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Brando Jan 2019
We seek reality in a world of fantasy
Brando Jan 2019
I wish I could think on my own
Not worry about what you’re doing
Concentrate on myself
Rather than what you’re retweeting
I watch your snap story
As you watch mine
I post the music we used to listen to
And I make sure you know I’m done
But clearly I’m not
All I have on my mind is you
Even though I know you don’t care
You never did
But I do
And now I’m alone
With all the memories and thoughts of you circling my head
Night after night
Hour after hour
I wish I could delete you from my head
The way I can delete you from my phone
But that won’t really do anything
Because our memories went much deeper than my screen
Just ended something I had w another person and now here I am
Brando Dec 2018
Shaking leaves on trees
As the wind blows profusely
Thunder clashes and lightning strikes
A storm approaches
The earth trembles in fear
Of what is to come
Heaven and hell
Two forces of eminence
A battle between what is right and
what is wrong
Begin to pull at me from either side
Dark ominous clouds overhead
My throat clenches and ever breath seems to feel like my last
Feet planted to the ground
As the quick sand of my thoughts begin to engulf me
Heart beating faster than the current around me
Frozen in time
The anxiety sets in as I fall to my knees
A single tear traces down my cheek
This is what you do to me
Break me
I can’t seem to get you off my mind
Brando Dec 2018
We sit together
Melancholy drops of dew on the grass
The sun glistening on our faces
Overcome by the sweet aroma in the air
Reminding me of the fonder moments we’ve shared
Goosebumps trace down my back
I sigh as a crystal leaves my eye
We’ve done this all before
The back and forth between a fiery passion and our ultimate despair
You put your arm around me
To provide commiseration
Hearts beating faster with every breathe we take
We lock eyes
You have that look on your face
Lying and cheating
I want to scream and yell at you
But what will that bring me
Besides more heartbreak and sorrow
My love, why would you hurt me so bad?
Take all of me and break me into so many pieces
I may not have been whole when I met you
But I certainly will never be the same
The sweetness has dissipated
All that remains is the sour reality of this moment
I’m sorry is all you could say
And it’s the only thing I will remember
For the ones who have hurt me
  Dec 2018 Brando
Just a cut
just a scratch
what’s that mark
it was just the cat
just an excuse
just another lie
what’s with the bracelets
just fashion why?
just a tear
just a scream
why were you crying
just a bad dream
But it’s not just a cut
or a tear
or a scream
it’s just one more
until it’s not
until you die
Brando Dec 2018
Para las flores
Para las ropas
El collar
Y el anillo
Todos los regalos que me traerías
No significaba una maldita cosa
Por los besos
Por los abrazos
Los paseos en coche
Y las cenas que compartiríamos
Todo vino con un precio
Que tendría que pagar
Ahora que hemos terminado
Me quedo con todo
Todos los recuerdos
Toda la basura
Y no quiero nada de eso
Nuestro tiempo puede haber sido corto
Pero no fuimos hechos para durar
Así que, gracias por nada puta
Por favor, toma todo de vuelta

For the roses
For the clothes
The necklace
And the ring
All the presents you would bring me
Didn’t mean a ******* thing
For the kisses
For the hugs
The car rides
And the dinners we would share
All came with a price
That I would have to pay
Now that we are through
I am left with it all
All the memories
All the junk
And I don’t want any of it
Our time may have been short
But we weren't made to last
So, thanks for nothing *****
Please take it all back
im currently wearing a shirt that says "gracias for nada" so there is my inspo
Brando Dec 2018
I could not speak
For you have poured cement down my throat
You told me once that my opinions were too strong to be heard
I ingested your indignity
And silenced myself
You told me to quiet down
As you wrapped your hands not around my body
But around my neck and my mouth
You made me fear the sound of my own voice
I began to believe that everyone else did too
This is what silence is
It is both the sound of my love for you
And my own despair
the fear of being heard
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