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Brando Feb 2020
the murky blue water ripples
shades of Jade concealed
only made visible by the shards of
sun piercing through the layers of the blanket.
dancing and crashing
composing music as we come together
and break apart.
colliding with great force
the land trembles at sight of the crest,
for the power we yield is far too great.
waves demolish the ground we walk on,
washing away the marks we've left.

the storm has now passed,
tides begin to die down.
the symphony ceases
and the sand crawls home to the shore.
silence has infiltrated the bed,
no more movement between the layers of the deep
left in a state of debilitation
all that was once barren,
now kissed with the sweat of the sea.
we part for the night-
two ships carry on- leaving a light trail behind,
with only the glow of the night,
to guide us to our fantasy.
I wrote this when I was living with my ex. we've just started talking again and we've been having casual and normal conversation again. its heartbreaking but wonderful at the same time. having a taste of the past is better than erasing it.
Brando Feb 2020
I’m teaching myself how to breath
I’d almost forgotten since for the last year you were both my lungs and the fresh air
You gave me wings to fly
But you cut them off at the first sign of trouble
Blood and feathers spread on the pavement
You bashed my soul in and cut all our ties
Every chance you got, you made broken promises
Of love and forever and future
Well **** your promises
And **** your love
I worked hard to tolerate your pain and your naïve-ness
I kept a roof over my own head
You were not my home
My heart may have longed for a place to belong but it was not looking for lies and deceit
You told me you were happy
That what we were doing was going to be forever
A love like no other
Until you torn us apart and ripped me from your life
It looks like I never existed
Like I never dedicated my heart, soul, and mind to you
My love and my lust
Your room barren of the promises I made
The imprint of my body where I once slept next to you, still visible to the naked eye
Who was I to you?
Did I even matter?
If I truly mattered like you sang to me night and night again
Then you wouldn’t have left me for dead
I would still have my wings and my heart
But here I am, barely holding on
All I have is the hope that one day you’ll see how much you mean to me
How I would move mountains and slay dragons for you love
Even though I hate you and wish plagues on you
There is no one else for me
No one else who I want to share my love and light with
No one but you
So my thoughts fluctuate from hour to hour. one second I hate him the next I can't live without him. you can see how my thoughts began to shift and then ultimately the truth is longing.
Brando Feb 2020
Sweeter than the honey in my tea
This boy illuminates the darkness inside of me
Tender and kind
His smile is the first thing I see when dawn breaks
Those large doey, glossed over eyes staring back at me
A friendly embrace as his finger begin to press against my face
My mind feels free when he sings to me
A soft and warm hue radiates from within him
So pure, so wholesome that there is never a cloud in sight when he is around
The sun sets at his feet
For this boy makes my world seem so much brighter
A vision of all my hopes and dreams condensed into one man
His physique mirrors that of a Greek statue
Chiseled to perfection
With his soft, silky skin
When pressed against mine
His pink, plump lips
That make me shiver
As he slowly traces my body
This boy is my light
Shining brighter than the stars
We live in a galaxy full of light, but he shines the brightest
Filled with happiness which pours outward for all the world to see
He never asks for more than my love and affection
For which in return I give him my all
For he has brought out the good in me
This boy makes me feel whole and alive
This boy is my happiness
My light
My lust
My joy
He is mine
And I am his
this one goes out to the boy I'm fighting for. Every second of every day I'm waiting for his love. for his embrace and his warmth. I've never felt this kind of love before.
Brando Jan 2020
That willow tree we once sat under,  
Died like our love.
Winter came and stripped it of its beauty
Fighting became our only form of communicating
Our hearts no longer beat at the same rhythm
We’re one of the same but yet so different
Come back to me my love
Spring will come and that tree will grow again
Leaves more vibrant than the last
A love, new and true
No more meaningless fighting
No more harsh words and yelling
I just want to be loved
The type of love I know we have inside of us
It’s there I know it
We just have to fight for it
Look for it within ourselves to become stronger and better than before
Please grow with me
Bloom like the willow tree
Grow like it’s branches and reach for the warmth of the sun
Don’t give up, please I beg of you
But you’ve already decided
you need to be alone
I can accept what you need
Holding onto the belief that someday we’ll be together again
We’ll be bold and vibrant like the willow tree
But for now I’ll wait under the weeping willow
I’ll wait for you
Hey guys I know it’s been a while but I lost myself for a bit in love and I’m trying to find myself again.
Brando Feb 2019
I have washed my sheets hundreds of times
All in an effort to purge the memory of you
Your scent permeating my clothing
As thou you were the one inhabiting them
There is no sense in trying to get rid of you
My body has molded itself into your submissive
I have become so accustomed to your touch
Addicted to the sensation
Needing a fix, we both seek a night of sin
You have infiltrated my mind
Reading my thoughts
Manipulating me
Saying all the things you know I want to hear
Body stained with the blood of my lips
You stare down at me
I have once again been fooled by those eyes
Glowing with lust
I am swallowed whole by your insatiable desire for me
In my compliant nature, I kneel at your feet
Following ever command you utter
My body broken from the chains you’ve placed on me
I belong to you, property for you to tend to
But that night meant nothing to you
Those words you spoke, were all in an effort to exploit my vulnerability
I neglectfully admit that it worked
You have me, once again, at your service
It would be wise of me to end this already
For the sake of my own sanity and dignity
Consumed by your charm, but deterred by our past
I am drawn in
The alcohol rushing through my veins and the music radiating through my body
Nothing mattered in the moment, but now,
I am the fool who slept with you
a boy I had feelings for used me for *** and told me he missed me without even seeing me naked. now he has me all ****** up in the head but Im trying to move past it and care for the new person in my life. but those eyes got me stuck.
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