already whole
within myself.
I find no shame
in my solitude
now that alone
I do not feel lonely.
Kimberley Sep 2019
i want to explore
the beautiful chaos
that is your mind

i want to travel
my fingertips across
every part of you

i want to learn
the culture that is,
(loving) you.
Kimberley Aug 2019
" and i hope in the end it's worth every single sleepless night, every teardrop, every silent scream in the dead night air, i hope it's worth it all because people like you and me, we don't get happy endings, we don't get the rainbows at the end of the storm "
  Jun 2019 Kimberley
it feels amazing to let go
when the hand you held onto
was covered in thorns
Kimberley Mar 2019
palms to my face. shame in my eyes. i can feel my heart trying to break itself free. i wonder if you hear it too. a caged animal begging to be rescued and freed. i slowly open my legs for you to enter. so slow i begin to feel the regret. it hit me like a runaway train. you sensed it too. you had to have sensed it. you ripped open my legs. and instead of entering right away. you sat there and told me how beautiful i am. as if i needed them to be sure this was right. only they assured me this wasn't what i wanted. but before the words could leave my lips. you forced your fingers deep within and smiled with satisfaction. as if to say, i'm moist enough to want you, so there's obviously no regret. it's too late to leave. you already started and before i knew it, you were finished. and without a second thought, i dashed to the bathroom to get dressed. then i dashed home like i was being chased and my survival depended on it.
Kimberley Mar 2019
i can finally breathe again,
no longer does my love for you
restrict the breath fighting to escape my lungs
like a killer's hands
to his victim's neck
Kimberley Feb 2019
i knew it was wrong
i threw myself at you
i knew what it was
i still fell to my knees at your command
because i needed to feel something,
something other than the worthlessness
that built up in my soul
something other than the depression that lives within me
i needed to feel something new
everything i felt was
eerily familiar .
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